How to Use Coby Virtual Reality Headset – Everything You Need to Know with FAQs, Tips, & More

Do you want to know how to use the Coby VR headset?

Let’s look into it.

How to Use Coby Virtual Reality Headset?

  1. Access the VR app on your phone.
  2. Place your phone on the headset.
  3. Start a VR app.
  4. Align the screen.
  5. Wear the headset.
  6. Game time!

Top 10 Best VR Apps for iPhone and Android

As virtual realities become more popular, it is important to consider several virtual reality applications for iPhones and Androids. Also, many people ask if they can watch Netflix in VR on their phones.

Here is the complete listing of the top ten VR apps for iOS and Android devices. Check them out.

  1. YouTube
  2. Google Cardboard
  3. VRSE
  4. NYT VR
  5. Orbulus
  6. Seene
  7. Jaunt VR
  8. Incell VR
  9. RYOT VR
  10. Sisters

1. YouTube: Android / iOS (Free)

It’s mainly known for its interest in 360-degree videos, but there is a growing catalog available for viewing through this service.

The list of video categories can vary from one site to another.

2. Google Cardboard: Android / iOS

This is the first app that gets people interested in using their headsets for VR experiences. It introduces them to the apps available by zooming out into space.

This application has been deemed to be a decent list of compatible applications available today. Newer applications are now appearing every week.

3. VRSE Android / iOS (Free)

VRSE usually consists of the best virtual reality (VR) such as music videos, short films, documentaries, and comedies provided by Vice, U 2, Saturday Night Live, etc. It can actually be considered a storytelling platform.

It shows you images from the album ‘Walking New York’, ‘The Click Effect’, ‘Waves of Grace’, ‘Song For Someone’ and ‘Evolution Of Verse’.

4. NYT VR Android / iOS (Free)

The New York Times has been experimenting with virtual realities for some time now.

It recently launched an immersive experience called “NYT VR” which allows readers to visit the surface of Pluto and explore the depths of the ocean using the World Trade Center as a backdrop.

Google Cardboard is a mobile phone accessory designed to display immersive virtual reality experiences. It was created by Google Inc., which has since released its own Android operating system.

It is an interesting news app that has been designed to help people keep up with current events. Six screenshots have already been released, including “The Displacement”, “Flight”, and ” Vigils in Paris“.

5. Orbulus Android / iOS (Free)

Orbulus is an immersive virtual reality app that lets people experience new locations they haven’t been to before.

This image collection usually includes photos taken using photosphere technology from Google, which highlights the best and most popular spots for tourists to go.

You can use it in any platform and it’s interesting to know that it’s got its hottest and latest screenshots.

6. Seene Android

Seene is yet another virtual reality app to download for your iPhone and Android device because of its amazing features and ease of usage. It allows you to share your 360º photos with the world. This is easy and fast for you too!

7. Jaunt VR Android / iOS (Free)

Jaunt is yet another interesting virtual reality app for watching movies and enjoying live performances from some of today’s most popular artists. It has a lot of cool features too, such as the ability to watch Jack White perform live.

8. Incell VR Android / iOS (Free)

It’s an action and sports VR game that mixes up biology and strategy by recreating unique worlds of recreated cell structures.

This game offers a unique racing experience where you can further race through an environment that is colorful and that runs faster than a virus wave. It may be intense but there is a real scientific basis for it.

9. RYOT VR Android / iOS (Free)

RYOT VR makes VR documentaries for big events like earthquakes, refugee camps, and riots. It focuses on bigger and more serious topics than most other apps.

10. Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story Android / iOS (Free)

It’s an interactive VR game that lets you play through a scary and short experience. The good thing about this game is that it hints at a whole bunch of possibilities.

You shouldn’t play it too late at night because it might be harmful to your health.

How do I connect my virtual reality headset to my phone?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my virtual reality headset to my phone?

Most VR headset mounts have a spring-loaded mechanism to hold your smartphone. Slide your smartphone into the mount.

You might want to take off your phone’s protective cover if you usually wear one when using a VR headset.

How does virtual reality work step by step?

Two pictures are taken by two cameras, one for each camera. These pictures are then sent to the computer where they are processed into an image.

Furthermore, images in VR headsets seem to move from left to right to create a 360-degree experience which is achieved by slightly moving the display content in reaction to head tracking data.

Do VR headsets work with any phone?

There is a wide range of Android, iPhone, and Windows mobile phones that are compatible with virtual reality headsets.

Before purchasing a smartphone VR HMD, users should first determine whether they want an Android phone or an iOS device. There are VR apps for both types of devices available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

Why won’t my phone connect to my VR headset?

Check to see if your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as your computer. You can do this by opening Settings > General > About > Status.

If they’re not connected to the same Wi fi, you’ll get an error message.


You’ve now learnt more about the best virtual reality apps for iPhone or Android devices that you can impress yourself with the most.

If you want to have more control over videos, here we recommend using the VR video editor Filmora. It is designed to edit professional videos in an easy way.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.




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