How to Use VRBox – Complete Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

Are you wondering how to use a VR box?

Read on to find out.

How to Use VR Box?

  • Open YouTube and search “3D VR”.
  • Choose a video
  • Put your phone into the VR box
  • Put this inside the VR box.
  • Put on the headset
  • Adjust the lens until the image appears sharp.

VR Box

Recently we got our hands on the VRBox, which is a virtual reality (VR) head­set with Bluetooth remote control.


  • Cheap price
  • Lots of optical adjustments
  • Face cushions
  • Holds phone firmly so it does
  • Includes a small game controller
  • A premium quality cleaning cloth
  • Removable USB port
  • Strongly built


  • Your nose doesn’t have enough room for the nostrils.
  • It’s hard removing the camera panel.
  • My 5 inch Nexus phone has slight borders.
  • A good size for most people is between 5.5–6 inches.


The VR Box comes only in black but has a white stormtrooper plastic front panel.


On both sides and at the top is a stretchy band that fits snugly around your skull. You can easily tighten it up if needed.

Removable Panel

One of the features of the VR Box is its ability to be used with a smartphone without removing the headset. This makes it easy for people to take photos and videos while wearing the headset.

Optical Adjuster

The optical adjusters on the top work well. You have the choice to move each lens individually forward, back, left, and right so you can get the best focusing.


The shape of the earbud makes it easy for them to catch at an awkward angle when inserted, which causes them to stop working properly. It takes some practice to get accustomed to the weird angle they need to be inserted into.


The sponge padding around the rim of the box is very soft and feels very comfortable. It’s a bit thicker than it appears in the picture.

When you put on the VR Box for the first few times, you may notice that the plastic band digs into the back of your skull. To solve this problem, you can bend the band into a slightly curved shape.

Setting up & Testing the VR Box

It comes pre-assembled in an unassuming cardboard box with the bare necessities for setting up your first VR experience.

The VR Box creates an illusion of one 3D picture or video by using two separate cameras.

Inserting your Phone

To put your iPhone into its case, simply pull back the spring mechanism at the bottom of the case and slide your iPhone inside. It takes just a few seconds to get used to the feel of the case.

After your phone is secured, insert the earbud into the headset.

According to official specifications, the VR Box can fit smartphones between 4.7 -6 inches. It has a slight curve so you might be able to get a smartphone in there if it’s smaller than 5.5 inches.

HD Screen

If your phone has a full high-definition (HD) screen, then definitely check out Full HD VR content because anything lower than that can appear a bit blurry when viewed in VR.

What’s in the Box?

  • VR Box headset
  • Instruction guide
  • 3 x sticky rubber sponge pads
  • lens cleaning cloth
  • Mystery sachet
  • Strange plastic key
  • Bluetooth game controller
  • game controller instructions.

VR Games & Apps

If you want to get a good VR experience, then you’re better off searching for VR apps on the Google Play Store. However, there aren’t too many available at the moment.

There aren’t any easy ways to search for only VR games and apps, so finding the best ones requires some trial and error.

Insidious VR (free)

This is basically a trailer for the movie Insidious which allows you to explore the house in 3D.

Galaxy VR (free demo)

A space shooter game where you control a fighter ship from the cockpit.

Cardboard Camera by Google (free)

A collection of 360-degree images that you can view by rotating your phone.

Deep Space VR (free)

You control a spaceship flying through outer space by looking at your headset.

Star VR Racer (free)

A Tron-style platformer where you must avoid crashing as the speed increases.


You should always use a headset with the VR Box if you want an immersive VR gaming/experiencing environment. However, if you’re using a wired headset, ensure that the cable coming from your smartphone goes into the headset correctly.

Setting up the Game Controller

The sample we received comes with a small black controller which has orange controls. To connect the controller, select it from your Bluetooth settings menu.

It’s a good controller but because of its size and cost, don’t be expecting miracles. You can also play it with any compatible game, not just VR ones, though.

Build Quality

It’s a cheap VR head­set, so it’s not surprising that it’s built from plastic rather than metal. However, it feels sturdy enough and doesn’t feel too flimsy.

We noticed some slight drops in quality when using the lens adjuster rings.

The right lens adjusters were a bit harder to use than the left ones because they required a slightly different amount of force.

vr box

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the VR Box used for?

A virtual-realty headset (VR headset) is a type of computer hardware that allows people to experience simulated environments without leaving their physical location. They’re commonly used with virtual-realty games but they’re also used in other applications such as training simulations and medical procedures.

What is the VR Box?

If you want to get into VR without breaking the bank, the VR Box 2 is the best Google Cardboard alternative out there.

Don’t expect too much out of your headset; it’s not going to be perfect. But if you’re willing to put up with some minor imperfections, you’ll get your money back.

Does VR Box work with any phone?

The VR headset is compatible with all Android smartphones and iPhones measuring between 4.7 inches and 6.0 inches screens.


If you’re looking for your first VR headset or want to buy one as a gift, the Oculus Rift S is a good option.

With its four-way adjustable optics, the VR Headset is an excellent choice for watching movies and playing video game titles. It includes a built-in wireless remote control, which is a nice touch. And at $99, it’s a good value.

Ask any questions in the comment section below.


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