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    You will agree with us when we say that iHome produces a variety of high-quality speakers with great durability and high-performing hardware. Their products are designed to withstand all sorts of external factors. Durability and performance are the iHome’s area of expertise.

    Because of this reason, we have decided to review a weather tough Bluetooth speaker from iHome to check if it fairs well as a product or not.

    In this article, we will discuss the main features of the iHome speakers along with some viable alternatives available in the market.

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    iHome iBT37

    A sturdy speaker paired with high-performing hardware, it can produce a wide variety of sound effects. It can be used as an indoor and an outdoor speaker.

    Alternate #1 : iHome iBT71

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    A compact speaker that has a power-house inside it, it can generate audio with consistency. You can carry it anywhere with you.

    Alternate #2 : LEZII BT525

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    An all-rounder in performance, it can survive all sorts of outdoor conditions. The battery life can give you multiple hours of music playback time.

    Quick Summary of the Main Product

    The speakers from iHome are made from high-quality materials which allows them to be extremely durable and sturdy. We found the same to be about the iHome iBT37. The exterior body of this speaker is made from a combination of PVC materials which enable it to be near indestructible and resistant to weather conditions like rain showers and UV lights. Furthermore, the exterior casing is also lined with rubber to protect from fall and shock damage.

    We must also mention that it has a high-consistent rechargeable battery inside it. It can give you a solid 8 hours of non-stop music playback time after being fully charged. The battery life doesn’t drop even after months of regular use. It is a Lithium-ion battery which allows it to perform longer. 

    The front side of the speakers is lined with color-changing lights. You can set it to a different color pulse to music and preset to different built-in modes. You can also set it on your favorite color pulse or a combination of 6 different colors. This speakerphone with digital app allows you to control the modes right from your phone while you play music along with it..

    Features and Benefits

    • Bluetooth Connectivity

    The iHome iBT37 comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 version. It allows you to connect your smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs with it. You can easily connect by just pressing a single button on your speaker.

    We tested this speaker’s Bluetooth range and found that it gives a stable and strong connection with 25 meters of range. You can easily play music within this range without any distortion. Furthermore, it didn’t show us any signs of disconnection.

    You can easily connect your Android and iOS devices and get a seamless connection. There is no audio delay between your device and your speakers. It also enables you to move freely with your device without worrying about losing any performance in audio.

    • Build Quality

    Thi speaker from iHome is made from a combination of rubber and PVC materials. The internal structure is reinforced and the hardware is held in place with the help of PVC materials while the exterior is covered with rubber to protect from any fall damage.

    We put this speaker to use and found that the external rubber is highly resistant and tough against fall and shock damage. We found no signs of damage on the exterior casing or the internal hardware.

    The PVC materials provide vast amounts of protection for the sensitive Bluetooth and speaker hardware inside. It keeps your speaker hardware from dislocating and also protects your speakers from any sort of internal vibrations.

    • Audio Quality

    This portable speaker is equipped with a highly-performing piece of hardware. It can produce organic and deeper-sounding music effects with minimum effort. The speakers also have great power-handling and do not overheat even after extended use.

    We put this speaker under multiple tests of extended periods of use and found that the speakers performed flawlessly. They didn’t show us any signs of performance drop or distortion even after 8 hours of non-stop use.

    You can use this speaker free of any worry that it might damage the internal hardware or stop producing high-quality sounds. The audio quality remains consistent on all volumes and enhances your listening experience as a whole.

    • Input Options

    Besides the Bluetooth connection, this speaker comes with AUX and Micro USB ports. The AUX port allows you to connect your Bluetooth device wirelessly to get better sound quality while conserving the battery life of your speakers.

    The USB charging port allows you to connect a USB 2.0 charging cable with your speakers. It is also waterproof and is covered with a protective rubber pad. The USB charging port is also made to discharge and residual charge present in the speakers.

    We put this speaker’s AUX port to use and tested it on different volume levels. We found that the AUX port handled the signal efficiently and didn’t drop the audio performance. Additionally, it boosted the signals and increased the clarity of sound effects.

    • Weather-Resistance

    Another great feature this speaker has is its weather-resistant abilities. It has an IP67 waterproof rating which enables it to be completely waterproof. The front side of the speaker is also covered with a protective mesh that makes the speaker dustproof.

    We tested this speaker under multiple weather conditions like light/heavy rain and used it for an extended time in sunlight. We concluded that these speakers are highly-resistant to external weather conditions.

    We also noticed that it didn’t lose any quality of its paint job. The exterior color of this iHome weather tough speaker did not fade at all. Furthermore, the speaker easily withstood the rain impact and didn’t let a single droplet of water inside the speakers.

    Pros and Cons

    Social Proof

    The iHome iBT37 Bluetooth speaker has performed quite well for us. But to get a better view of our opinion, we decided to explore the online reviews from people who bought this product. The majority of the reviews gave this Bluetooth speaker a solid 5-stars rating. Only a handful of people were critical regarding the one thing, the unavailability of a carry strap. A lot of the customers praised the speaker for its color pulse to music feature in the accent lighting.

    On closer inspection, we noticed that many of the reviews were from people who have been using this speaker for a long time. They have been consistently updating their experience with this Bluetooth-enabled device. Furthermore, they mentioned the convenience of a speakerphone with digital apps to control the accent lighting according to your mode. They said that this feature made the iBT37 a great addition as their side table speaker as well.

    A customer was quick to point out the availability of control buttons. The customer stated that it made it very convenient for them to control the volume and the order of tracks. Another customer also mentioned the multiple input features. They praised the utility and versatility of the speakers as a whole because of this one reason. Some of the customers also shared their experience with the Bluetooth feature saying that it held up quite well even on long ranges.

    More Recommendations!

    #1: Best Portable Alternative to iHome iBT37 Speaker - iHome iBT71 Review

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    This little speaker came to our attention because of its compact and high-portable design. It can easily fit the palm of your hand enabling you to carry it anywhere with you.

    Furthermore, this product features a carry strap. The strap is designed to be extremely tough and can easily wrap around your wrist.

    We tested this speaker against different weather conditions and found that it was completely waterproof. The speaker has an IP67 waterproof rating to ensure nothing gets inside it.

    This product also features color-changing accent lighting. You can set the lighting mode of this Bluetooth speaker to 6 different settings.

    Features of iHome iBT71

    • Highly portable
    • Easy to handle
    • Great sound hardware
    • Good wireless Bluetooth range
    • Volume control buttons

    Best Portable Alternative Speaker

    The Best Portable Alternative Speaker is the iHome iBT71 because it features all the good features of the iHome iBT37 but in a smaller size. You can easily carry it with you on your outdoor adventures. It also allows you to set the LEDs to your favorite color.

    #2: Best Budget Alternative to iHome iBT37 Speaker - LEZII BT525 Review

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    This Bluetooth speaker is packed with everything a speaker needs and it also comes at a fair price. You can get high-performing hardware and a sturdy exterior at a cheap price.

    This product is equipped with a pair of stereo speakers inside. Because of this reason, the output you get to hear seems 3D and is highly organic.

    Furthermore, this speaker allows you to connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices quite conveniently. It also has AUX and FM Radio features for your utility.

    We passed this product under multiple quality tests and came to the conclusion the exterior casing is highly-durable and tough against rain showers. It showed us no signs of damage.

    Features of LEZII BT525

    • Highly portable
    • Easy to use
    • Weather-resistant exterior
    • Great speaker quality
    • Built-in rechargeable battery

    Best Budget Alternative Speaker

    The Best Budget Alternative Speaker is the LEZII BT525. It has a pair of stereo speakers enclosed inside a highly-durable casing. Additionally, it comes with multiple input options that allow you to connect your devices as you like. It also has a portable hook for your convenience.


    Guide to Buy

    • Sound quality

    The sound quality of a speaker matters a lot when it is supposed to be used as an outdoor speaker. We recommend that you purchase a pair of wireless speakers that has high-performing hardware inside them. This way you will get to hear every single detail in your output. We also recommend getting a product that is good against overheating. It will protect your speakers from short-circuiting over extended periods of use.

    • Price

    The price of a speaker directly contributes to many things. It includes the quality of sound, materials, and hardware along with the aesthetics. Although, we recommend buying a product which ensures that you get all the aforementioned things. We also recommend that you look out for a speaker that provides you with great sound quality at a fair price instead of just focusing on the exterior design and aesthetics.

    • Battery Life

    The battery inside a speaker ensures that you get to experience your speaker’s performance at an optimum level. We recommend getting a product that has a battery life of about 6-8 hours. This way you can get the most out of your speakers in an outdoor setting and worrying less about charging them. We also recommend getting a speaker with a Lithium-Ion battery for consistency even after months of regular use.

    Wrapping Things Up

    This brings us to the finish line of our review on the iHome Weather Tough Bluetooth Speaker. We must admit that our experience with this Bluetooth speaker has been great and fulfilling. It has organic and authentic sound-quality which is paired with a highly-durable all-weather resistant casing. It can perform consistently on all volume levels without distorting or disturbing the audio output. It also comes with accent lighting to enhance your mood and the overall look of the speakers.