How to Watch NBA VR – A Detailed Guide

People often ask, how to watch NBA VR?

Let’s find out!

How to Watch NBA VR?

The first thing you need is a virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

You can also use your smartphone and play the game on it.

If you don’t have any of them, you can still enjoy watching the games with friends.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Open the app and select “NBARVR” in the search bar.
  3. Select “NBA2K18”.
  4. Click “Play Now”.
  5. Enjoy the games.

What is VR Used For?

There are many uses for virtual reality headsets. Some of these include:

  • Product Showcasing
  • Training Military Personnel
  • Industrial Training
  • Widely Used in The Educational Field
  • Medical Training
  • Homemade Immersive Content Consumption
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Sports Gaming
  • Entertainment

Why Is It Important To Have A Virtual Reality Headset?

Two main reasons why having a VR headset is important include:

  1. First, it lets you experience something that wouldn’t be possible without one.
  2. Secondly, it makes things more real by making you believe that you’re really there.
VR Headsets to Watch the NBA

VR Headsets to Watch the NBA

There is no lack of virtual reality headsets in today’s market. From multi-thousands of dollars headsets to low-cost media-centric VR headsets for under $200, the consumer market is booming right now!

There are different types of headphones, and watching a sporting event through them isn’t always the same experience.

Here, we will list out each headset that has an access to the NextVR application, which offers live streams of NBA basketball matches.

  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive and Vive Pro
  • Vive Cosmos
  • Oculus Rift and Rift S
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Go
  • All Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
  • All phone-based mobile VR headsets (Google Daydream &Gear VR type of headsets)
  • Any SteamVR-compatible VR headset

You can see above that there’s no shortage of VR headsets to watch NBA games on. However, knowing which one to choose can be a bit trickier.

If you’re looking at a headset that will be used primarily for watching television and live events, you’ll be directed toward the Oculus Go.

The Oculus Go is an excellent VR device, but it doesn’t offer the highest quality experience when compared to its competitors. It has a lower screen resolution than most headsets, and its frame rate is not quite up to par.

In this paragraph, we will list the best headsets we’ve used for an enjoyable NBA VR experience. Each headset is immersive, but there are different levels to this.

1. Valve Index

The Valve Index is one of the best consumer headsets available today. It doesn’t offer the same level of freedom as the Oculus Quest, however, its graphics, frame rate, and immersive sound give you an amazing VR experience that you won’t quickly forget.

From every angle, NextVR makes sure that the game looks crystal clear and crisp.

You’ll hear each announcer clearly because they’re powered by your computer. And since your computer powers the headset, you won’t run out of batteries during the game either.

It’s the best headset in the market for gamers, and it’s the best VR technology to enjoy watching games with.

2. Oculus Go

If you want high-quality gaming experiences, spend the extra money and get the Valve Index. Otherwise, if you’re looking for low-priced entertainment, save up some dough and buy the Go.

It’s not a game console, but it’s a VR headset for watching movies and playing games. The speakers aren’t perfect, the resolution isn’t perfect, and the computing performance isn’t anything special.

With the Go, you’ll get a set of headphones that let you watch live sports, game replays, or highlight shows whenever you want.

3. Oculus Quest

The Quest is going to be rounding out the top three because of its ability to play almost any game.

NBA teams are slowly starting to learn to communicate better with their fan base and having a standalone VR device that can play almost any game is important.

The image clarity is a huge improvement over the Go, and the sound is better than the original Vive.

The NBA is only going to become more technologically advanced, and having a high-end VR headset ready for that makes sense.

If you want to be successful at the Quest for the Top 3, potentially plays a big role.

What NBA Games Can I Watch in VR?

Some video game genres aren’t meant to be played within virtual realities; some video game genres aren’t created equally.

Most people don’t want to watch a football match between the two worst teams in the NFL.

There’s a reason why those kinds of games aren’t broadcasted nationally. At least one team in every game has had a good season so far.

The schedule was created long before the start of the year, and rarely there are bad teams that were expected to be better than they actually turned out to be.

Obviously, injuries played a role in Steph Curry’s injury, but all of the games scheduled for broadcast will have a high-quality viewing experi­ence.

These are all regular-season NBA basketball game broadcasts. Most of these aren’t televised so you’ll need to use League Pass to see them.

There is currently no word on whether or not the NBA All-Star Game will be available in virtual reality. If you’re looking for some fun during the All-Star break, then watching the game in virtual reality could be an awesome experience.

The NBA Finals consistently draw huge audiences, so including VR capabilities would be fantastic. However, we don’t know if any of these games will include VR features.


We hope this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.



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