Legendary Adventure Awaits as The Legend of Dragoon on PS1 Classic Gets Trophies on PS5 and PS4

Sony is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature update for a classic PlayStation 1 game. The update for the 24-year-old game might be released through Sony’s PlayStation Plus premium service.

PlayStation Plus Premium Service and Benefits

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s most expensive tier on its newly updated PS Plus service. This subscription plan offers various benefits such as playing select PS1, PS2, and PSP games at no additional cost. Premium users can also access streaming for some PS3 titles and download trial versions of games for a set period.

The Legend of Dragoon and the New Trophy System

Sources have revealed that the new feature update will bring an update to much older games like The Legend of Dragoon.

The PS Plus Premium Tier would provide a new trophy system, which was not available two decades ago. The trophy feature might not be available at launch, but sources have claimed that it will be added soon after the release on PS Plus Premium.

Trophy Support for Classic Games

Sony has recently added trophy support for classic games that are available on PS Plus Premium. These titles include No Heroes Allowed and Super Stardust Portable. Therefore, it is possible that the company will also add trophy support for The Legend of Dragoon.

Launch of PlayStation Plus Premium Service

The Premium service is scheduled to launch on February 21. Fans of classic games will be excited to hear about the possibility of new trophy support for The Legend of Dragoon on PS5 and PS4.


In conclusion, Sony is reportedly bringing a new feature update to the classic PlayStation 1 game, The Legend of Dragoon.

This update may be released through the PlayStation Plus premium service, which offers benefits such as playing select PS1, PS2, and PSP games, streaming select PS3 titles and downloading trial versions of games.


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