How to Watch VR Movies on PS4 – Quick and Easy Guide with FAQs & More

People often ask, how to watch VR movies on ps4?

Let’s find out!

How to Watch VR Movies on PS4?

Here are some simple steps to watch VR movies on PS4.

  1. Download and install the latest version of VLC Player for PC or Mac.
  2. Connect your PS4 with an HDMI cable to your TV set.
  3. Open VLC Player and click the “Playlist” button in the upper left corner.
  4. Click the “Add…” button to add files from your hard drive.
  5. Select the file you want to play and press “Open”.
  6. Enjoy watching VR movies on PS4.
How to Set Up PSVR Cinematic Mode?

How to Set Up PSVR Cinematic Mode?

It’s very easy to set up. All you need to do is power on the console, connect the headset, and you’ll see the PlayStation 4 interface through the visor. However, there are some settings that must be tweaked before using the device.

With the Cinematic Mode, you can watch virtual reality movies on 3 different screen size options: Small (117 inches), Medium (163 inches), and Large (226 inches).

You can choose between Cinematic mode and Gameplay mode by navigating to Settings > Device Options > PS4 Camera > Cinematic mode.

In this day and age, the biggest problem people face is choosing between a good product and a great product.

You can choose between a bad product and a mediocre product, but you cannot choose between a mediocre product and a great product! So if you’re looking for a great product, make sure you go for the best one out there.

What kinds of VR content can you watch on PlayStation VR?

Sony has released several updates for its PlayStation 4 media player since the launch, so you can now watch videos in formats including MKV, AVI (AVI), MP4, MPEG2PS, MPEG2TS, AVCHD, JPG, BMP, and PNG files through the console’s media player.

At first, the headset didn’t support playing 3D Blu-Ray discs, but Sony fixed this problem by releasing a new firmware update for the PS4 console.

With the PS4.50 patch, some significant changes were made, one of them being the introduction of Cinematic Mode, which lets you watch 3D Blu-Ray movies without having to use any external devices.

It’s also worth pointing out that the update brings a 120Hz refresh rate to the small and medium screens, which results in smoother images. This makes watching PSVR 3D videos feel less nauseating. Seriously, a lot more than expected are affected by this!

If you want to watch movies stored on your PS4, you’ll need to either connect them to a computer using a USB cable or copy them onto a storage device (such as an SD card). However, copying directly from the console isn’t currently supported.

On one hand, we shouldn’t forget about streaming video sites like Hulu or Vimeo. They offer dedicated apps for PSVR users, letting them watch curated PlayStation VR videos.

Which PlayStation VR 3D movies are Worth Checking out?

Since you can watch almost any 3D movie available for purchase on Blu-ray, it’s obvious that there are plenty of movies out there that aren’t worth watching.

However, since we’re here to help each other, I’ve decided to give you some tips on which ones are worth your attention.

After watching several lists, we decided upon some titles which were enjoyable to watch using a PS VR headset.

It didn’t matter whether you had seen these movies before on your TV screen because the experience was entirely different.


It was released a hundred years ago, but it was among the first major 3D films, showing that this type of film is here to stay.

You get bonus marks for the stereoscopic design which is thoroughly nuanced, meaning your eyes won’t hurt when watching it for a long time.

A Very 3D Harold and Kumar Christmas

A different movie was released a few years before this article was written, but still worth watching if you’re interested in VR headsets. It has some vulgar jokes, though.

Tron: Legacy

It may be inferior to the original, but this film is an example of cutting-edge 3D technology. Enjoying it in virtual reality is truly an amazing experience.

Here are some of my favorites from among the hundreds of titles available. You may be able to find even more if you look at Lifewire’s collection of 3D Blu-ray movies.

What’s the Difference Between VR and AR?

Here’s what you should know.

Virtual Reality involves wearing a headset to experience a simulated environment. Everything you see in a VR world will be computer-created. Popular VR headsets include the HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

Augmented Reality lets you view the real-life environment, but augmentation (or adding on) computer-generated images.

It’s going to mean that you’ll be able to look at computer images overlaid onto the real-life view.For example, if you’re wearing glasses that display directions for where you need to go, you could use them to help you navigate roads.

Popular AR headsets include the Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass.


We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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