How to Play No Man’s Sky in VR? – Complete Guide with Steps, Tips & More

Are you wondering how to play No Man’s Sky in VR?

Let’s find out.

How to Play No Man’s Sky in VR?

Once you’ve connected the headset to your computer via the link cable, you’ll want to let SteamVR know that you’re running in VR mode by turning on all the necessary options. After that, you’ll be able to run No Mans Sky in VR mode.

No Man’s Sky VR: Tips And Tricks

There aren’t any VR adventures quite as expansive and well-made as No Man’s Sky when it comes to virtual reality.

Seeing firsthand what it’s like flying a spaceship, or watching the true size of the creatures and structures scattered across the planets, is an amazing experience for any person who has the equipment to pull it off.

Core mechanics don’t always go smoothly and otherwise, problem-free concepts often turn into issues. If you want the best experience in deep-sea exploration, here are some things you should be aware of.

Punching Wildlife Is Way Too Easy

It’s only natural for a VR experience to give you hand controls. And if a VR experience offers a melee strike option, then it seems only logical that you would be able to use your arms to attack things in VR!

Quick Hand Movement

The issue, however, is about intention. People move their hands fast all the time, whether it’s waving goodbye, trying to catch something, or just being excited. Some things aren’t punches. But in No Man’s Sky, quick movements of your hands are indeed punches.

A friendly tap on a strange animal’s head has turned into an aggressive slap on its face.

If you want to avoid trouble with the local wildlife, slow, deliberate movements are best.

Avoid The Anomaly In Multiplayer

It’s not the best netcode out there, but it’s definitely good enough for a single-player. In normal gameplay, this just means occasional lags or delayed responses.

However, a loss of performance is definitely a nightmare in VR. Low frame rates, lag, and stutter are some of the quickest ways to feel what’s known as “cyber sickness.”

It’s not guaranteed to occur and will vary depending on user preferences and internet speed, but it’s a commonly experienced problem for most people.

You don’t need to completely avoid the anomaly. If you disable online play while using VR, you can go to the hub without any issues.

You Can Pose Yourself

You can change how you look in VR mode by changing the appearance of your head. In addition to the face, you can also choose between two hairstyles, three eye colors, and four skin tones.

Besides that, others can easily tell if someone else is playing in virtual reality because they can move their hands in different directions than a traditional gamer can.

You can check out the setting by going into the options menu. There’s an option to turn on full-screen mode while in first-person view.

You’ll be able to view your entire body from every angle. However, there might be some weird clipping issues when using certain models. Use this feature to create more unique and interesting screenshot images!

The Eye Strain Is Real

Aside from jokes about playing video games too close to the television, the numerous bright lights and neon colors in No Man’s Sky make it one of the harshest game settings for a screen that is inches away from your face.

It’s especially important when using VR headsets to take breaks from time to time, let your vision recover in natural light, and limit your session length to no longer than an hour at a time.

If you’re playing any kind of video game, limiting your use of screens and giving yourself some time off from them every now and then would be good general practice.

How to Play No Man’s Sky in VR?

There Is No Third-Person Perspective

It may be best to see games through someone else’s perspective when playing them on feet, but most often, driving or flying is better played in the third person.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to turn off the first-person view in VR. If you want to avoid having to scramble through the quick settings, just don’t use VR.

It was cool to be able to get an idea of the cockpit of the Nautilus and the Minotaur from inside the ship. However, navigation may feel more difficult when you’re limited to seeing the ship through its viewports.

Your Character’s Race Affects Camera Height

Customizing your character is a great way to customize your experience and connect with your avatar.

It also serves as an excellent way to give out rewards to your fans. While it’s all just cosmetic in the base game (and even then, not really), it does make a difference when playing in VR.

If you choose to play as a Gek, then you’ll be able to see things from a smaller perspective than if you were playing as any other race.

Keep A Normal Controller On Hand For Vehicles

Flying your spaceship is half of No Man’s Sky. It’s so sad that flying your spaceship in VR is such an inaccurate and clumsy process.

With no real-world objects in front of them, drivers use their hands to control the car. However, because there aren’t any physical limits to where they can move their hands, they end up having to awkwardly wiggle their fingers to operate the steering wheel.

You probably won’t need to go through that, but if you want to play with a different controller, you can just swap them out. If you’re playing with the PSVR headset, connect another PlayStation controller and put it near the first one.

To play the game on a PC, just connect a controller how you’d normally. When you’re ready to fly, you can pick up the controller and use it to control the aircraft. It will be a lot more comfortable than using an Xbox One controller.


No Man’s Sky is a fantastic game. It’s one of those rare games that feels both familiar and fresh at the same time.

If you’ve played any other open-world game before, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. There are so many different types of gameplay elements to explore, from mining to combat to exploration.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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