How to Start Rollercoaster VR – Complete Guide with Tips

Virtual rollercoasters are a type of special kind of theme park ride attraction where people experience them through virtual realities.

Let’s find out how to start a VR roller coaster.

How to Start Rollercoaster VR?

To start a roller coaster on VR, follow the steps below.

  1. Once you’ve installed the Oculus Rift software on your computer, just put on the headset while Oculus Rift is open. You’ll be able to access the “Oculus Home” environment, where you can play games and download applications.
  2. Look at your roller coaster button (the one that says “View” or “Go”). It looks like a cursor, so look where the cursor would be if you were using a mouse.
  3. To use the remote control, press the “Select” or “A” buttons on the remote.

Your roller coaster will start after the countdown.

The Ridevirtual Reality Roller Coaster

The Ride Virtual Reality Rollercoaster

Background and History

The ride is called “Ride,” and it’s a virtual rollercoaster at the Six Flags New Eng­land theme park. Riders wear Gear VR virtual rea­lity head­sets.

After the appearance of the Oculus VR headset, virtual reality coaster simulators quickly became quite popular. However, they showed that dizziness and motion sickness, known as virtual reality syndrome, would be major issues.

However, the technical setup of these 2014 experiments was not feasible for a permanent installation. First of all, mounting a PC on a coaster train would have been impossible because of the constant heavy vibrations. Also, the usual cable connections of classical VR headsets like the Oculus Rift would mean serious danger.

Wagner and his colleagues could potentially overcome these problems by using so-called “mobile virtual reality” headsets like the Samsung GearVR, which would allow them to generate images directly within the actual headset.

The very first virtual-reality rides were installed in late 2015, starting with Europe Park, Germany, then followed by Canada’s Wonderland, where they’re now open to the public.

Technical Solutions

To ensure a comfortable VR experience on an actual moving roller coaster, the virtual roller coaster needs to be synchronized with the real one.

To ensure that the coaster trains run smoothly, they’re equipped with special equipment that monitors their positions in the tracks and then wirelessly transmits these positions to the headsets worn by the riders.


With virtual realities, there are several modifications and additions to the actual tracks. Therefore, the sizes of the virtual realities’ tracks can be much larger than their real counterparts. This means that speeds can be far greater and heights much taller.

There is no need to actually use a real track or rails except for dramatic purposes.


Riders are given VR headsets to use during their rides. These headsets may be either portable or permanently attached to a particular attraction. They will show a synchronized movie to the rider, which combines the motion of the attraction with the alternate reality presented by the headset.

After the ride, the headsets are cleaned and charged for future rides.

Most VR rides aren’t mandatory, but they’re usually fun.

Attack on Titan Roller Coaster, Monster Hunter VR Hunt to Open at Universal Studios Japan!

At Tokyo Disney Resort, there aren’t any attractions like these.

It may surprise you to learn that one of the best reasons to visit Universal Studios Tokyo has nothing to do with Hollywood films. Instead, what’s gotten us excited lately is the Universal Cool Japan program, where the Osaka theme parks team up with popular anime and videogame franchises for experiences you’d probably never see at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The latest batch of collaboration announcements has just been made, and the biggest surprise was that Universal Cool Japan 2020 would include an Attack on Titan rollercoaster!

Attack on Titan XREye is an indoor rollercoaster designed to let you feel like you’re flying through the air with your 3D Maneuvering Gear when you and the others fight off the giant Titans.

You’ll be wearing a VR headset that lets you experience the action unfolding all around you, just like at Universal Studios Japan’s Final fantasy ride.

To commemorate the recent release of Monster Hunter World, visitors at Universal Studios Japan can strap on a VR helmet to participate in a real-life monster hunt.

New rides include Detective Conan World, which features voice actors and sound effects from Detective Conan to add to the Hollywood Dream Coaster; and Lupin III The LIVE, where live-action performers will play the role of the series’ most notorious criminal as he tries to evade capture by the police.

The Attack on Titan (AoT), Detective Conan (Dc), and Lupin III (Lp3) Attraction will be opening on January 21st, 2020. The AOT attraction will run until March 31st, 2020. The Dc attraction will run from April 1st, 2020, to May 29th, 2020. And the Lp3 attraction will run from June 1st, 2020

The World’s First LEGO VR Roller Coaster Is Now Open!

The first-ever Lego® VR roller coaster has been opened at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

The grand re-opening marks the culmination of two years’ worth of hard work and planning for the retrofitting of the old Technic Coaster rides to include the new Virtual Reality equipment.

Each rider gets a Samsung VR headset that projects a virtual reality experience synchronized with their movement on the real rollercoasters.

It’s a pretty cool idea that adds some extra replay value to an already existing ride by allowing guests to experience different worlds within the park.

We recommend anyone who has trouble with nausea during rides take note of this fact before riding. It may feel a bit disorienting if the VR doesn’t sync up with the forward movement of your vehicle.

With the SEA LIFE Aquarium opening next year, LEGOLAND Malaysia has cemented its position as a great family destination.


We hope this article was helpful to you and you can now start the VR roller coaster easily. 

Feel free to reach out to us in the comments below. 


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