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You will agree with us when we say that searching and selecting a good levitating speaker can get a little confusing.

Finding the right speaker that fits your specifications is a bit tough.

To ease your process of searching, we have reviewed a couple of levitating speakers.

In the following post, you can find our top 3 picks along with a detailed guide on key features and some frequently asked questions.



Designed to be extremely durable and high performing, this speaker is equipped with all the essential features of a speaker.

Runner Up

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Styled on a sci-fi theme, this speaker is equipped with the latest hardware. It will amaze you in its utility and versatility.

Also Great

ReVolt Levio

This speaker is designed to output 360 sound with great clarity. It is exceptionally consistent battery timings and overall performance.

Levitating Speakers - Top 6 Reviews

#1. Best Performance Levitating Speakers - LG PJ9B ZeroG Review

This levitating speaker from LG electronics is designed and made with top high quality materials. This contributes to its sleek and stylish look in the design.

One important thing to mention, this floating speaker has its own subwoofer due to which it projects deeper and organic sounds. Along with this, it has a strong magnetic base.

After testing with water splashes, this levitating speaker showed us no sign of damage. Hence, this wireless speaker is completely waterproof and dustproof.

After using it for some time, we noticed that the speaker preserved its battery when it got lower. It automatically lowered the bass effects and levitating ability to provide us with more run time.

Features of ZeroG:

  • Highly durable material
  • High performance speakers
  • Built in subwoofer
  • Longer lasting battery
  • 360 degree sound

Best Performance Levitating Speaker

The best performance levitating speaker is the LG PJ9B ZeroG. It is designed to look sleek and modern. The 360 degree sound and a subwoofer allows you to place speakers anywhere and still get immersive sound. It also has a highly durable battery inside it.

#2. Best Compact Levitating Speakers - Ice 7 Arc Star Review

The Ice 7 Arc Star levitating speaker is designed on a sci-fi Star Wars theme. Because of this exact reason, it has a sharp circular design with a top quality paint job.

The magnetic base of this floating bluetooth speaker is made from a high quality magnet. We noticed that the levitating feature remained consistent even after regular use.

The bluetooth speaker of this device can be used as a portable bluetooth speaker. Regardless of the magnetic base, it gave us the same sound quality of the audio and the music effects.

The magnetic base of the speaker is outfitted with LED lights.The LED lights helped us to determine the battery levels of the speaker and when to charge.

Features of Arc Star:

  • Modern design
  • Compact size
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Smartphone charging dock
  • Multiple input options

Best Compact Levitating Speaker

The best compact levitating speaker is the Ice 7 Arc Star. It is designed to be sleek and small in design. It can easily be carried anywhere with or without its magnetic base. This portable bluetooth speaker has 360 degree sound design for high quality audio output.

#3. Best Battery Life Levitating Speakers - ReVolt Levio Review

This floating bluetooth speaker is designed in a ball shape for high quality 3D surround effect. Furthermore, the ball shape enables this speaker to be carried around easily.

The high capacity battery inside this floating bluetooth speaker gave us long playback time. It also gave us consistent battery timings even after regular use.

After testing for a while, we found that magnetic base synergizes really well with the speaker. It keeps the speaker in place and doesn’t let it move while it is in use.

We also tested the smartphone dock feature of this speaker. It charged our devices efficiently and quickly while the speaker was being used for audio purposes.

Features of Levio:

  • Highly portable
  • Highly durable battery
  • High quality speakers
  • 3D surround effect 
  • Built-in charging dock

Best Battery Life Levitating Speaker

The best battery life levitating speaker is the ReVolt Levio. The speaker looks stylish and modern in design. It just takes one touch for you to connect to this levitating bluetooth speaker. The big battery inside it allows it to be used as a standalone speaker.

#4. Best Design Levitating Speakers - Infinity Orb WB Review

This floating bluetooth speaker from Infinity Orb is designed to be modern looking. To compliment the design, it has a curved magnetic base for added aesthetic.

It has a round orb speaker which gives 3D surround effect. Because of this feature, we were able to get optimum sound quality output from everywhere in a room.

The latest bluetooth 4 0 allowed us to maintain a strong connection with the speaker. We also found that the signal strength remained consistent over long ranges.

We also tested the signature Infinity Orb magnetic levitating. It was quite consistent over long periods of time. Furthermore, it has a noise cancellation microphone inside it.

Features of Infinity Orb WB:

  • Stylish design
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Multi purpose LED lights
  • One touch control
  • Great sound quality

Best Design Levitating Speaker

The best design levitating speaker is the Infinity Orb WB because it has unique design for multiple purposes. The curved base provides you with features like orb rotation. It has a durable built in rechargeable battery for longer use. It also has multiple color LED lights inside it.

#5. Best Portable Levitating Speakers - B4M Orb Ice-Silver Review

This speaker is made to be compact and highly portable in its use. Because of this aspect, it can be carried virtually anywhere.

The wireless floating feature of this floating speaker is highly consistent. We tested it for a long time and noticed that it didn’t lose even a little bit of its levitating capabilities.

The bluetooth enabled connectivity is strong on long ranges. We were able to maintain a strong bluetooth connection upto 10 meters and it also didn’t show any sort of distortion.

The orb levitating part of this speaker can be used separately as a portable bluetooth speaker. We found that it performed just as well without its magnetic base.

This portable wireless speaker also has hands free calling features. We were able to converse with crystal clear sound quality on both ends.

Features of Ice-Silver:

  • Highly portable speaker
  • Compact design
  • Built in microphone
  • Standalone bluetooth speaker
  • Durable battery

Best Portable Levitating Speaker

The best portable levitating speaker is the B4M Orb Ice-Silver. It is because it can be used as a standalone speaker. This infinity orb magnetic levitating speaker can be carried anywhere. The 3D surround effect outputs great sound quality in all directions for immersive audio experience. 

#6. Best Sound Output Levitating Speakers - Atrend OFS1 Review

This speaker is packed with a highly powerful speaker inside the orb levitating above the base. Due to that reason it can output sound evenly in all directions with a 3D surround effect.

This floating bluetooth speaker has a durable battery inside it. After testing for quite some time, it gave us consistent battery life of upto 8 hours with no substantial drop in quality.

This floating bluetooth speaker can also be used as a portable speaker. We were impressed how it generated the same audio quality even without its magnetic base.

The soft touch control button on top allowed us to use this speaker with just one touch. Furthermore, the buttons are highly responsive in use.

Features of OFS1:

  • Small in design
  • Lightweight
  • 360 degrees sound output
  • High quality speakers
  • Wireless floating

Best Sound Output Levitating Speaker

The best sound output levitating speaker is the Atrend OFS1 because it has a powerful speaker inside its orb. It has great LED visual effects. The durable battery allows you to carry it anywhere without worrying about charging. It also has LED lights outfitted inside it.


Buyer's Guide

What should I look for when buying a Levitating speaker?

There are a lot of key features to look out for when buying a levitating speaker. There are multiple options on the market that vary in their features and performance. This whole process of searching and selecting can get overwhelming for an experienced individual. To ease your process of decision, following are some of the important features to check in levitating speakers:

  • Bluetooth:

When it comes to buying a levitating bluetooth speaker, the most important feature is the bluetooth inside it. Majority of the products on the market have the latest bluetooth version installed inside it.

 We suggest selecting a floating bluetooth speaker that has bluetooth 5 0 or a bluetooth 4 0. This allows you to easily connect your devices such as a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet with ease.

The latest bluetooth version also allows your floating bluetooth speaker to have a stable and strong signal over varying distances. This allows the speaker to generate distortion less music that is high in quality.

  • Battery Life:

The battery life of a floating bluetooth speaker greatly contributes the overall performance of the speakers. It allows it to perform with consistency over extended periods of time.

Bluetooth speakers heavily rely on battery’s durability. It helps the speakers to perform on their optimum level. It also allows the speakers to produce high quality music. The battery provides the necessary power for such a performance.

It is good to buy a speaker that has battery life between 5 hours to 10 hours. This ensures that the speakers have enough battery to survive indoor and outdoors. This also protects the speaker from short circuiting due to uneven power.

  • Speaker Base:

When it comes to levitating speakers, this one feature is quite unique. A lot of portable wireless speakers don’t have a levitating base. A levitating speaker is supposed to have a strong magnetic base.

The magnetic base of a floating speaker keeps the floating part of the speaker in place. A strong base also hinders any irregular movement due to sound output. The cone designed inside the base makes sure that the music is projected evenly.

An LED light indicator in the base is also a recommended feature as it allows you to determine the battery time of your speakers. This allows you to keep check on your battery life in an outdoor environment.  

  • Build Quality:

How a speaker is built and what kind of materials are used determine the output and durability of a floating speaker. It enhances the overall aesthetics of a floating speaker making it look eye pleasing and high quality.

High quality PVC build speakers are usually the best option for a floating bluetooth speaker. The plastic grants increased strength and protection to the speakers inside from any internal and external damage.

The build material greatly increases the longevity of a portable speaker without any extra cost. It keeps the magnetic base up to mark so it doesn’t lose its ability to levitate the bluetooth speaker. 

  • Audio Quality:

One main feature that impacts the value of the speaker is its ability to play music with clarity and consistency. Good quality speakers also increase the overall life of the speakers.

A speaker without the base still needs good quality sound effects. High quality hardware inside makes sure that the speaker outputs at optimum level and stands the test of time. It also allows the speaker to have even music output on low and high volumes alike.

It is recommended to buy a high quality bluetooth enabled hardware. Spending more money on aesthetically pleasing speakers means that they are missing something in terms of hardware. It will make sure that you don’t have to buy speakers after a couple of weeks.

  • Input Options:

A floating bluetooth speaker usually has more than a single way to connect to it. Majority of the options available on the market have at least ways to connect to the orb levitating above the base. 

Usually a floating bluetooth speaker has a built in bluetooth and NFC connectivity. Since they can be used as standalone speakers, an AUX or a USB port is also a good addition. The AUX or USB port act as a backup for your bluetooth.

Having multiple options to connect allows you to use your speaker without any worry. In case the bluetooth enabled connection isn’t working, you can always use it by connecting by NFC, AUX or even USB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are levitating speakers easy to use?

Levitating speakers look technical and hard to use from their 360 degrees look. But in reality, these speakers are just as easy to use as normal bluetooth speakers. You can easily connect to the bluetooth enabled orb levitating above the base and play your music.

Do I need to charge the base of the levitating bluetooth speaker?

Some speakers have the ability to charge the base of the speakers. But it doesn’t impact the levitating abilities of the speaker orb. The charging port acts as a power bank for charging smartphones when in an outdoor environment. The levitating speaker orb works independently from the base of the speakers.

What sort of shape is best for a levitating bluetooth speaker?

Levitating speakers are generally made for emitting 360 sound. A round shaped levitating speaker ensures that you get the desired 3D surround effect with even sound quality. It allows you to place the speaker anywhere in the room or your living space and get the best sound quality.

How does the levitating part work?

The base of the levitating speakers is equipped with a strong magnet. The speaker orb has an oppositely charged magnet on its bottom part. This creates a magnetic field between the speaker orb and the magnetic base. Some of the best levitating speakers have electric powered magnets which don’t need to be charged and have more levitating abilities like rotating while levitating.

Can a levitating bluetooth speaker work without its base? 

The magnetic base and the levitating speakers work in conjunction with each other. But the levitating speaker orb can be used as a portable bluetooth speaker. The base only provides the levitating feature. All of the features like sound quality, bluetooth connection and such as outfitted in the orb itself. It is totally on your personal preference if you wish to use it with or without the base.

How do I maximize the sound output of a levitating bluetooth speaker?

The speakers are usually outfitted in the upper portion of the speaker orb. It is recommended to place it somewhere lower than your ear levels so you can get the best sound quality. Speakers which have a 360 design of the floating speakers can be placed anywhere. They will give the best sound quality with clarity and consistency.

Is a power bank speaker base necessary?

Buying levitating bluetooth speakers with a power dock base is completely dependent on your personal choice. It does not impact or is necessary for the performance of the speakers. The floating speakers work independently of their magnetic base. You can select a power bank base if you want one extra feature on top of your added features.

What is a good bluetooth range for a levitating bluetooth speaker?

High quality speakers usually have stable bluetooth connection upto 10 meters in 360 degrees of the speaker location. They can easily maintain strong sound and bluetooth connection inside the 10 meters radius. It is recommended that you read the product description as every single product has their own bluetooth range and bluetooth version. Some versions have better range than the others.

What bluetooth version is best for levitating speakers?

A levitating bluetooth speaker with a bluetooth 4 or above is usually the best choice. Anything above bluetooth 4 allows you to easily connect new Android and iOS devices. It also maintains stable and strong bluetooth signals over long distances. It also impacts on the sound quality of the music and the effects of the speakers.

Are LED lights necessary for levitating speakers?

LED lights are usually used for aesthetic purposes in the design of a levitating bluetooth speaker. In some cases it  is also used to indicate the battery life of the speaker orb or the charging dock of the base. Apart from that LED lights are not a necessity for a levitating bluetooth speaker. The LED lights don’t affect the sound quality or any sort of performance of the bluetooth speakers.

What is a good battery life for a levitating bluetooth speaker?

A battery life of 5 hours to 8 hours is usually considered good for levitating bluetooth speakers. Some speakers provide more battery timing than 8 hours. If you wish to get more battery timing out of your floating speakers, try to buy speakers without excessive LED lights or added features which consume battery.

Are all speaker bases magnetic?

When it comes to levitating speakers, all of their bases are powered by magnets. Some of these magnets are powered by electricity while some are equipped with permanent magnets. For electrical magnets, you need a constant source of power. On the other hand, permanent magnets do not require any sort of power input for their levitating abilities. 

What design is best for levitating speakers?

There are many unique shapes and designs when it comes to levitating speakers. Some are shaped in oval design, some are straight and sleek designed while some are shaped like a ball. The best levitating bluetooth speaker design is the round ball shape. It projects the sound in 360 degrees cone. It also makes sure the sound that is being projected gets evenly to every direction. 

Do the magnetic base of a levitating speaker require charging?

The charging aspect of a magnetic base depends on the type of speaker you buy. Some of the levitating speakers come with electric powered magnetic bases and some come with permanent magnets. In both cases, you do not have to charge the base of the speaker. The reason you have a charging option for the magnetic base is because it has the ability to act as a power bank for your smart devices.

Can I use my levitating speaker without the base?

Almost every levitating speaker can work as a standalone bluetooth speaker. The speaker orb can be used with or without their base. You can easily carry the speaker orb anywhere with you as a portable speaker. The performance of your speaker is not affected by its base at all so you can use it as a normal bluetooth speaker with ease.

What is the optimal bluetooth range for a levitating speaker?

The optimal range of bluetooth connectivity for a levitating speaker is between 8 to 10 meters. This gives you the freedom to move around freely with your smart devices without having to worry about any sort of signal distortion or drop in sound quality. This also allows you to place your speaker anywhere in the room.

How many input options are best for a levitating speaker?

The least amount of input options you should have in your levitating speakers are two. The best combination of input options is bluetooth and AUX input or bluetooth and USB port input. You can have more than two which include NFC. The USB port is usually for charging purposes. It is best to have bluetooth with an added AUX port. 

Final Verdict

Buying a top and durable levitating speaker can greatly enhance your day to day experience. After using and testing multiple high quality levitating bluetooth speakers, we have concluded that the LG PJ9B ZeroG is the most suitable option among the levitating bluetooth speakers. It has a tough and durable exterior with high performing speakers outfitted inside it. With a longer lasting battery, it can easily run for a few hours without any drop in quality. This brings us to the end of our review on the best levitating speakers. What speaker do you think is the best? Do let us know.
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