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    Before you buy any gadget, it is important to ask the right questions such as what is Ion Audio Pathfinder? What are its features? Is it worth the money? What are its benefits and shortcomings? Is Ion one of the trustable brands?

    Fortunately, we have just the article for you. With this Ion Audio Pathfinder speaker review, you will be able to find all the information you have been looking for.

    Let’s take a thorough look at our top picks.

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    Ion Pathfinder II Bluetooth Speaker

    Using the Ion Pathfinder will be a dream come true with supplying you with 100 watts of power and portability all in one.

    Alternate #1 – Acoustic Audio by Goldwood

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    These speakers give a powerful performance as well as a ton of features that you won’t be able to find anywhere else at such a low price.

    Alternate #2 – AmazonBasics Party Speaker

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    The AmazonBasics Party Speaker is an incredible unit with performance to be remembered and offers a lot in an affordable amount.

    Quick Summary of the Main Product

    One of the many amazing outdoor products by Ion Audio is the Ion Audio Pathfinder which gives you more power at a low price. This company is one of the most popular brands for speakers. It does not only has 100+ hours of battery life, but it also has a handle and wheels for outdoor transportability. It has 100 watts of peak power so imagine the great performance.

    Moreover, this is a Bluetooth speaker as well for wireless compatibility. These aren’t the only great features it has. This unit has a microphone included and FM/AM radio. This outdoor speaker is built like a suitcase. This is an all-weather portable speaker for you to have a good time and not worry about your outdoor speaker.

    It is made portable with a handle and wheels to suit outdoor activities. The pathfinder has excessive power for a loud volume for you to use at pool parties and many more outdoor activities. You can even get a 90-day warranty on Amazon.

    Features and Benefits

    Bluetooth compatible

    It is Bluetooth compatible. You can get a wireless connection for your wireless integrated devices and not worry about connections.

    USB port

    It has a USB port specifically for charging your phone. As it is long-lasting itself, it can charge your device as well by the USB port. 

    100 Hour Battery Life

    This unit gives you 100 hours of non-stop music and jamming.

    Am/FM Radio

    Don’t have a device to connect it with? Don’t worry, this unit will give you AM and FM radio so that you can listen to music anytime.


    This unit is perfect for outdoor adventures as it is not only portable but also all-weather resistant. It is water-proof and resists any weather you put it in, so you can enjoy a worry-free awesome time.

    Pros and Cons

    Social Proof

    The G-Zip by G-Project is an amazing line-in wired device. With retractable cable and rechargeable battery along with a small easy to carry size at a low price, it is very handy. It has great reviews on Amazon where you can have it ordered from.

    The reviews on Amazon involve 79% 5 stars and 4 stars. Some of the 5 stars reviews involve the following:

    Ion Pathfinder - social proof 1
    Ion Pathfinder - social proof 2

    More Recommendations!

    #1: Best Convenient to Use Speaker - Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Speaker Review

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    With a 1000 watt amp power integration, these speakers will give you a powerful loud quality performance. This is a Bluetooth speaker and all your need to do is connect your device to it and enjoy your tunes endlessly.

    This is not a wireless speaker and requires a 110V output plus which means it does not have a battery and requires no charge for non-stop playing. You can use it for tailgating, PA, DJ, karaoke, live stage, and parties. It comes with a microphone and cable. 

    Besides, it also features a remote for SD and USB player controls. It comes with a 3.5mm aux input as well as a band slide graphic equalizer. The list of specifications is infinite. It has wheels, handles, and an adjustable pole for portable reasons and easy setup.

    Features of Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Speaker

    • 1000 watts amp power
    • Built-in Bluetooth receiver 
    • LED woofer flashing light display
    • FM tuner
    • USB or SD player with controls
    • MP3 remote
    • RCA
    • Two ¼ inch mic
    • 3.5mm aux input
    • 5 band slide graphic equalizer
    • Deluxe 15” woofer
    • Two inches tweeter
    • 20-20kHz frequency range
    • 102 dB
    • Speaker stand

    Best Convenient to Use Speaker

    The Acoustic Audio by Goldwood is the best convenient to use speaker because of its incredible specifications that allow it to perform for hours. 

    #2: Best Speaker for Parties - AmazonBasics Party Speaker Review

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    Last but not least, the Amazon basics party speaker is shaped like a rectangle and connects up to 10 meters. It comes with a 3.5mm aux input for wired connections with devices. It has dual 3-watt internal speakers for a louder and even better experience. 

    The Amazon warranty and returns policy includes a refund and return within 30 days of purchase. So, if you receive a faulty piece of equipment you can easily return and get a full refund with its warranty policy. 

    A great performance with power is not the only thing that is promised. It can survive up to 12 hours without having to charge so the party is non-stop. Moreover, it has a built-in microphone to answer your calls.

    Features of Amazon Basics Party Speaker

    • Wireless 40W speaker
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • 3.5mm input for wired connectivity
    • Built-in rechargeable lead-acid battery
    • 12 hours of continuous playback
    • Carrying handle included

    Best Speaker for Parties

    The AmazonBasics Party Speaker is best for your parties because it is an incredible unit with performance to be remembered and offers a lot in an affordable amount.

    Guide to Buy

    ion pathfinder

    Is Ion a good speaker brand?

    Ion is an incredible speaker brand as they add a ton of cool features to their speakers including microphones, radio options, high wattage, Bluetooth connections, wired connections, lasting batteries and a lot more.

    Can you link ion Pathfinder speakers?

    The charger of a pathfinder can wirelessly be linked to another charger for you to playback in stereo.

    How do I charge my ion speaker?

    Charge your speaker with the included power adapter while it is turned off.

    What’s the best ion speaker?

    All the ion speakers are great with exceptional features like no other. But, to name the best that would be the Ion Pathfinder.

    Can you connect two ion speakers together?

    You can connect two speakers together wirelessly by linking their chargers for playback in stereo.

    How do you reset an ion speaker?

    Click and hold the play/pause button for a few seconds and you will hear a bell go off.

    Wrapping Things Up

    With that, we end our article for the Ion Audio Pathfinder and our top alternative speakers that you may want to consider. This article will hopefully answer most of your questions.

    From loud, clear, crisp sound to portable qualities, microphone, FM/AM Radio, changing lights, weather-proof, and much more, this device has everything you need for a party.