How to Use Utopia 360 VR – In-Depth guide with FAQs, Tips, Advice, & More

The VR world is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

With Utopia 360 VR, you get to explore a new world using just your smartphone. It works by projecting an image onto your mobile device’s display which creates the illusion of a 3D environment. So, if you’re looking for something portable, then this might be the right solution for you.

Unlike other VR headsets, this kind of headset is usually cheaper because you already have the smartphone ready.

Let’s find out how to use Utopia 360 VR headset.

How to Use Utopia 360 VR Headset?

  1. You should start out with a few simple applications before moving on to the more complex ones. This way, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the headset and the virtual reality environment without having to spend hours trying to figure out how to play your favorite games.

Additionally, if you’re starting out with a few basic applications, you won’t have to worry about calibration issues. Finally, if you’re choosing between a gaming application and one that allows you to view 360-degree videos, then the latter would probably be a better choice.

  1. Once downloaded, launch the app. Some applications won’t automatically switch into Split View VR mode. You might have to head to the application settings to enable this feature. It should look something like the image below:
  2. Remove the protective cover from the headset and place it inside the headset. Make sure to remove any smartphone cases before inserting the device.
  3. If the cushion tab interferes with the buttons, remove it and use the extra ones provided.
  4. If using headphones, connect them before closing the lid.
  5. Adjust the headset, so it fits comfortably on your head
  6. If you wear eyeglasses, be careful when using headsets. Some eyeglass frames may not fit or feel comfortable. If this happens, it is recommended to switch to contact lenses.
  7. On the top of the headset, use the wheel to adjust the interpapillary di­stance (IPD). Adjust the lenses so they’re centered at the proper height for maximum FOV.
  8. Adjust the focus by turning the knob on either side of the headset. Make sure they’re turned at the same time to sharpen the image.
  9. To access the app’s features, slide the cover on the front side of the headphones off.

Utopia 360 VR Headset

With the Utopia 360 VR headset, you can turn your mobile device into a virtual reality system by splitting the screen for each eye and then using its built-in motion sensing capabilities and GPS location services to create an immersive experience.

Basically, the Utopia 360 isn’t anything more than the shell for your smartphone. It doesn’t contain any electronics of its own and serves as an attachment for your smartphone.

We got our headsets with their own carry cases. They’re useful for traveling or keeping them safe from drops and liquids. You don’t really need one if you plan on using them at home.


Utopia is a virtual reality headset. Its screen size is determined by the size of your phone. The higher the quality of your phone, the larger the screen. A good thing about this device is that its field of view is 360 degrees. Considering its cost, this is an excellent feature.

It includes a Bluetooth controller which makes it easier to play certain action video game titles. Also, the VR Headset has an Android operating system. This means that it functions better with Android phones than with those running Apple’s mobile OS.

Design and Requirements

One of its disadvantages is the lack of clarity regarding the requirements for using the device. Users aren’t sure whether their phones fit into the front docking station.

For example, some Galaxy Note 4 owners reported having trouble initially trying to fit the phone into its case. However, after a few weeks, it became easier. This could mean that the docking station was becoming loose.

When it comes to designing, this VR headgear has a regular one that seems quite basic. However, it makes it easier to control for newbies. The Bluetooth controller, though, has an interesting style. Some people compared it to the Sega Genesis controller.

Why Would You Want the Utopia 360 VR?

If you’re looking for something cheap, then this headset might be worth considering. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, there are better options out there.

The tray of the 360 is large enough to hold a variety of smartphones. It has a built-in mechanism that allows you to separate phones of different sizes easily.

The tray itself is kept open by a magnetic force, which keeps the cover closed and the display in place. However, we had trouble closing the cover because it was too thick for the magnets to hold it shut.

Augmented realities aren’t the only things this device is capable of. It has a sliding screen on its tray so you can take pictures using the smartphone’s camera. This makes it perfect for augmented realities that let you change how people view the real world.

How Well Does it Work?

If your Utopia 360 is too blurry for you to see clearly, adjust the settings first by turning the dials on either side.

However, the headset’s focus will be perfect for your specific requirements.

Because the headset relies on your phone, its capabilities are limited by what your phone can do. It doesn’t support graphics, Bluetooth controllers, or audio. If you want Utopia 360 VR apps, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Plug your headphones into the Utopia 360 when using it. It makes the experience even better.

We found that the strap was adjustable up to a certain degree. But we could resize the strap for everyone in the family quite easily. If your eyesight is further apart than the visual screen on your phone, there is a knob at the top to adjust the viewing angle.

How Well Does it Work?

The Bottom Line

For a VR headset using your phone, it comes down to price and quality. Better headsets are available, but they’re also more expensive than the Utopia 360 VR. Ultimately, it’s all a question of testing out smartphones for VR first before making an investment.

If you want to start using VR without having to spend thousands of dollars, this might be a good option for you. You don’t need to buy anything special, and you won’t lose any money if your kid drops it in the driveway.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


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