How to Use Boat in Real VR Fishing – Complete Guide with FAQs, Tips, & More

Real VR Fish is an immersive virtual reality game where you can experience the beauty of nature and catch fish. Explore your beautiful home, go out into the world and catch fish. Each caught fish brings you closer to unlocking new items and locations.

There is also a very popular multiplayer portion of the game.

But how do you use your boat in real VR fishing? Let’s find out.

How to Use Boat on Real VR Fishing?

To use the boat, follow the steps below

  1. Go near the boat you want to use
  2. Press the trigger on your left controller to get in the boat.
  3. You should be now in the boat.
  4. Use left and right triggers to reverse and accelerate; with the right A button, you can grab the steering wheel.

You can now enjoy riding your boat.

Who Makes Real VR Fishing?

MIRAGESOFT is a game development studio located in Seoul, South Korea. Their founder previously worked for Oculus as a software engineer. So they know how VR games work.

Real VR Fishing is currently their only game.

Real VR Fishing Tutorial

Real VR Fishing Tutorial

The tutorial on RealVRFishing begins when you first start playing the game. You basically click through a series of slides explaining the different features of the game.

Then you select the very first location on the map – now it gets into things a bit. You learn the basics of catching fish and more by selecting the various tabs. Finally, you’ll catch a fish!

You’re then left to start searching for fish.


Fishing isn’t too hard at the start. There are plenty of prompts available to help you out.

At this point, there is an arcade-like feel to the game where you see large visual cues and hear audio clues when you’re playing. As you keep playing and learn more about the different types of movements the fishes make, you’ll become more familiar with them. Experienced fishers, may even be able to disable some of the visual cues and audio clues so that you can enjoy a much more immersive fishing simulation.

In Normal view, you can see where the fishes are swimming in the water in real-time. You can also tell what colors they are, so you’ll know whether your equipment will catch them. In Hard view, you get a little screen showing you roughly where the fishes are. Like in real life, you can use a compass to help you figure out where the fishes are. And finally, in Expert view, you get nothing.

You can buy a wide range of fishing equipment, including rods, reels, lures, and baits. To catch all the different kinds of fish, you’ll need to know which type of gear is best for each kind of fish.

How Do You Level Up In Real VR Fishing?

For some reason, the author does not explain why he chose these particular options. In Real Virtual Reality Fishing, when you capture a fish, you can either release it or keep it. If you release it, you will gain experience points (XP), and your fishing skill will increase before your eyes. If you choose to keep it, you will earn money. Harder levels offer more XP and more money.

Most new players don’t realize that they need to press the “release” key to advance the game. It seems very obvious, but it’s easy to miss.

Real VR Fishing Multiplayer Experience

This is a highlight feature for many gamers. There is an entirely optional, up to four-user, multi-player experience. From the lodge, you can select multi-player and view many other players’ rooms. You can join any room, or you can make your own. If you wish to fish with friends, make a private room with a password and then group up. Play some YouTube videos, relax and enjoy.

If you experience any microphone related problems, remember that you must give Oculus permission to access your microphone. Also, if you’re having trouble recording audio for your game, you may want to consider using Oculus Party instead.

People often describe using VRChat as if they were just playing video games. They join random groups and talk and interact with random strangers. Some use it to connect with family members for a virtual social visit (e.g., see them at Disneyland).

How Long is Real VR Fishing VR?

In order to get the best out of fishing, you must have the right equipment. To start off, you should purchase a rod and reel. Next, you’ll want to find a good place to fish. You may choose to go to an area where you know there is plenty of fish, such as a lake or river.

\Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could venture into the ocean. Once you’ve found a spot that suits you, you’ll want to equip yourself with bait. Bait is used to attract fish, so they bite your hook. When you do land a fish, you’ll want to take care of it properly.

After catching a fish, you’ll probably want to clean it before cooking it. Finally, after you’ve caught enough fish, you’ll want a bigger boat. A larger boat allows you to travel further.

It’s easier to earn money than experience points (XP), so you’ll be able to afford better equipment if you’re willing to spend some time fishing. You can also customize your characters by visiting the main lodge.

Currently, there are 20 locations in South Korea available for you to visit. There are currently plans by the developer to release a new DLC location for North America.

Who Will Enjoy Playing Real VR Fishing?

Surprisingly, many people who do not have an interest in real-filing in reality really enjoy real VR fishing. Fishing in real-time can be a dirty, early morning activity, often involving bugs. VR fishing offers these fishing challenges within none of those real-time issues. You can fish any time of the day, from your couch, alone, or with friends, all while watching youtube.

The game offers some of the most beautiful environments, sounds, and a relaxing experience for players. Some enjoy the social aspect of playing the game, while others enjoy the challenge of catching fish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which VR Headsets is Real VR Fishing On?

Real VR Fishing is now available for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2, and Steam VR.

Can you play Real VR Fishing Sitting Down?

Yes! You can play Real VR Fishing standing. You can also play standing, but there is nothing moving requiring you to do so. You do not require a large play area or a big living space. You can also play with one hand.

Can you work out with Real VR Fishing? Is Real VR Fishing a Fitness Game?

It’s a relaxing, seated VR fishing game. However, if you leave the two-handed controller method on, you’ll use up more energy than usual when reeling in the fish.

This game is equivalent to resting or roughly 1.7 calories per minute.

Does Real VR Fishing cause motion sickness?

Real VR fishing shouldn’t cause any motion sickness issues.


Real VR Fishing is an online game where you fish in virtual reality. There are plenty of things to do in the game, including catching fish, upgrading your house, exploring the countryside, and participating in competitions.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


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