How to Play VR Games – Easy Guide, Tips, FAQs & More

This post provides easy instructions on how to play VR games with ease.  

We’ll provide many different options that consumers have as well as discuss details on how much of a budget you should have. 

VR is more accessible than ever in today’s day and age. If you want to get into the world of virtual reality, now’s the best time. 

Quick Summary

In this post, we will shed light upon: 

  • Different options for VR devices 
  • Some great examples of starter VR games 

And more. 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Different Virtual Reality (VR) Options

As we mentioned earlier, as a consumer, you have numerous options to choose from when it comes to VR hardware. 

However, this will largely depend on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. Most VR options out there can be as low as $20 and can go all the way up to $1500. 

There are multiple different types of VR hardware that work with different types of systems. Depending on your situation, one option might be more suitable for you than most others. 

Let’s take a look at different VR options that consumers have: 

Mobile-Based VR Headsets 

Mobile-based VR headsets are, by far, your cheapest option. You can get a mobile-based VR headset for between $20 to $100. 

Standalone VR Headsets 

However, it should also be noted that the quality of VR titles that you get within mobile-based platforms is definitely inferior to other platforms. 

This is because smartphones often don’t have the processing power required to run more sophisticated and complex VR games. 

That being said, it’s still a great platform if you’re someone that wants to try out VR without spending too much money initially. 

Standalone VR Headsets 

These are very popular types of headsets, with the Meta Quest 2 being the prime example. 

All the other types of headsets that we will look at require some type of external system to pair with so that it can run the corresponding VR games. Essentially, the headset is simply an output device to provide the visuals, whereas all of the processing is done by some other system. 

This is not the case with these headsets. 

Standalone VR Headsets 

They are their own entire system with their own processing unit. Plus, they also function as an output device to provide visuals and audio. Thus, you don’t need to own any other system to experience VR. 

They’re a great mid-range option and can provide you with access to great VR titles. 

Console VR Headsets 

This may not be a suitable option for everyone out there but it’s definitely worth considering if you already own a console. 

Certain consoles have VR components that are sold separately. You can purchase them to get a highly streamlined VR experience. 

This isn’t worth it if you don’t already own the console. 

If you’re thinking of buying a console and then buying its VR component strictly for the virtual reality experience, don’t do it. You’re much better off buying a standalone VR headset or a PC-based one. 

However, if you already own the console (such as a Playstation 4), then it’s a good idea to just spend some cash to get its VR headset. 

Console VR Headsets 

Since they are specifically designed to run with that particular console, you’ll rarely run into any compatibility or configuration issues. 

Furthermore, they have a wide library of VR games to choose from as well. 

PC VR Headsets

When it comes to PC VR headsets, they are also quite common and often owned by individuals that want to get really deep into VR. 

This is because, with the processing power of a dedicated PC, you can really run some high-end VR games with relative ease. Furthermore, the PC is a much more flexible platform that allows you to try out many different types of VR games and experiences. 

PC VR Headsets

It’s also great for developers. 

If you’re a person that wants to develop VR experiences of their own, then buying a PC-based VR headset is really a no-brainer. It’ll pair with your PC and you can test-run your creations with ease. 

Great Starter VR Games

In this section, we’ll provide some basic starter VR games that you can get for particular VR platforms. 

Let’s get into it: 

Mobile: VR X-Racer 

If you’d like a fairly simple game that lets you experiment and get used to VR controls in games, this is worth considering. 

The gameplay is action-packed but also easy to pick up at the same time. You control a small ship within VR that must travel through a city while avoiding enemies, projectiles, and all sorts of obstacles. 

Standalone: Beat Saber 

Beat Saber is bound to give you a workout, but you’ll have a ton of fun doing it. 

It’s available on the Oculus platform, and it’s very easy to jump into you can have a lot of fun playing alone as well as with friends. 

You’re equipped with two lightsabers that you use to cut blocks and also avoid obstacles. The blocks come according to the beat of your favorite songs. 

Console: Blood and Truth 

Blood and Truth provide highly satisfying shootouts within VR that are sure to get your blood pumping. 

The controls are smooth and also a great introduction to the way the PS VR works within most VR experiences. 

It’s a great way to start your VR journey on a console. 

PC: Superhot VR 

Superhot VR is sure to provide you with a workout but it also comes with a highly unique concept, time stops when you do. 

This means you can stop time in the middle of a shootout as long as you stop moving. Then, you can assess the situation to plan and execute your next move. 

As you can probably imagine, this results in many unique fights and different approaches to the same situation. It’s a great game and highly replayable too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can You Play Any Game in VR? 

Technologies like SteamVR allow you to play even non-VR games within VR. 

However, it should be noted since they weren’t specifically designed for it, they may not run perfectly. 

Is it Okay to Play VR All Day? 

As long as you’re taking regular breaks, you don’t have to worry about VR impacting your health. 

Just make sure you take a 15-minute break after every half hour of gameplay to ensure you don’t develop eye strain issues.

Are There Any Cross-Platform VR Games? 

Yes, there do exist some VR games and apps where users from different platforms can play with each other in real time. 

Some examples are: 

  • Rec Room
  • VRChat
  • Bigscreen

How Long Does the Quest 2 Take to Charge? 

The Quest 2’s battery takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to charge. 

How Long Does the Quest 2’s Battery Last? 

The Quest 2’s battery lasts about 2 hours if you’re using it for gaming. If you’re using it to watch VR videos or movies, then it’ll last about 3 hours.


There are many different ways to experience VR games. 

You just have to assess your budget and determine how deeply you want to dive into VR to make the best decision regarding hardware. 

What platform do you use to experience VR? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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