You will agree with us when we say that choosing between a Marshall or a Bose bluetooth speaker can be quite difficult.

Because of this, we decided to thoroughly explore the strengths and weaknesses of both manufacturers and what sort of unique purposes they have.

In this review, we will help you determine which brand is in accordance to your requirements and how you can compare your needs in order to make a suitable decision.




Input options

Sound output


Marshall Speakers

Lower price due to the rubber body.

Bluetooth 4.1 version.

Equipped with bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX port.

Linear, single direction sound output.

Heavy in weight and difficult to carry.

Bose Speakers

Higher price because of the hard PVC material.

Bluetooth 5.0 version

Only has bluetooth connectivity.

360 degree surround sound output.

Lightweight and extremely easy to carry.

Let’s discuss the top products of both manufacturers in depth with different features.

Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker Review - Heavy duty and Powerful

When it comes to Marshall products, it is a given that their speakers will be high quality and extremely durable. Keeping this in mind, the Kilburn II is exactly what you’d expect from a Marshall speaker.

It is made from a high-quality rubber and plastic combination which makes it quite sturdy. The edges and delicate areas are covered with tough plastic while the front and back are made from soft rubber. You can subject this speaker to any kind of harsh treatment and it’ll still play music flawlessly.

It has control dials on its top side for your convenience so you can easily control multiple things like volume, bass and treble with these dials. It also has a battery indicator so you can keep track of your music playtime.

The speakers inside are protected by dust and waterproof grills which makes it highly resistant to water and other liquids.

Features of Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

  • Heavy duty audio speakers
  • Dual connectivity option
  • Long range bluetooth connectivity
  • Bass and Treble control dials
  • Highly resistant to dust and water

Benefits of Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker from Marshall is designed and made according to the standard Marshall style. You get the same iconic Marshall look and material quality as their famous amplifiers. You also get the same audio experience as their enormous amplifiers.

This device is produced by using highly durable PVC material. We found that it is extremely resistant to impacts, scratches and UV light. You can take it anywhere without worrying about damaging it. If you happen to drop or slightly rub it against a sharp object, it won’t get damaged.

The ability to connect your wireless device via bluetooth and an AUX cable makes this speaker very versatile in use. You can place it anywhere in your living area and play music through bluetooth. On the other hand, you can play your desired music with an AUX cable if you are looking to save some battery life or want even better sound quality.

The battery inside this wireless portable speaker device is long lasting. It can play music nonstop upto 16 hours without any drop in sound quality. This device’s battery also enables the speaker to produce high quality sound effects with consistency on all volume levels.

What Do the Customers Think?

We explored through many online reviews of people who have been using this speaker for quite some time to see what and how their experience has been with this product.

A huge chunk of people were very impressed how Marshall innovated their iconic design into products for everyday use. They said that the design was exactly like their conventional amplifiers. They also stated that the matte finish on plastic and rubber made it very easy to fit in their living space.

It is stated multiple times by many users that the sound quality is precisely upto mark. The deeper sounding bass and treble impressed a lot of old time users. A lot of people mentioned that their purchased products didn’t underperform as an indoor speaker and an outdoor speaker. They stated that it worked perfectly for almost every circumstance.

A lot of new people who bought this device were seriously amazed by the battery life of this audio speaker. They said that it made their audio experience highly immersive with its longer play time. Many mentioned that the battery life of this device remained consistent even after using it for a couple of months.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker that is built with tough material and has high quality speakers then this one is highly suitable for you. It has a variety of iconic Marshall features with a lot of versatility in use.

Bose Twist Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker Review - Lightweight and Portable

Small sized bluetooth speakers usually lack in their sound output and overall sound quality but Bose Soundlink is equipped with a powerhouse inside it. Despite the high quality speaker inside, it is extremely light in weight.

It left quite an impression on us with its lamp-like design. Because of that, it was very convenient for us to carry this speaker and move around. Also, the handle is made from rubber so it doesn’t put any strain on your fingers.

The majority of the speaker is made from high quality aluminum. Furthermore, we found that this speaker is completely waterproof after running it under multiple conditions and tests.

The sound quality of this speaker amazed us. It performed quite well on different volumes and maintained its quality level. 

Features of Bose Twist Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Extremely lightweight
  2. Tough and durable exterior
  3. Completely waterproof
  4. High capacity power battery
  5. Multiple control buttons

Benefits of Bose Twist Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker

As mentioned above, this bluetooth speaker is highly portable regarding its design and weight. It features a lot of options for portability due to its vertical bottle-like design. 

As the body is made from lightweight and tough aluminum, the only weight this speaker has is because of the sound producing hardware inside it. You will be quick to find the close edges of this product are made from rubber. 

The stereo speakers inside it are outfitted in such a way that it projects sound in every direction. You can place this speaker anywhere in your house and it will project sounds in every direction. The speakers inside are high quality for organic and deeper sounding music. 

The built in rechargeable battery is made from high quality Lithium-Ion. It can power your speakers for upto 20 hours without any difficulty. It provides the speaker with an even amount of power to the speakers. 

It also features control buttons on top of this speaker which allows you to easily control the mode, volume and current track with ease. The buttons work well with the stereo speakers and have good response time.

What Do the Customers Think?

This bluetooth speaker left quite an impression on us but to get a better look on our opinion, we decided to look through some online reviews of this device. We cycled through many long term and new user reviews.

We found that many customers praised the speaker for its sound output in comparison to its size. They said that this bluetooth speaker surprised them with its high quality sound output. They also stated that this product was very eye pleasing and good looking in general.

Many customers also said that the stereo speakers inside it were up to the Bose standard and produced immersive music. They also pointed out how easy it was for them to carry it around. They stated that they could take this speaker almost everywhere with them without any hassle.

Some people were quick to point out the extremely longer lasting battery inside this small speaker. They said that it easily lasted around 20 hours of non stop music playback. Many expressed their satisfaction of not having to charge this speaker every other hour.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker that is highly portable and light in weight with a high quality speaker, this product is a perfect fit for you. It has a longer lasting battery with a tough body exterior.

Marshall vs Bose Bluetooth Speaker - Buyers’ Guide

What are some Things I should Keep in mind when Buying a Marshall Bluetooth Speaker?

It is a given that there are many aspects when it comes to buying a reliable bluetooth speaker. The basics include the size of the speaker, the weight of the speaker and the speaker hardware used inside it. But there are some key factors to keep in your mind especially when you are buying a bluetooth portable speaker.

First and foremost, the bluetooth connection and its stability. You should keep in mind that a bluetooth speaker is only as good as its bluetooth connection. You need to find and select a speaker that gives the optimum bluetooth connection stability, even on long and extended ranges.

Furthermore, you should definitely keep an eye out for the materials used in your speaker’s build. A lot of brands compromise on the exterior elements of the speakers just to gain edge in the sound or performance area. We cannot stress this enough that a speaker with strong exterior often fares better than its competitors. You should never compromise on the materials used for the exterior shell of the speakers. 

What Kind of Materials should be used in Bluetooth Speaker? 

When it comes to the materials of a bluetooth speaker, you need to find the right amount of toughness and lightweightness. Using tougher and sturdy materials can often cause an increase in weight. You are highly recommended to get a speaker which uses heavy duty plastics and rubber in order to make their exterior.

The plastics will provide protection for the sensitive parts of the speakers. On the other hand. The rubber used will protect the edges and corners. While also giving your speaker resistance against static current. This makes your audio experience free from any worry.

Without these rubber edges, your speaker can get a lot of damage. It can be related to power, connectivity and audio output. You should also keep in mind that without the rubber edges your speaker will lose stability. 

How do I increase the sound output of my Speakers?

There are multiple ways which you can use to increase the sound quality and output of your stereo speakers. Some of them are related to how you handle your speaker. 

The first thing you need to do is always use your stereo speaker on optimum levels of battery life. The sound quality is great when your batteries are fully charged.

Always try to place your speakers on an even, vibration free surface. This hinders the speaker from distorting any sound output due to internal vibrations.

The third thing you need to keep a check for is that you always charge your speaker after its battery is fully drained. This highly increases the sound quality and elongates the life of your battery.

Last but not the least, always use your speakers on a mild level. Using it constantly on high volumes severely damages the sound coils inside the speakers. 

How Stable is the Connection of my Speakers?

The stability of your Marshall speakers depend on the bluetooth range and its bluetooth version. The Marshall speakers specialize in producing speakers with high bluetooth ranges. This one is no different. 

You can easily stand within 20 metres of range and get a strong connectivity between the two devices. To check the stability of the connection of your wireless speakers, you need to use it at long ranges.

Place your speakers at a certain point and start moving away from it. The more you move away from the speaker the more distortion will start to appear in the sound output. The moment you hear a distortion of glitch in the sound, that is your queue. 

A glitch in the sound quality of wireless speakers means that it is at its maximum bluetooth range. It will show you that it is connected but won’t perform seamlessly like a normal speaker.

So, you need to make sure that you place the speaker inside your house or in an outdoor setting in such a place that you don’t get too far from it.

How to prevent my Speakers from Burning Out?

One of the major problems that people face with bluetooth speakers is that their speakers sort of starts giving out distorted output even at mild and low volumes. What most people fail to understand is that it is because of their elongated use of speakers on high volumes.

Every speaker comes with its own power handling and frequency response ranges. You need to have a rough idea of it on how it impacts the output of your speakers. Some speakers are good at low volumes, some are good at mediocre levels and some are exceptional loud volumes.

You should understand that speakers with high power handling are great at high volumes. A bluetooth falls in the range of Mild-Low volume levels. 

The best way to protect your speaker from burning out is to always use it on a mild level. You should always keep the speaker charged. One other thing to keep in mind, you shouldn’t put a lot of strain on the speakers when it has low battery life. This is one of the main reasons which makes the speaker wear out and give up.

What are some Things I should Keep in mind when Buying A Bose Speaker?

Bose features a variety of speakers with different builds and specifications. Different designs and different performances. For you, selecting from such a big list can be a little hectic.

Bose has a different approach to speakers, especially the bluetooth ones. Bose mostly uses lightweight and extremely strong metals for their exterior body. You will be quick to notice that the Bose speakers are not only lighter in weight but also feel extremely tough. You should look out for features such as waterproofing, battery life and portability for your Bose wireless speakers.

A Bose bluetooth speaker isn’t designed to just serve one purpose. You shouldn’t make the decision for a speaker that only has a single good feature.

Which Waterproof rating do I need on my Speakers?

In the current level of the market, you can find multiple waterproof ratings for multiple speakers. Some brands offer different waterproof ratings for a singular product depending on your requirements. 

We highly recommend that you should evaluate how you are going to be using the speaker. Are you going to use the Bose speaker inside or outside? Say if you are going to use it in an indoor setting mostly, an IPX3 or IPX4 waterproof rating is sufficient. It protects and makes the speakers highly resistant to any sort of liquid spill and liquid drops.

This brings us to the IPX5 rating. If you are going in an outdoor environment with your Bose speakers like a hike or cycling or even a beach, you need a better waterproof rating. IPX5 makes your speaker completely and entirely waterproof. You can submerge your wireless speakers in water and it won’t show any drop in audio quality or output. 

What is the Best Battery life for a Bluetooth Speaker? 

The speakers made by Bose have a huge range of designs. This means that the speakers have their own unique battery design and performance. Additionally, a speaker with a bigger battery is made to last longer than its smaller counterparts.

We highly recommended that you should purchase a Bose speaker that has a mix of compact design and a longer lasting battery pack. This will check two boxes for you at once, portability and battery life. These two factors greatly impact the quality of your speakers.

The battery life of the speaker close to 8 hours is superb for an indoor bluetooth speaker. If you are looking for an outdoor speaker, a battery life of somewhere between 10 to 14 hours is sufficient.

Having a bigger battery in your speakers also means that you are going to need a lot of charging time. Logically, a small battery takes less time in charging when compared to a bigger battery charging time.

Getting a bigger battery will also dramatically increase the size of your speaker. So, you should find the right balance between the size of your speaker and the size of your battery.

What is the Best way to use my Speakers, Bluetooth or AUX?

As you can see in different products on the market, each one of them has a different combination of connectivity options. Some have bluetooth/AUX, AUX/USB or even bluetooth/NFC. It all depends on the selection of the manufacturer.

You can use any mode of input for your speakers. Using your device on bluetooth or AUX doesn’t really impact the audio quality of your speakers. However, what it does affect is the battery life of your speakers and your connected device. 

A speaker running on AUX coming from the smart device will use lesser power from both. Bluetooth gives you the freedom of moving around with your device but an AUX connection allows you to play your music longer.

Which design is preferred for Bluetooth Speakers?

You might have noticed but a lot of products made by companies like Bose and others are designed to look like a cylinder or a capsule. This design has stormed the portable speaker market with ease. 

It has a 360 degree surround output with multiple small speakers inside it. After testing, we found that this design is the most efficient in sound output and projection. It can easily and evenly throw sound in every direction.

Lastly, cylindrical design makes it highly convenient for you to carry it around. You place it vertically or horizontally on a surface without any difficulty. The sound quality will not show any drop due to its orientation. And another plus of this design is that it can easily fit inside your luggage or backpack.

Final Verdict

Just by looking at the designs and specifications of these bluetooth speakers, it is easy to understand that they are made for different users. Marshall speakers are designed for people who are outgoing whereas the Bose speakers are made for people which are looking for an indoor speaker.

After a thorough comparison, we have decided that the Marshall Kilburn II is the best among these two. It has an extremely strong exterior with an equally powerful speaker inside it. It fits perfectly inside your every audio related activity. It is good for veteran and new users alike.

With this, we come to the end of your review between Marshall and Bose.

Do let us know which brand of speakers are you using.

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