You must have a lot of questions about the Ion Audio Plunge Max. Should you rely on it? What are its pros and cons? What are the complete specifications of the Ion Audio Plunge Max? Will the Ion Audio Plunge Max be suitable for your outdoor parties?

Well, no worries, we have all the answers for you in this Ion Audio Plunge Max speaker review. You will be able to make an informed decision after this review.

So let’s dive in and take a look at our top recommendations starting with the Ion Audio Plunge Max.

Ion Audio Plunge Speaker

The Ion Audio Plunge Max is a water-resistant demon that provides stereo-audio and excellent characteristics among other fantastic features that are a must in any speaker.

Alternate #1 – Asimom 28W Portable Speakers

This device provides exceptional sound quality and connects Bluetooth to your phone or device up to 66ft.

Alternate #2 – Sony SRS-XB33 Extra Bass Wireless Speaker

This device has a long battery running time without needing a charge along with exceptional other features and crisp sound.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Ion Audio Plunge Max has full-range dual drivers which use the powers of the rear-firing bass radiators driven by a 20-watt dynamic power amplifier. It also comes with a 3.5mm aux cable to use with your devices and a USB port for charging.

The Ion Audio Plunge Max gives you incredible water-resistant qualities. It is fully submersible in water with an IPX7 rating. Moreover, it uses its rugged design to resist any powerful blows it may face and still persevere.

The Ion Audio Plunge Max also allows you to use its microphone to answer phone calls from your phone. As the Ion Audio Plunge Max is a Bluetooth speaker and connects wirelessly to your device. Moreover, you can voice command your Assistant on your phone to turn it on via your Ion Audio Plunge Max.

The Ion Audio Plunge Max also has a long-lasting battery that can last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Features and Benefits


The Ion Audio Plunge Max has an IPX7 rating making the Plunge Max an incredible water-resistant speaker. It can float in water and is even fully submersible. 

20 Watts Power

The Ion Audio Plunger Max comes with 20 Watts of Peak power which enables the Plunge Max to give a powerful performance with tunes that are loud and crisp.


The Ion Audio Plunge Max has two 3.5” full-range drivers that are coupled with a bass-radiator and are driven by a 20-watt dynamic power amplifier. This gives the Ion Audio Plunge Max an impressive low-end kick.

Bluetooth Compatible

The Ion Audio Plunge Max is a Bluetooth compatible speaker with any device that is enabled with it. The Plunge Max lets you answer a phone call. It also comes with a 3 5mm aux input cable for any device that is non-compatible.

Easy to Use

The Ion Audio Plunge Max easily connects to the Bluetooth in your phone or any other enabled device. The Plunge Max has straightforward controls like Play/Pause and Next/Previous Track buttons. Moreover, it allows you to activate the assistant in your phone or device through itself. 

Rechargeable Battery

The Ion Audio Plunge Max has its own AC powered battery which lasts about 20 hours. This allows you to blast tunes in your Ion Audio Plunge Max for a long 20 hours non-stop without worrying when to charge it.

Built-in Microphone

The Ion Audio Plunge Max has a built-in microphone for you to easily answer phone calls on your phone without having to handle your device. It also lets you give commands to your assistant on your phone or device.

USB Charging 

The Ion Audio Plunge Max has a USB Port for you to charge easily. This USB port is quite useful.

Rugged and Rubberized Design

The Ion Audio Plunge Max is famous for its durability due to a rugged rubberized design. With a rugged rubberized design, the speaker does not damage easily.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

The G-Zip by G-Project is an amazing line-in wired device. With retractable cable and rechargeable battery along with a small easy to carry size at a low price, it is very handy. It has great reviews on Amazon where you can have it ordered from.

The reviews on Amazon involve 79% 5 stars and 4 stars. Some of the 5 stars reviews involve the following:

Ion plunger - social proof
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More Recommendations!

#1: Best Waterproof Speaker - Asimom 28W Portable Speakers Review

This product plays tunes without charge for a long time. It is one of the best resistant speakers with powerful music due to 28 watts of power delivered by two drivers which deliver exceptional sound quality. It is water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, snow-proof, and rain-proof.

With the latest version of Bluetooth, it can connect to your phone or device up to 66ft. This device supports Aux-input, TF card, and has a microphone. It has captivating flashing lights that add zest to your music. 

Features of Asimom 28W Portable Speakers 

  • 5.0 Bluetooth Version
  • 12 hours life
  • Dual full-range drivers
  • Two subwoofers
  • 28 Watt Peak power
  • IPX7 rating
  • Flashing lights
  • Microphone
  • TF Card and Aux-in compatible
  • Rubberized surface

Best Waterproof Speaker

The Asimom 28W speakers are truly the best waterproof speakers they allow playing music and connecting to your phone or device up to 66ft away.

#2: Best Loudspeaker - Sony SRS-XB33 Extra Bass Wireless Speaker Review

This Bluetooth device plays music extra booming by syncing up to 100 speakers. It gives you extra bass to work with. This device is water-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, shock-proof, and will give you a long battery without requiring a charge. 

Coupled with a lasting battery, the X-balanced unit enhances power and audio. It has two light strips that give a multi-colored performance adding a funky feature to the tunes. Its Bluetooth easily pairs with your phone or any other device.

Features of Sony SRS-XB33 Extra Bass Wireless Speaker

  • IP67 rating
  • 24 hours battery 
  • X-Balanced nit
  • 2 LED lights
  • 20-20kHz Frequency range

Best Loudspeaker

The best loudspeaker to the Ion Audio Plunge Max is Sony SRS-XB33 wireless speaker because of its loud sound. Besides, it gives a lasting battery without requiring a charge and delivers weatherproof durable qualities.

Guide to Buy

Ion Plunge Speaker

What is an ion speaker?

These are Bluetooth speakers, by the Ion company, with great audio effects and other exceptional qualities. The Audio Plunge Max is an example of a speaker that is both great in terms of audio performance as well as sturdiness. 

Are ion speakers any good?

These are great wireless speakers that connect easily, have good audio, plenty of volume, water-proof, last long without having to charge, and even have microphones to answer calls.

How do I connect my ion speakers to my TV?

Connect an audio cable or optical digital cable to the audio output jack on your television and connect the other end of your ion speaker. Moreover, you can connect wirelessly by configuring your tv with your Audio Plunge Max.

Are ion speakers waterproof?

These speakers like the Ion Audio Plunge Max have water-proof ratings and can float or are completely submersible.

How can I make my ion speaker louder?

You need to download an Equalizer app on your phone and go to settings. Select music and then EQ. Then choose bass booster.

Wrapping Things Up

This concludes our article for the Ion Audio Plunge Max and hopefully, we have informed you about all its characteristics properly. The Ion Audio Plunge Max is quite an impressive speaker with amazing durable functions. The Ion Audio Plunge Max is definitely the way to go and if not, you can look for alternatives provided above as well.


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