Ihome Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker Review – Detailed Overview, Tips & More

You will agree with us when we say that iHome is a new yet versatile Bluetooth speaker manufacturer. Their products are developed with high-quality materials to match the competition in the market.

To check how their speakers perform over time, we have decided to review a color-changing Bluetooth speaker from iHome.

In this post, we will discuss the features of iHome Bluetooth speakers in detail along with some important tips.

iHome iBTW750

Designed to be eye-catching, this speaker has built-in LED lights with multiple customization options. You will be pleased by the clarity of sound it can produce despite its small size.

Alternate #1 : SHAVA 7

Made to be highly portable, this speaker is compact in design. With its 360 degrees surround LED, you can even use this speaker as your side table lamp.

Alternate #2 : Asimom J6Q

This speaker is designed to be used as an indoor and outdoor speaker. A completely waterproof speaker with high-performance makes it a great fit for your outdoor parties.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, there is a huge variety in designs, features, performance, and durability. Speakers from iHome are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also maintaining the sound-quality at an optimum level. We observed that this speaker has different LED color-changing modes. It varies from slow pulse light to fast pulse light and has many different colors. You can choose to rotate between light colors or use a single light color of your liking.

This speaker also comes with a built-in battery. After using it for quite some time, we found out that the battery is highly-consistent and durable. It gave us stable battery life even after extended periods of use. Furthermore, the battery also maintains the sound output of this speaker. We found that the battery provided the speakers with the required power efficiently.

We must mention that this speaker also comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 version. It allows you to connect all the latest iOS and Android devices with ease. The connection is stable and consistent over long ranges. We also found out that this speaker comes with a wireless charging feature. You can place your smart device on top of the speaker and it will start charging.

Features and Benefits

  • LED Lights

The lights in these speakers are designed to work according to your mood. We noticed that these lights can be changed to a total of six different modes. You can set the lights on this device to slow mix, fast mix, slow pulse, fast pulse, single-color, and music pulse.

After trying and testing this speaker for an extended period, we found that the lights didn’t lose their brightness at all. They were as bright as a new pair even after months of regular use.

We should also mention that the lights in this iHome speaker are covered by a protective layer of plastic glass. It keeps the dust from getting in, making the lights dirty and foggy. Hence, it maintains the quality of light colors it produces. 

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality of these iHome Bluetooth speakers is quite organic and authentic. The music effects like bass and treble produced by it sound deeper. We should also mention that it maintains the quality of music effects on all volume levels.

We passed this speaker through multiple sound tests and found that the speakers upheld the consistency in its output. We also noticed that it especially performed well on high volumes and kept the sound from distorting.

You can use this speaker as long as you like with little to no drop in performance. The frequency response of the hardware enables this speaker to output sound for hours without any distortion. 

  • Battery

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the most important component is their battery. The iHome speaker is equipped with a heavy-duty battery that can perform up to 30 hours off a full charge.

We used this speaker on multiple battery levels and drained it multiple times to check if it still gives consistent battery life. We found that the rechargeable battery only dropped an hour of battery life after regular use on a full battery to zero.

We must also mention that the rechargeable battery maintains the quality of sound produced by these speakers. You get a seamless stream of audio output due to the consistent power from the battery.

  • Connectivity

The iHome iBTW750 speaker comes with the latest Bluetooth version. It has Bluetooth 4.0 installed inside. It is designed to connect your smart devices like iOS and Android phones easily without any hiccups.

We tested the Bluetooth range and signal strength under multiple conditions. We found that the signal strength was stable up to 20 meters. Inside this range, the speakers showed us no signs of distortion or disconnection.

We should also mention that it can connect more than one device at a time. You can connect multiple devices and queue your music. This saves you the trouble of disconnecting and connecting your devices all the time.

  • Build Quality

The overall build of this Bluetooth wireless speaker is designed to be resistant to fall and shock damages. We didn’t find any external or internal damage after running it under multiple durability tests.

You can easily use this product as a table speaker without having to worry about it falling over and breaking down. Additionally, it protects the internal hardware from any unwanted vibrations and keeps the audio consistent for your listening experience.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

On a personal level, our experience with the iHome iBTW750 has been quite well. To get a better understanding regarding the performance of this product we decided to look into the online reviews. The majority of the customers gave it a solid 4 out of 5-stars. The customers praised the great sound in their reviews. Some of them also mentioned the quality of color-changing lights. They said in their reviews that it wasn’t too bright nor too dim.

Some of these reviews were from people who used this speaker for a long time. They have been updating their reviews regularly stating the performance of the speaker. Their reviews showed that the speakers didn’t drop in performance or the clarity of their sound output even after multiple months of regular use. 

Many people also praised the customer service and how it was helpful setting up their speakers. Some of the new customers were quick to mention the build quality in their reviews. They stated in their reviews that the exterior casing was made to be highly-durable and survived accidental falls and showed no signs of exterior damage.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Portable Alternative to iHome iBTW750 Speaker - SHAVA 7 Review

What brought this product to our attention is its portability. This small speaker is designed to be carried almost anywhere with you.

The color-changing lights equipped in the speaker are ambient and not too hard on the eyes. It provides ample light to be used as a side table lamp.

After using this speaker for quite some time, we found that the Bluetooth wireless speakers maintained their good sound quality. It didn’t show any signs of internal damage whatsoever.

Despite the highly-durable speaker hardware, this speaker tends to distort the audio output. We noticed multiple instances of distortion especially on high volumes. 

Features of SHAVA 7

  • Highly portable
  • Compact design
  • Color-changing lights
  • One press light control
  • Built-in microphone

Best Portable Alternative Speakers

The Best Portable Alternative Speakers are the SHAVA 7 because they are designed to be compact in size and very convenient to carry. The high-portability is paired with its ease of use by the one-touch light control buttons.

#2: Best Waterproof Alternative to iHome iBTW750 Speaker - Asimom J6Q Review

This product stood out for us because of its versatility in use. It can be used as an indoor table speaker and an outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

We tested this speaker around sources of water and found that it is completely waterproof. The overall build is designed to make sure not a single droplet of water gets in.

It has multiple color modes that you can customize to match your sound-output. The color modes can be set to dynamic, static, and pulsing variance.

Although this speaker is designed to survive external factors, it can only perform for a couple of hours. In its best condition, you can get a 6 hour non-stop playback time.

Features of Asimom J6Q

  • Completely waterproof
  • Eye-pleasing design
  • One-button color-changing modes
  • Great sound-quality
  • Multiple input options

Best Waterproof Alternative Speakers

The Best Waterproof Alternative Speakers are Asimom J6Q. This is because these speakers are designed to survive indoor and outdoor conditions alike. You can use these speakers for your pool parties due to their completely waterproof structure. The lights can be controlled by just pressing a single button.

reserved please 5 stars 4 customer love please

Guide to Buy

  • Material Quality

When it comes to a Bluetooth speaker, using a speaker made from durable and sturdy materials is highly recommended. It enables your speaker to resist any sort of internal or external damage. Therefore, lasting longer and keeping its performance consistent over months of regular use. We recommend that you purchase a speaker that is made from a mixture of strong PVC materials.

  • Audio Quality

The audio quality of a speaker is quite important for its overall performance. We would recommend buying a product that can produce high-quality sound over an extended period. This would not only enable you to get the most out of your speaker but also provide you with organic and authentic sound quality. It will also ensure that you get consistent music playback you play from your phone.

  • Price

The price factor of a speaker determines many things. It includes the build-quality, hardware quality, durability, and performance. A high-priced product will cost you a lot but it will ensure that you get the best of everything. We recommend getting a speaker that is in the fair price range so that you get the best performance from your speaker while also saving some money. We also recommend getting a product that focuses on hardware performance rather than just aesthetics

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of your review on iHome Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker. The iBTW750 has left quite a good impression on us. The one-press light control paired with wireless charging expands the versatility of these speakers. Additionally, the exterior is made from stainless glass-panel which is dustproof so that your lights don’t get dusty. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery which can last up to 30 hours of non-stop music playback time. 


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