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You will agree with us when we say that Jensen is a long-time manufacturer of high-quality and high-performance guitar speakers. Their products are designed to last longer while maintaining the integrity of the internal hardware. Sound quality and consistency are Jensen’s specialties.

Because of this reason, we have decided to test one of Jensen’s products to check and calibrate its performance as a guitar speaker.

In this post, we will discuss some of the key features of Jensen’s products along with some tips and alternative products for you.

Jensen 3VK

Produced by using high-quality sound hardware, these Jensen speakers are excellent in their audio output. It can perform with great consistency on all volume levels.

Alternate #1 : Eminence V128

A guitar speaker packed with a variety of features. It can produce a wide variety of music and vocal sound effects without any distortion.

Alternate #2 : Celestion Seventy 80

This speaker comes with high-performing hardware with great power-handling. It can also output at different frequency ranges efficiently.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Jensen produces their products under strict quality and durability standards. We found the same to be about the 3VK. This speaker is equipped with high-performing sound hardware. It can easily produce a wide range of music effects with ease. We noticed that bass and rock music effects were especially crystal clear and sounded rather deep.

These Jensen speakers are equipped with a ceramic magnet inside them. It enables the speaker to do multiple things quite efficiently. It holds up the audio quality of the speakers really well and also dissipates the heat much faster. This indirectly contributes to the Jensen speakers being good against abuse due to high volumes and overheating problems.

Furthermore, these Jensen speakers come with great power-handling. The speakers are wired with high-grade copper wires to ensure that. This feature enables these Jensen speakers to consistently get the power required for performing at an optimum level. It also makes the Jensen speaker highly-resistant to any sort of short-circuiting or internal damage. 

Features and Benefits

  • Build Quality

This speaker from Jensen is made by using several different materials. The shell and support of the speaker are made for shock-resistant metal while the audio projecting part is made from vibration absorption rubber.

We passed this Jensen speaker through multiple tests to see its durability and how it sounds. We concluded that the rubber part is highly resistant to abuse and damage due to internal vibrations.

Furthermore, we also noticed that the external shell of these Jensen speakers is made from an insulated metal. You can use this speaker for extended periods without having to worry about damage due to any residual charge.

  • Power-Handling

Power-handling is quite essential for a guitar speaker. The Jensen 3VK is designed in such a way that it utilizes power quite effectively. To ensure that it performs like that, it has high-grade insulated copper wires in its centre.

We tested this Jensen speaker on multiple power levels and found that it controls and handles the power surges quite easily. It doesn’t put any unwanted strain on the hardware nor does it let the sound quality drop from a certain level.

We also noticed that because of this power-handling efficiency, this Jensen speaker didn’t overheat at all. It ensured that the speakers don’t get more or less power than the power required for even performance.

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality of these Jensen speakers is quite authentic and organic in nature. Due to the ceramic magnet at the centre of the speaker, it can produce a wide variety of music and audio effects without any distortion.

We used this Jensen speaker on multiple sound levels and determined that it was able to perform efficiently on low and high volumes alike. It gave us no signs of sound distortion even when performing on high volumes for extended periods.

It can significantly enhance your listening experience because of its stereo output. These Jensen speakers are also able to perform quite well for your home theatre. Because of the great sound quality, it can be used as a centre speaker for your home theatre.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Our personal experience with the Jensen 3VK speaker system has been quite fulfilling. But to get a much better view of the performance of these speakers, we decided to check the online reviews of this product. We noticed that the majority of the review really praised the speaker for its great sound quality and its ability to generate a wide range of music effects. Only a handful of people were critical regarding the installation process of the speakers.

On a closer look, we noticed that the majority who gave this speaker a 5-star rating were long-time users. They were quite happy with the speakers purchased. Updating their reviews after regular intervals, they stated that these speakers were able to handle abuse and stand the test of time quite easily. They didn’t drop in performance or show any signs of internal damage.

Furthermore, some of the new customers who bought this Jensen speaker were happy regarding the dual utility. They stated that it performed quite well as a centre speaker for their TV and home theatre system. They also mentioned that the quality of its exterior shell remained as of a new speaker even after regular use.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Multiple Mode Alternative to Jensen 3VK Speaker - Eminence V128 Review

This product caught our attention because of its different modes of sound output. You can set this speaker on Rock, Blues, Rock and Roll, or any other mode of your desire.

We tested this speaker on multiple modes and found that it gave us an identical performance on each of the modes. Furthermore, it didn’t distort the sound at all.

We must mention that this speaker is highly-resistant to internal vibrations. The audio hardware is set and enforced in one place so the vibrations don’t reach the sub-woofer and damage it.

Another important feature of this speaker is its wider surface area. However, this adds weight to the speaker and makes it difficult for you to handle.

Features of  Eminence V128

  • Easy to install
  • Good power-handling
  • Great audio output
  • Reinforced exterior structure
  • Multiple music modes

Best Multiple Mode Alternative Speaker

The Best Multiple Mode Alternative Speaker is the Eminence V128 because it is designed to provide you with different modes of performance. You can easily set the speakers to Rock, Classic Blues, or whatever mode you feel like to match the type of instrument you are playing.

#2: Best Budget Alternative to Jensen 3VK Speaker - Celestion Seventy 80 Review

This pair of speakers is designed to provide you with good features of a speaker but on a budget. It has high-performing audio hardware for organic and consistent sound output.

We passed this speaker through multiple quality tests and concluded that its hardware is equipped with highly-durable rubber. It was able to handle high volumes quite efficiently. 

Although this speaker has average audio hardware, the quality of sound effects is still impressive. We found no signs of distortion even on high volumes.

We would also like to mention the design of these speakers. It enables the speaker to distribute the sound evenly. Although you need an amplifier to get the best output from the speakers.

Features of Celestion Seventy 80

  • Good sound-quality
  • Stable exterior casing
  • Abuse resistant hardware
  • Consistent audio output
  • Midrange sound drivers

Best Budget Alternative Speaker

The Best Budget Alternative Speaker is the Celestion Seventy 80 because it provides you with a bunch of features at a fair price. This speaker comes with high-performing sound hardware that produces good quality sound. You can easily connect your amp and get it running in no time.

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Guide to Buy

  • Build Quality

Guitar speakers or Amp speakers depend highly on the quality of materials used to make them. It determines their ability to sustain use on high volumes for extended periods. We would suggest that you purchase speakers that have highly-durable speaker hardware paired with a strong exterior structure. This will ensure that your speaker doesn’t get damaged by any sort of internal or external factor. 

  • Price:

The price of a speaker determines the performance and quality of sound it produces. A high price speaker will get you all the best things but while charging a lot of money. We would recommend getting a pair of speakers that are in the fair price range but has high-performing hardware. This will ensure that you save money while buying a good speaker instead of spending money just on the aesthetics.

  • Audio Quality:

The quality of sound produced by a speaker is quite crucial. It is responsible for elevating your listening experience. You may want to look for a speaker system with a built-in subwoofer and a high-quality magnet. It will ensure that you get to hear everything you play on your speakers. Furthermore, it will make sure that your speakers don’t get damaged by extended use on high volumes.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on Jensen Speakers. We must say that Jensen 3VK has impressed us quite well as a guitar speaker. It has a built-in subwoofer along with a ceramic magnet to ensure that every little detail in sound is produced with great precision. Furthermore, the overall build of this speaker is designed to dissipate heat and counter the overheating problem with great efficiency. It also has a shock-resistant exterior shell to keep your speaker from getting damaged by static charge.  


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