How to Stop War Thunder Launching in VR – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask, how to stop war thunder launching in VR? 

Let’s find out!

How to Stop War Thunder Launching in VR?

To stop war thunder from launching in VR change the settings to “None” or “Desktop”. If you are using a laptop with an external monitor, you will want to use a Desktop. If you have a desktop computer without an external monitor, you can use None.

war thunder

Weapons Selector

The weapons selector was added in the game Rainfall. It allows players to cycle through their primary and secondary weapons by pressing one single key.

It’s extremely useful for planes with several types of air-to-air missile systems because each type of missile system has its own unique uses and without the weapon selection, you cannot select which one to fire first.

It’s also useful in many situations, such as when there are multiple types of bombs, so you can pick which one to use first. Or if you have multiple kinds of weapons, you can save some ammo for more important engagements.

Setting up the Weapons Selector

To begin with, familiarise yourselves with the following controls:

Each kind of weapon has its own key bindings. If you’ve already set up your weapons, don’t change them.

Note: These key bindings will become inactive if they aren’t used with any weapon types.

You can use the weapons selector to select which weapon. Weapons Selectors will remain active until “Exit Selected Weapon” is pressed, even after multiple battles.

Basic Theory of Operation

  • Press the “Switch primary weapons/secondary weapons” button to enable the weapons selector.
  • Then press the “Exit selected weapons mode” button to disable the weapons selector. When the weapons selector has been activated, several different actions will occur.
  • When you select “weapon”, a “Weapon Select On” message will appear at your bottom right corner.

If there are multiple weapons of the same type (for example, different sizes of air-to-air missiles) then the names of the weapons will be listed below the dropdown menu.

Phantom FGR.1

The user-friendly menu system allows for easy access to the various functions of the Phantom FGR.1. It has a 20mm Vulcan gun which can be used to fire at targets up to 1 km away.

Secondary Weapons

The currently selected secondary weapons are the AIM-9Ds and so a “>” appears next to the AAM labels to indicate they’re selected.

There are several different types of AIM-9Ds available (Sidewinders and Sparrows) so the names of the selected weapons have been shown.


The weapons quantity is 7/3: the first number indicates that the aircraft has seven surface-to-surface missiles, of which three are Sidewinders (the other four being Maverick missiles). The Sidewinders can be launched by pressing the “Fire primary weapons” key.

Weapons Selector Button

When the weapons selector button is pressed, all other weapon controls are deactivated, meaning that for the examples above, the Phantom’s bomb cannot be released by pressing its primary fire button.

Instead of selecting the secondary weapons from the drop-down menu, press the “Switch secondary weapons’ button until the “>” symbol appears next to the bomb icon. Pressing the button will cycle through each available secondary weapon.

Switching Between Air-To-Air Missiles

Pressing the “Fire secondary weapons” key once will activate its sensor, and a second time fires the missiles.

The weapon selection screen is extremely useful for aircraft which carry a combination of various types of anti-ship/anti-ground guided munitions (such as the F-4 Phantom, Mirage III, etc.) because the different types of guided munitions are designed to perform specific tasks, and without the weapon selection screen, it is not possible to choose which type of munition will be used.

Below is an example of the Phantom FGR. 2 firing its missiles without the weapons selector. It carries four AIM-7Es, four AIM- 9Ds, and four 1000lb Mk82 bomb racks.

Bomb Rack

If the weapon selector isn’t used, the players must use all their Sparrows before firing their Sidewinders, but the bombers can be dropped at any time by pressing the button labeled “Bomb Rack”.

Switch Secondary Weapons

Pressing the “Switch Secondary Weapons” key activates the weapons selector and switches between firing AIM-9D missiles, AIM-7E Spar­rows, or bom­bards.

Fire Primary Weapon

When the Phantom FGR. 2 only has one primary weapon, it is always used and can be fired by selecting the “Fire Primary Weapon” key. With the weapon selector active, bombs cannot be released independently from the missile pods and must be chosen before they can be launched.

Switching Between Bombs

Another use for the weapon selection menu is choosing which types of ordnance to release when an airplane has multiple types of ordnance available.


In the example below, the P-47D would normally have to release its two 1,000-pounders before dropping its 500-pounder, but with the weapon selection menu, the 500-pounder could be released first if desired.

When the weapons selector is active, the rockets cannot be fired using the “Fire primary weapon button”, but rather they must be selected and then pressed when the “Primary fire” button is activated.

Switching Between Guns

The weapons selection button can also be used to select which guns on an airplane are fired when pressing the fire button.

For instance, if the Spitfire, Mk 2b has both 7.71 MMS and 20 MMS, then pressing the fire button would result in firing the 7.71 MPs gun first followed by the 20 MPs cannon.


The weapons selector allows you to control your aircraft by selecting the right type of weapon for the current situation.

It should be noted, however, that while the weapons selection is active, no other control buttons are enabled, so the user must still press the “Primary” button, “Secondary” button, etc to actually fire the gun.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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