J&m Rokker Speaker Reviews- All You Need to Know, FAQs & More

J&M Rokker is a household name when it comes to fairing speakers for motorcycles like Harley-Davidson. The J&M Rokker speakers are designed to provide you with great sound quality. They specialize in speaker hardware and its consistency in output.

Because of this reason, we have decided to review one of the J&M Rokker fairing speakers to see if it holds up great value as a bike speaker or not.

In this post, we will discuss the key features of J&M Rokker speakers along with some tips and alternatives you can use for your bike.

J&M Rokker XT

Designed to be sleek looking, this speaker has modern aesthetics for your bike. It can produce high-quality sound with great consistency.

Alternate #1 : Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG

Shaped to fit right in the place of your factory speakers, these speakers are quite easy to install. They have a highly-durable exterior body paired with a high-performing hardware inside.

Alternate #2 : Polk Audio FLHT

A pair of speakers that can fulfill multiple purposes with efficiency. It is highly versatile in utility and can be used for multiple vehicles.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

This pair of fairing speakers from J&M Rokker is packed with several different features. First and foremost, this speaker is equipped with high-performing hardware. This speaker kit comes with a built-in midrange bass driver and tweeter. It enables the speaker to output great sound quality even in the extreme wind flows. Furthermore, the music effects produced by this speaker kit sound organic and deep.

You can easily plug and play the speakers on the front handle or behind your seats. It takes little to no effort to get these speakers up and running. We should also mention that these speakers are compatible with Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic and Road Glide Ultra models. The speaker kit includes protective grills to keep the speakers from damaging in rainy and dusty conditions.

This speaker system is designed to handle power with great efficiency. It is equipped with a strong ferrite-magnet to make sure that the speaker doesn’t overheat or short-circuits even after extended periods of use. This J&M Rokker speaker system provides the hardware with even power which ensures that you get optimum sound-quality with minimum distortion and internal vibrations.

Features and Benefits

  • Sound Quality

This J&M Rokker road speaker system is outfitted with high-quality audio hardware. It can easily produce music effects like bass and treble. The music effects also sound quite organic and authentic due to the 2-way design of the speakers. 

This product has a built-in dome tweeter which enables it to project a wide variety of sounds. We tested this speaker on multiple sound levels and found that it can maintain its audio quality quite efficiently. 

We also noticed that the sound didn’t distort even on high volumes. You can easily play your music or even tune in to some FM Radio channels without worrying about the sound quality dropping in performance. It works perfectly without an amplifier.

  • Power-Handling

J&M Rokker designed this motorcycle speaker system in such a way that it provides the internal hardware with enough power to work smoothly. Hence, it keeps the speaker from short-circuiting due to power surges. 

We also noticed that it doesn’t let the power drop from a certain level. It maintains the audio quality with great efficiency. We used this speaker under extreme conditions and found that it didn’t overheat at all. 

Although this speaker seems small, the heat dissipation is great in it. We tested this speaker kit on multiple volumes for extended periods and found that it projected identical quality of sound on all levels. 

  • Build Quality

This speaker system is designed to work without an amplifier. Hence, the casing is reinforced to be resistant to all sorts of internal vibrations. The exterior shell is made from a combination of highly-durable plastic materials.

Because of its functionality without an amplifier, it is prone to damage by internal vibrations. We passed this speaker under multiple durability tests and concluded that it didn’t let internal vibrations pass through the hardware itself.

We should also mention that the exterior is also highly resistant to shock damage. It keeps the speaker system from getting harmed by static charge or residual charge left in the speakers. This is attained by the plastic exterior body which acts as an insulator.

  • Mounting

This speaker kit from J&M Rokker is compatible and can be mounted on many bikes. We were able to plug and play this speaker with ease on almost every bike it is compatible with. It fits perfectly on Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic and Road Glide Ultra models.

All you need to mount this speaker system is a bunch of Phillips 4-head screws and a 4-head Phillips screwdriver. You can easily mount it on the front handle of the place behind your seat. It only depends on your personal preference. 

Furthermore, this speaker’s mounting depth also contributes to the audio quality. Your speakers have space between the hardware and the screw mounts. It enables the speakers to project sound without disturbance due to vibrations.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We found this speaker to be great in its performance and sound projection. But to get a better understanding of this product, we decided to check the online customer reviews. We noticed that the majority of these reviews were positive and praised the speaker for its minimalist yet sleek design. Many customers stated that it greatly enhanced the look of their bikes. Only a couple of customer reviews were critical regarding the limited mounting options.

We also found that many of these reviews were from long-time users who have had this product for several months. They stated that this product held up quite well against extreme weather conditions and didn’t lose any performance. Furthermore, they also mentioned that the exterior casing didn’t lose its sleek and high-quality finish.

Many new customers were quick to point out this speaker kit’s convenience in installation. They stated that they required little to no help to get these speakers up and running. Some of them also praised the cooperation from the customer service department regarding their questions and difficulties. They stated that the customer service helped them step by step to install their speakers without damaging the sensitive hardware.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Compact Alternative to J&M Rokker XT Speaker - Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG Review

Designed to be compact, this speaker has easy installation for almost every bike. We were able to easily install this speaker kit on bikes apart from the Harley-Davidson Street Glide edition.

We tested this speaker system under multiple conditions to check its performance. We concluded that it was able to perform flawlessly on low and high volumes alike.

Furthermore, these speakers are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. We found them to be extremely durable in conditions such as high-temperature, UV lights, rain, and dust.

This speaker has all the good features. However, one feature that we discovered to be missing is the FM Radio connectivity. You have to use a separate device in order to access Radio.

Features of Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG

  • Easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Good power-handling
  • High weather resistance
  • Reinforced interior

Best Compact Alternative Speaker

The Best Compact Alternative Speaker is the Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG. It is designed to fit and mount on your bike without any modifications. You can easily use multiple Phillips 4-Head screws to install these speakers on your vehicle.

#2: Best Weather-Resistant Alternative to J&M Rokker XT Speaker - Polk Audio FLHT Review

What brought this speaker to our attention the extremely durable build of this speaker system. It is designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions without dropping in performance.

We tested this speaker in dusty, foggy, and conditions with moisture. We found that this speaker is completely resistant to all these weather types. It protects the internal hardware from damage.

Although this speaker is designed for bikes, you can also use it for your marine vehicles. Due to its convenient mounting, you can easily place it on your boats and other vehicles.

We must also mention that this speaker has audio dynamic balance technology. However, you need a separate amplifier to maintain the audio quality at an optimum level.

Features of Polk Audio FLHT

  • Good sound-quality
  • Completely waterproof
  • UV light, dust and, fog-resistant
  • Midrange bass driver
  • Great power-handling

Best Weather-Resistant Alternative Speaker

The Best Weather-Resistant Alternative Speaker is the Polk Audio FLHT. It is designed to withstand all sorts of conditions while also projecting great sound quality. You can use this stereo speaker for outdoor adventures other than your bike.

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Guide to Buy

  • Sound Quality

When it comes to motorcycle speakers the quality of their audio output matters a lot. A high-performing speaker is needed to project sound with clarity. We suggest that you purchase a speaker that has high-quality sound hardware installed inside it. This way you will get a pair of stereo speakers that can output sound with great quality even when you are traveling at cruise speeds

  • Price

The price of a speaker determines many things. It includes the right hardware performance, build quality, and the design of the speakers. A high price will get you all the best things but will be heavy on your pocket. We suggest that you purchase a product in a fair price range. This will ensure that your speakers have high-performing hardware rather than just good-looking aesthetics and design.

  • Material Quality

The material quality matters a lot for motorcycle speakers. It keeps the speaker from certain internal and external factors. We recommend that you purchase a speaker with a sturdy and weather-resistant exterior casing. It will ensure that your speakers don’t get damaged by UV lights, dust, or moist conditions. You will also be able to keep your speaker from damaging due to internal vibrations.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on J&M Rokker Speaker. We must admit that this speaker has left quite an impression on us. It has a great build-quality that makes installation quite easy for you. This is paired with a highly-durable exterior that can withstand multiple weather conditions easily. Furthermore, you don’t need an amplifier to get the most out of your speakers. You can also connect to FM Radio through this speaker. It is able to generate high-quality sound even when you are moving at high speeds.


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