You will agree with us when we say that Kenwood is a household name when it comes to high-quality speakers. They have been producing top tier products for a long time. Kenwood has expanded its area of expertise to quality, hardware, design, and performance.

To check whether their products are up to the mark, we have decided to review a pair of Kenwood car speakers.

In this article, you can find a detailed analysis of Kenwood speakers along with multiple alternatives to it.

Kenwood KFC-6966

Made by using high-quality hardware and highly-resistant body material, this speaker is extremely durable. You will be surprised by the amount of abuse it can handle while maintaining its quality.

Alternate #1 – Pyle R605

Designed to be completely waterproof, the utility of these speakers is only limited to your imagination. You will be pleased by the overall audio quality and performance of these speakers.

Alternate #2 – EnrockMarine EM692

A pair of heavy-duty speakers that will amaze you with their sound quality and output. It has highly-durable hardware installed inside it.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Kenwood is one of the top-shelf brands in the market. Their speakers are guaranteed to be high-quality in performance and durability. The same is the case with Kenwood KFC-6966. It is made from a sturdy combination of PVC materials. After running it under multiple quality tests, we found out that the exterior casing has a lot of resistance against external and internal factors. It enables the speakers to perform for longer periods without any drop in sound quality.

The strong exterior is paired with high-performance hardware inside it. The speakers are made from polypropylene cones that enable them to generate organic audio output. Furthermore, it has a 3-way car speakers design which includes a separate dome tweeter. This feature allows the speaker to provide you with deeper sounding bass and treble effects without any distortion.

Kenwood designed these speakers in such a way that they can fit almost every vehicle. The dimensions of these speakers are the standard 6×9 inch. After placing it inside multiple vehicles, we determined that it fit perfectly in every car and didn’t show any signs of displacement. Apart from that, these speakers have a wider surface area. It enables the speaker to enhance your audio experience by producing better sound.

Features and Benefits

        • Durability

        When it comes to car speakers, their durability plays an important role. It enables them to resist any sort of external and internal damage. The Kenwood KFC-6966 speakers are made to do all of that.

        We tested these speakers under multiple conditions and found out that the exterior body of these car speakers is extremely tough. The PVC materials used in it are highly resistant to shock and vibrations produced by the speakers.

        Furthermore, the casing of these speakers provides ample protection for internal hardware. Car speakers are prone to damage by internal vibrations. This pair of Kenwood speakers counters that problem very efficiently. 

        • Speaker Design

        The design of a car sound system matters a lot in terms of sound output. It impacts the sound effects and the way they are projected. The good surface area of these speakers makes sure that what you hear is even and organic.

        After using it in cars with different cabin sizes, we noticed that it showed no difference in sound. The oval shape enables it to mitigate any unwanted echo which would otherwise ruin the seamless flow of sound output.

        The wider surface area also contributes to what you hear in your car. It spreads the sound evenly inside the cabin so that you get to listen to the same sound whether you are in the front seat or the back seat.  

        • Sound Quality

        The sound quality is quite important when it comes to car sound system. It is crucial for enhancing your listening experience as a whole. This Kenwood door speaker is exceptional at producing high-quality audio.

        It has a separate pair of dome tweeters inside it that enables it to produce organic audio. Hence, the audio you get to listen to has low to zero distortion in it. It also enhances and deepens the bass and treble effects. 

        We tried this speaker on multiple volume levels and found that it held up its good sound quality on every single level. The sound effects didn’t burst or implode on higher volume levels. It also maintained the clarity of vocals in the audio output.

        • Power-Handling

        The power-handling aspect of a car sound system is very important and is often overlooked. It directly contributes to two major things, the sound quality and the durability of the speakers.

        The Kenwood KFC series speakers are made with great power-handling hardware. We inspected the internal parts of these speakers and came to the conclusion that they had high-grade copper wires paired with a strong magnet.

        Furthermore, this pair of car door speakers were able to perform flawlessly on low and high power input. We noticed that it didn’t show any signs of a performance drop, especially on low power input. The tweeters handled low power efficiently.

        • Mounting

        Car speakers come in a variety of designs and mounting options. This makes it difficult for them to fit in every car but Kenwood makes their speaker with a universal mounting depth. They can fit almost every vehicle.

        This pair of Kenwood car speakers come with four mounting holes. We tried fitting in a couple of different vehicles and concluded that it is quite easy to mount them using Phillips 4-head screws. 

        All you need to mount your speakers to your car doors is a bunch of Phillips 4-head screws and a screwdriver. They don’t take much effort to mount on and off. You can easily do it without a professional’s help.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Our personal experience with these Kenwood car speakers has been quite up to mark. To get a better understanding of this product, we decided to explore online reviews. After looking through multiple reviews, we came to the conclusion that the majority of the customers praised these factory speakers from Kenwood. They stated that the best thing about this product was the sound quality and its durability. Only a handful of people were critical regarding the design of these speakers.

We also noticed that many of these reviews were from customers that have been using this speaker system for a long while. They have been updating their experience with the speakers after regular intervals. Some of them stated that the features of these speakers upheld their quality and didn’t drop in performance. A customer also said that the paint job stayed as if they were new speakers even after 1 year of use.

We should also mention that the new customers also shared their satisfaction with these factory speakers from Kenwood. They mentioned that the 6×9 inch design of these speakers to be highly useful and convenient to install. Another customer pointed out that the speakers sound better even without an amplifier. They also praised the separate tweeter system of these speakers and how it was able to produce crystal clear sound.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Waterproof Alternative to Kenwood KFC-6966 Speaker - Pyle R605 Review

Designed to be extremely resistant to external factors, this pair of speakers has a high-quality casing. It is made from a combination of different PVC materials.

We ran it through multiple durability tests and found out that these speakers are completely water and dustproof. This is due to the enclosed design of the speakers.

Furthermore, we discovered that these speakers have a great frequency response rating. They are able to generate the same audio quality regardless of the volume level.

We should also mention that these speakers have a low-profile design. This enables these speakers to be used on other types of vehicles such as boats and marine vessels.

Features of Pyle R605

  • Great frequency response
  • Good power-handling
  • Verified waterproof rating
  • Aluminum voice coils
  • Highly durable exterior casing
  • 3-way speakers design

Best Waterproof Alternative Speaker

The best waterproof alternative speaker is the Pyle R605 because this speaker system is designed to withstand every external factor. It has high-quality speaker hardware inside it which features great sound effects for your car audio experience.

#2: Best Multi-Purpose Alternative to Kenwood KFC-6966 Speaker - EnRockMarine EM692 Review

Designed to serve more than a single purpose, this speaker can be used as a marine speaker besides your car audio usage. 

We found that this pair has a 3-way speakers design. Due to that, it has a separate tweeter installed inside it which produces high-quality sound.

It also features protective grills for the front side. It keeps the speaker from getting wet or getting clogged by dust particles.

We should also mention that these speakers have a standard 6×5 inch design. This enables you to handle and mount these speakers with ease.

Features of Pyle R605

  • Great frequency response
  • Verified waterproof rating
  • Shockproof exterior casing
  • High-grade wiring
  • Multiple sound features

Best Multi-Purpose Alternative Speaker

The best multi-purpose alternative speaker is the EnRockMarine EM692 because it has features to be used in multiple types of vehicles. You can use it as a car speaker or as a speaker for your marine vehicles. It has a high-performing sound system with good frequency response.

Guide to Buy

      • Audio quality

      The output quality matters a lot for speakers. It enhances your car audio experience greatly. It is best to buy a speaker that provides you with organic and deeper sound quality. This will not only give you a better sounding pair of speakers but it will also ensure that your speakers last longer. High-quality sound hardware means that your speaker will last longer in terms of performance.

      • Price

      The price factor of a speaker matters a lot. The high-priced speakers often charge money for their hardware and stylish designs. A fair-priced speaker on the other hand only provides good quality hardware with a mediocre design. We would recommend that you review a speaker before purchase to determine whether it has good hardware inside it or not. This way you’ll get a better performing speaker instead of just a good looking piece of technology.

      • Material Quality

      The durability of the casing and its quality directly contributes to the longevity of the speakers. A sturdy and damage-resistant exterior will not only protect your speakers from the outside but also from the inside. A combination of high-grade PVC materials will mitigate internal vibrations that would otherwise damage the sensitive hardware. We recommend that you purchase a speaker that gives resistance against both internal and external factors or at least one of them.

      • Frequency Response

      The frequency response of a speaker directly contributes to the sound quality of the speakers. A speaker with good frequency responses can perform at every single volume level without distortion. Speakers tend to distort sound on high volume in terms of bass and treble. It is best to buy a speaker that can project sound without distortion. This will help you with your listening experience a lot.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on Kenwood Speakers. We must say that these pair of speakers have amazed us with their performance and durability. The Kenwood KFC-6966 is highly-stable in terms of sound output and can project sound with great clarity. It also handles overheating problems with ease and protects the hardware from any sort of internal and external damage. The wider surface area of these speakers enables it to spread the sound in your car evenly and precisely.
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