Merkury Bluetooth Speaker Review – In-Depth Guide, FAQs, Tips & More

You will agree with us when we say bluetooth speakers produced by Merkury Innovations are top tier. A bluetooth speaker from Merkury Innovations is high quality is its build and has great sound quality.

Due to that reason, we have decided to review some bluetooth speakers from Merkury Innovations. We will review which bluetooth speaker is the best.

In this review you will find some of top bluetooth speaker options, their strong and weak points along with detailed tips and some commonly asked questions. 

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Merkury Innovations Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Designed to be modern looking and equipped with the best speakers, this bluetooth speaker is exceptional in its sound quality and performance. It is highly suitable for indoor usage.

Alternate #1 – Merkury Innovations Portable Wireless Stereo

Made to serve as more than just an indoor speaker, this speaker is packed with a power house inside it. A heavy duty speaker backed up with a durable battery, this speaker can easily produce high quality sound wherever you go.

Alternate #2 – Merkury Innovations Platinum

Equipped with a durable and longer lasting battery inside it, this bluetooth speaker is mind blowing in its music playtime. With an eye pleasing design, this bluetooth speaker can fit right in as an indoor speaker.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Merkury Innovations specializes in the department of sound quality. We expect every Merkury speaker to be designed and uphold the modern stylish looks while also maintaining its top tier sound quality. We are amazed by how every speaker is designed to be highly portable/wireless in use. Merkury Innovations also provide the best battery timings with their longer lasting bluetooth speakers.

Furthermore, Merkury Innovations makes sure that the internal hardware is just as good as the external casing. We are impressed by how every speaker is aesthetically pleasing and modern looking. It can easily fit on your personal desk or your backpack.

Merkury Innovations only use the best available hardware on the market. This is why we noticed their top tier durability. The outer casings are made from tough plastic and rubber material in order to give the best resistance against any sort of impact. Not to mention, every speaker we used from Merkury Innovations has multiple input options providing you with versatility in their use.

Features and Benefits

Sound Quality

Merkury Innovations speakers are designed to produce high quality sound effects while also being portable/wireless in their design. After we tested it multiple times, their hardware proved to be made from high quality magnets and coils which can stand usage on high volumes for long periods of time.

The power handling on the speakers is designed in such a way that sound quality remains on all battery levels. We did not see any drop on performance when the battery got to the lower end.

The thing that stood out the most for us is how a bluetooth speaker from Merkury Innovations is able to produce the same organic quality of music effects even on low battery. Hence, it indirectly increases the overall lifetime of the hardware installed inside it.


Even though the main focus of Merkury Innovations is the sound quality and internal hardware, they don’t overlook their external aesthetic. We found that Merkury speakers are designed to be eye pleasing and modern looking.

Many of their speakers are available in black color scheme to make it look more subtle. The portable wireless speakers are designed in such a way that they are compact in size and are easy to carry around for you.

Being efficient in space consuming, speakers from Merkury Innovations are able to fit easily inside your hands. They can fit in your travel backpack without taking a lot of space.


When it comes to a portable wireless bluetooth speaker, the most important thing is the connectivity. We balance it regarding how stable it is and how strong it is. Merkury Innovations make sure that their speakers are outfitted with the latest hardware to support it.

A speaker’s strong and stable connectivity increases the sound output and quality of the music. For us, good connectivity is highly important when it comes to bluetooth. It increases the range for your bluetooth and the signal strength over long distance.

We noticed how a bluetooth speaker with good connectivity produces high quality sound and organic sound effects. We also noticed how it impacted sound distortion in their bluetooth speaker. Good connectivity also plays a part in longer battery timing.

Input Options

Current market standards demand that a portable wireless bluetooth speaker must have a number of input options. Merkury Innovations make sure that their bluetooth speakers have at least two input options.

We consider the most necessary input options to be the Bluetooth and the AUX input. A bluetooth speaker can have more than two input options. Having more input options is always better in case one stops working. We found this in multiple Merkury speakers that they had at least two input options.

Many people don’t know this but using a different input option can greatly increase the overall battery life of your speaker. It can be used if you wish to save battery life of your device as well as your bluetooth speaker.

Battery Life

A bluetooth speaker is usually rated good or bad on the basis of its battery life. For us, a good bluetooth speaker has a good battery time which can range from 8 to 12 hours. Many of the bluetooth speakers are usually in the 8 to 10 hour range.

A portable wireless speaker is made to be used in an outdoor environment. Merkury Innovations makes sure that your portable wireless speakers are installed with the most durable and longer lasting batteries for your uninterrupted audio experience.

We think that a durable and longer lasting battery in a portable speaker ensures good sound quality. It also upholds the integrity of internal hardware and reduces any chances of damage due to low power or battery malfunction.

Built-in Microphone

A lot of portable wireless speakers available in the market have a built in microphone. This allows you to have a hands free convenient calling experience while on an outdoor adventure.

The Merkury Innovations speakers are installed with high quality and noise cancelling microphones. It allowed us to have an echo and noise free calling experience. It also makes using your speaker very convenient.

We found the microphones in Merkury Innovations speakers to be good over long distances. They can capture your sound with great clarity and without any sort of background noise. 

Control Buttons

Having control buttons on your bluetooth speaker can greatly increase your convenience in use of the speakers. You can easily change music from your speakers without using your device.

The added benefits of control buttons also serve aesthetic purposes as they make the overall look of your speaker stylish. We couldn’t help but notice how every Merkury speaker had smartly designed control buttons.

Build Quality

The external build quality matters a lot for us when it comes to bluetooth speakers. A rigid and strong external shell protects the speaker from any sort of impact or shock. This increases the overall lifespan of a bluetooth speaker by a lot.

We think that bluetooth speakers are meant to be portable and used in an outdoor environment. Having a tough outer shell which is made from plastic and rubber can protect your speaker from fall damage.

It also contributes to the sound quality on all levels. We tested and found that it reduces the internal vibrations in order to produce high quality music sounds. It also protects the internal hardware from unnecessary dust and splashes.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We personally had a quite satisfying experience with a specific bluetooth speaker from Merkury Innovations. To get a better idea regarding the sound quality and overall performance of the Merkury Innovations’ product, we decided to explore through online reviews. We found that many of the customers were satisfied with the purchase. Only a handful of customers were critical regarding the control buttons on the speakers.

One customer highly praised the 10 hour long rechargeable battery and stated that it remained consistent even after months of regular use. Another customer added to the praise saying that the sound quality remained equally good on all battery levels.

People gave 5 stars rating of their purchase saying that they got a good deal for the price they paid. Many of the customers were long time users who regularly updated their rating and experience with the speaker. They stated that speakers were highly durable and did not show any decline in performance even after minor external damage.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Portable Alternative to Merkury Innovations Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Merkury Innovations Portable Wireless Stereo Review

Our choice from Merkury Innovations is designed to be unique in its style and its performance. Furthermore, the hourglass shape allows it to emit even sounding music.

The 10 hour rechargeable battery inside it can easily accompany you on your outdoor journey. The battery is made to be longer lasting and durable for your convenience.

The multiple input options allow you to connect multiple devices as you desire. It can be used with a bluetooth device, an AUX cable and an SD card.

We couldn’t help but notice how the sleek design makes it a very easy fit for your side or work table. The design highly compliments your surroundings. 

Features of Portable Wireless Stereo:

  1. Durable rechargeable battery
  2. Good connectivity
  3. High quality speakers
  4. Highly portable
  5. Multiple input options

Best Portable Alternative Speaker

The Best Portable Alternative Speaker is the Merkury Portable Wireless Stereo Speaker. It is equipped with a heavy duty speaker inside it. The longer lasting battery ensures that you get the most out of it on an outdoor adventure.

#2: Best Battery Timing Alternative to Merkury Innovations Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Merkury Innovations Platinum Review

Designed to be elegant yet high performing, this speaker is exceptional in its battery life. We got a seamless playtime of 8-10 hours off a full charge. 

The pill like rectangle design makes it very easy for you to carry around. Hence, it is very convenient to even carry around in your arms.

The control panel part is located on the front for your convenience. You can easily control your music and your incoming calls. It also enables you to control the volume of the playing track.

The highly durable battery is consistent even after multiple months of regular use. We were amazed how it could project similar sound quality on all volume levels.

Features of Platinum:

  1. Compact pill design
  2. Highly durable battery
  3. Multiple input options
  4. Easy in use
  5. Easy to handle

Best Battery Timing Alternative Speaker

The Best Battery Timing Alternative Speaker is the Merkury Innovations Platinum. It is equipped with a heavy duty and durable battery in order to provide you with sufficient power. It can easily accompany you in your outdoor adventures such as hiking, trekking and cycling.

Guide to Buy

Sound Quality

When it comes to shopping for a speaker, the most important item is the speakers inside it. A high quality speaker will have a good speaker installed inside it. This will ensure that you get the best sound output, clear effects and longer lasting hardware. A fair to high priced product item will have optimum sound quality.

Input Options

Multiple input options are always recommended when shopping for a speaker. They act as back up for each other in case one of them stops working. At least two input options including Bluetooth and AUX cable are highly recommended. Getting a speaker with more than two input options is only based on personal preference.


Price is an important factor when it comes to buying a speaker. A high priced speaker will often get you the best external and internal items of a speaker. But more than often a fair priced speaker will provide the same hardware performance at the cost of exterior aesthetics. It is recommended to buy a speaker at a fair price with the same hardware.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on Merkury Innovations speakers, we must admit that their speakers have impressed us well. They are definitely a good option for buying and using. They are durable in their build and have longer lasting hardware. They are equipped with all the necessary features required for a speaker.


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