How to Watch Youtube on Samsung Gear VR – Detailed Tutorial with FAQs & More

Do you want to watch youtube on Samsung Gear VR?

Let us help you with that.

How to Watch YouTube on Samsung Gear VR?

  1. When using the Gear VR, please visit the store.
  2. Click on “Samsung Internet” from the list of apps.
  3. You can find Samsung internet in the library, select start.
  4. Start by selecting YouTube through Samsung Internet and watch some YouTube videos.

Stream 360 Videos from the Internet

Streaming is arguably the simplest way to watch 360-degree video on your Gear VR. There’s very little setup involved, other than installing the right apps, registering for an account, and entering queries into the search bar.

Here’s an overview of some of the best streaming video, TV, movies, and gaming apps for Samsung’s GearVR headset.

How to Watch Facebook 360 Videos on a Gear VR?

Facebook was one of the early internet titans to jump onto the VR bandwagon, and the company’s investments have been paying off so far — as of July 2017 Facebook had more than 1 million videos available for viewing through its VR platform.

It then launched new tools to improve the viewing experience, which include live streaming, a tool called Heatmap for analyzing viewer engagement, and a guided tour mode that allows creators to direct viewers to the most engaging parts of their videos.

One advantage Facebook has over YouTube is its ability to play 360 videos on the Gear VR. Facebook recently released an app called Facebook 360 which lets people watch 360 videos from their friends and family. It includes search, discovers, and share features to help get you going.

Facebook has more than just videos — it claims there are more than 25 million 360-degree images across its network, plus an optimized news feed and 360-degree content viewer.

Here’s how to get started with Facebook 360 on the Gear VR:

  • Go to the Oculus store and search for “Facebook 360” without quotes. Install it.
  • After the Facebook 360 app has finished installing, open it.

The Facebook 360 mobile application is divided into four main parts. You can switch between these parts by touching the screen with your finger.

  • Explore comprises Facebook‘s most popular 360 content (such as photos) and video ads from media companies.
  • You’ll see posts from your friends, pages you’re following, and people who’ve liked your page.
  • Saved contains 360 pieces of content you’ve saved from Facebook.
  • Timeline collects your 360-degree images and videos from the last 12 months.

You can use these sharing options when viewing a 360-degree video. They allow you to send the video to your friends and follow its creator.

How to Watch Vimeo 360 Videos on a Gear VR?

Vimeo has launched a new 360-degree video hosting service of its own, which competes with Facebook and YouTube.

With its powerful discovery tool, Vimeo offers an innovative way for viewers to discover new VR videos. However, perhaps its most unique feature is offline viewing: Viewers can save any VR video they watch on Vimeo to their phones so they can view them later without internet access.

To watch Vimeo 360 videos on the Gear VR, follow these steps:

  • On your Samsung phone go to the Google Play store and search for “Vimeo” without quotations. Then install it.
  • After the Vimeo application has finished installing, open it up and search for 360-degree videos using Vimeo’s built-in search tool.
  • After finding a 360-degree video on YouTube, select it. Tap the headset button in the mobile player.

Whether you’re heading out for a long road trip or simply sick of having to rely on spotty Wi-Fi connections, Vimeo’s Offline 360 allows you to enjoy Gear VR-optimised content without an internet connection — here’s how to get started.

  • Open the Vimeo app on your Samsung device and go into its settings.
  • If you want to download videos from Vimeo, enable Allow HD Downloads. However, if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you may need to disable downloading via Wi-Fi.
  • If you want to save 360-degree videos from Vimeo, use its search tool to find them. Then, when you see one you’d prefer to download, click the three dots (…) button next to the title and choose “Make available offline.”
  • Or, if you’re already viewing a particular 360-degree clip, press the down arrow in the viewer window.
  • Once the download completes, you’ll see it in the Offline tab of your library.
How to Watch Local 360 Content on a Gear VR?

How to Watch Local 360 Content on a Gear VR?

You don’t need to stream 360-degree video files from the internet to watch them on your Gear VR.

The Oculus Video application is a good starting point for viewing 360° content. It can play most formats, including HD 2D movies and 3D content.

To watch movies on the Gear VR using Oculus Video, follow these steps:

  • If you’re using an Android device, connect it to your computer via microSD card slot or USB-C port. Then enable file access.
  • If you don’t already have one, create a 3D movies directory on your phone.
  • Move the 3D videos you’ve downloaded from your computer to /oculus/videos/3D.

For videos with a 360° view, the steps are slightly differ­ent.

  • Instead of copying the movie to /oculus/videos/, look for the “Video 360°” (without quotes), then place the file there.

If your video contains both 3D and 360° FOV, then there’s an extra set of steps.

  • If you’re using an over/under video format, rename the file so that it has an underscore (_) at the end of its filename (example: mymovie_TB).
  • If you want to create a video for YouTube in an SBS format, rename the file so that it has the suffix _LR at the end of its filename. Example: mymovie_LR_1080p.mp4

Once the transfer has finished, remove your smartphone from its case and plug it into the Gear VR. Put on the headset.

  • From the Oculus Home menu, select Library > > Installed.
  • Select Oculus Video, then start.
  • Click on “My Videos” from the list of categories to view your videos.
  • Choose a video.

It’s pretty straightforward to use the Gear VR’s touchpad to pause, rewind, and skip through the different clips in a playlist. If you want to watch another clip, just tap the square button.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind waiting for a few seconds, the next clip will start playing automatically.


Samsung’s Gear VR headset is a great way to explore virtual reality. With a wide range of compatible apps, it’s easy to immerse yourself in games, films, music, and even 360-degree photos.

However, while the Gear VR is a great way to try out VR, it isn’t perfect. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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