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    We understand that finding the right kind of speakers for your entertainment isn’t as easy as one would think.

    However, we can assure you that JAM Thrill speakers are the answer to all of your problems. 

    So, in this article we’ve reviewed the main features of JAM Thrill speaker to give you an idea about the main qualities of the product as well as its pros and cons.

    Moreover, we’ve also included a buyers’ guide and a few alternative options to consider just in case.

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    JAM Thrill Wireless Stereo Speaker, Built-In Speakerphone, HX-P320RD

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    JAM Thrill Wireless Stereo Speaker, Built-In Speakerphone HX-P320GR

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    Jam Thrill Speaker Review

    JAM Thrill is the best speaker option for high quality stereo sound in a party. The dual-sided speakers cast bi-directional sound and customer reviews prove its reliability. Even with a water bottle size, the THRILL offers crisp tones, mega volume and deep bass. 

    Alternate Options (in case you don’t like Jam Thrill)

    Now here’s the thing:
    We understand that you may want to consider all of your options before deciding on which speakers to buy. So, to help you out, we’ve also reviewed some alternate products in this article.

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    Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart Speakers

    These are smart speakers that connect to Alexa, play music, make voice calls, set alarms, answer questions, connect to available smart home devices and work on voice command.

    Amazon Basics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black

    AmazonBasics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

    These are wireless Bluetooth speakers introduced by AmazonBasics. They have a 33-foot range, 2 internal 2.5 watt speakers and 3.5 mm Aux jack which helps connect to non-wireless devices.

    Summary, Pros, Cons & More

    JAM Thrill speakers are one of the latest lines of wireless stereo speakers with built in speaker phones. They are waterproof, small in size (about the size of a water bottle), with a crisp tone, deep bass and high volume. The product also has a 6-hour battery time and relatively short charging time of just 3 hours.

    If you’re a fan of some good quality music and also enjoy hanging out or partying with friends and family, then Jam Thrill Speakers are the perfect choice for your amusement.

    After carefully analyzing the product, we found that they have the following pros and cons.

    Features and Benefits of Jam Thrill Speakers

    In order to help you better understand the product, we’ve carefully reviewed Jam Thrill Speakers and have highlighted the major features of the product. We’ve also mentioned the main benefits that you can receive by purchasing the product.

    • Splash Proof

    One of the most impressive features of JAM Thrill Speakers is their splash proof nature. 

    While the exterior plastic covering of the speaker does make them much more sensitive compared to rival products, it also makes them resistant to water splashes. 

    This is an especially important benefit to consider if one plans to arrange an indoor pool party, as the speakers would be perfect for such an occasion. 

    • Small Size

    JAM Thrill Speakers are small in size and easy to carry. This adds to their portability and ease of use. 

    • Cheap Rate

    Another important quality of JAM Thrill Speakers is their cheap rate. Compared to most rival products, they come at a much more affordable price. 

    To give you an example, a sister product called JAM Symphony WiFi Home Audio Speakers is available at a much more expensive price compared to JAM Thrill speakers.

    • Excellent Speaker Quality

    One of the most common public opinions regarding JAM Thrill Speakers is that they have an overall great speaker quality. 

    One common complaint with similar products is that their sound booms-out or becomes distorted when set to maximum volume. 

    However, we found that this was not the case with JAM Thrill Speakers which produce a good sound quality even at maximum volume.

    • 30-foot Bluetooth Connectivity Range

    JAM Thrill Speakers connect wirelessly to all Bluetooth devices. They have a good 30-foot connectivity range which makes it all the more convenient to use them from any point in your home. 

    • Long Battery Life

    JAM Thrill Speakers have a pretty decent battery life of 6 hours compared to similar products. They require only 3 hours to be charged completely. 

    A longer battery life would suggest that they are more preferable for indoor house warming events and parties.

    • Voice Prompts

    Last but not the least, JAM Thrill Speakers come with voice prompts. This allows the user to know whatever action the device is performing. These voice prompts include “Powering ON”, “Powering OFF”, “Connecting” and “Disconnecting”.

    Additional Features of JAM Thrill Speakers

    Aside from the major benefits and features, we’ve also taken the liberty of reviewing some additional features as well. This will help you decide whether the product is the right choice for your enjoyment or not.

    • Single Passive and Dual Active Radiators

    To put it into simpler terms, JAM Thrill speakers give an intense sound compared to rival products. 

    This is an important feature to consider as some people (who are fans of loud music) may find this to be a good thing, while others (who are fans of soft and melodious music) might find this to be annoying.

    • Plastic Exterior Coating

    Another important thing to consider is that the speakers have an outer plastic covering instead of a traditional metal body as most wireless speakers have. This makes the device much more sensitive and delicate. 

    The plus side, however, is that it also makes the product more lightweight than other products. 

    • Better Suited for Indoor rather than Outdoor Entertainment

    This is quite possibly the most important feature to consider before buying this product. JAM Thrill speakers have been recommended by most consumers for indoor activities rather than outdoor entertainment purposes. 

    So, if you’re looking for something for indoor rather than outdoor use, this is the go-to choice for you.

    In Depth Analysis of JAM Thrill Speakers

    In this section of the article, we’ve analyzed the product’s main features as well as reviewed the customer’s perspective regarding its overall performance.

    Critical Analysis of Jam Thrill Speakers

    • Speaker Quality

    After carefully comparing JAM Thrill speakers to similar products, we found the product to have a good built in speaker quality. 

    Some products that we used for comparison were far more expensive than the speakers which makes this an important feature.

    • Surround Sound Effect

    While the overall sound quality was good, we found that the surround sound effect of the product left a lot to be desired. This defect does not make the speakers suitable for outdoor use.

    • Voice Prompt Analysis

    JAM Thrill Speakers also include voice prompts. These prompts allow the user to know exactly what the device is doing such as turning on, powering off, connecting or disconnecting. This makes the device quite convenient to use.

    • Bluetooth Connectivity

    The product has a fair wireless connectivity range and connects to all Smart Home devices with Bluetooth feature, which is definitely a positive. 

    However, we also found some devices to have connectivity issues as well.

    • Splash Proof Feature

    As mentioned before, JAM Thrill speakers are splash proof. This feature makes the device suitable for any water related entertainment activities such as pool parties.  

    Although, it is important not to confuse the product as being entirely waterproof. If submerged in water, the device is still prone to malfunction.

    What do the customers say about JAM THRILL?

    • JAM Thrill Speaker Reviews – Thoughts on Plastic Exterior

    We found consumer opinion to be divided when it comes to the plastic covering of the product. 

    Some claimed that it cheapens the overall product quality and makes the device more prone to damage. 

    While others stated that it makes the speakers lightweight and easy to carry.

    • Thoughts on Price Range

    Based on product quality and performance, most consumers found its price range to be fair. General opinion was that the product offered many features similar to more expensive products.

    • Thoughts on Loudness

    As far as loudness is concerned, most consumers claimed that the product was not quite loud due to its low surround sound effect. The device was preferred for indoor usage by most people.

    • Overall Experience

    Majority of consumers found the device to be quite satisfactory. 

    While the product does come with a small number of faults and inconsistencies, most of the public agreed that such problems are a common thing in all products and that they did not ruin the overall experience.

    Buyers’ Guide

    Before buying JAM Thrill speakers or any similar product, there are a few things that every customer should consider about the product in order to make an informed choice. 

    So, let’s get started…

    • Built-in Speaker Quality

    The most important thing to check is the built-in speaker quality. You should always check the speaker’s loudness, sound intensity and sound quality at maximum volume.

    • Product Price

    You should always compare the product price with that of similar products. By doing so, there’s a strong chance that you’ll find a product with all the features that you’re looking for at a cheap price.

    • Connectivity

    You should always check the product’s connectivity range, the variety of smart home devices that the product connects to, and whether the product has any complaints of connectivity issues or not.

    However, if you’re looking for non-wireless speakers, then always check their connection port size in order to choose the appropriate audio jack.

    • Battery life

    Always be sure to check the speaker’s battery life as well as it’s charging time. You should also check if the device works while it’s charging or not.

    • Shelf Life

    Always make sure to check the total longevity or shelf life of the product  and compare it to that of similar products.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Do Jam Thrill SpeakersWork with Smart TV Devices?

    Yes, we found JAM Thrill speakers work with all Smart TV devices without any complaints.

    Can Jam Thrill Speakers be used when it’s Charging?

    Yes, the speakers can be used while they’re charging.

    Can You Adjust the Volume of Jam Thrill Speakers from Paired Bluetooth Device?

    Yes, the Speakers offer Volume Adjustment facilities both directly as well as from the paired Bluetooth device.

    What Size AUX Cord is Suitable for the Jam Thrill Speakers?

    An AUX Cord device with a 3.5 mm Jack is most suitable for JAM Thrill speakers

    Do Jam Thrill Speakers come with a Charger?

    Yes, the charging cord is included with the speaker. 

    Can the Auto-Off feature be Disabled on Jam Thrill Speakers?

    No, JAM Thrill speakers don’t come with an Auto-Off feature.

    Can The Voice Prompts on Jam Thrill Speakers be Turned off?

    No, the voice prompts can’t be turned off.

    Are there any similar products available from the same company for outdoor activities?

    JAM Boombox is recommended for outdoor use as it is much louder than JAM Thrill speakers

    What’s the Average Shelf Life of Jam Thrill Speakers?

    Average shelf life for JAM Thrill speakers is 6-12 months without any complaints

    Are there any Complaints about Jam Thrill Speakers?

    There are a few complaints of wireless connectivity issues, high intensity and low surround sound effect associated with the device.

    Wrapping Things Up

    After careful analysis, we found this product to be much better than the available online alternatives that lie within the same price range as JAM Thrill speakers

    JAM Thrill speakers also have a very positive online review and majority of customers who purchased the product claimed to have had a positive, satisfactory and entertaining experience.

    So, if you’re looking for any kind of indoor music entertainment, we would highly recommend Jam Thrill Speakers for your amusement, especially for indoor house warming parties.

    Do let us know if you found this article to be helpful to you or not. Please be sure to give us your opinion on our review as it would be highly valuable for us.