How to Play House of Terror VR? – Detailed Guide with Steps, Tips & More

Are you wondering how you can play House of Terror VR?

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How to Play House of Terror VR?

Valerie’s Revenge is designed for use with Google Cardboard and requires a small Bluetooth controller to move through the game.

Best VR Horror Games and Apps for Android

If you have Google Cardboard, don’t waste your time playing roller coaster games or touring the solar system; there are some excellent VR horror apps available for free at the Google Play store.

They offer 360 degrees scare experiences as you’ve never seen before. Some of them will even let you explore different locations, solve puzzles and even talk to people. Most of the apps they offer are actually game apps, but there are some exceptions.

Sinister Edge 3D

Sinister Edge is yet another scary VR game for people who want to experience something different than just playing video games. It features excellent 3D visuals and some challenging puzzles.

It’s surprising how deep the gameplay is and not one of those short VR titles where you just stand there waiting for monsters to find you! The simple control scheme lets you easily solve puzzles and explore locations without any hassle.

Sinister Edge works for both Android phones and tablets. It can be played using either a smartphone or tablet.


Sister is a creepy ghost story revolving around the fates of twins. Nobody knows where they went and it’s up to us to figure out what happened. There’s someone or something that doesn’t wanna go into the god-forsaken house.

You’ll be able to explore the haunted room using simple touch-based control. Head tracking and binaural/directional sound will immerse you in the experience.

Binaural audio reminded me of an iOS app called Papa Sangre. It was a virtual reality horror experience where you had to run away from monsters by turning your head left and right.

Goosebumps Night of Scares

You can visit the real-world version of the Goosebumps universe night of the scariest nights. With your VR headset on, you can confront your greatest fears by facing off against your most terrifying ghostly enemies.

You’ll be followed by werewolves, gnomes, and Slappy, and they’ll try to kill you if you don’t escape them. If you’re not quick enough, hiding won’t help because they’ll just keep coming after you.

Night of Scares: Goosebumps VR is the first mobile app based on the Goosebumps series. It is compatible with Google Cardboard.

The game allows you to solve puzzles, collect pages of Goosebumps stories, and use every trick in the world to avoid ghosts spotting you.

If you’re a big fan of Goosebumps’ stories and TV shows, then this scary VR experience will definitely bring back some good memories.

Silent Home

Another haunted house-theme VR horror game. No-ones are sure what’s inside an abandoned farmhouse on a deserted farm unless you go there yourself. Your friend has warned you not to go there, but you ignore them and reach the abandoned farm where the house is.

You’re inside a house where there are several valuable items. Try to collect them, but something bad happens every time you enter the room. It’s a scary experience, so don’t be surprised if you get scared when playing the game.

A Chair in a Room

If you’re into mystery movies and weird fiction, then you should download A Chair in a Room from the Play Store.

It’s an Android app that lets you experience choose-your-own-adventure-style mysteries through Google Cardboard. You’ll be able to solve puzzles and uncover the truth behind each story. Some of them are quite scary!

If you want to play this amazing 3D puzzle adventure, make sure you download it onto a high-end smartphone or tablet. You can play this awesome puzzle adventure by downloading it onto a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset.

how to play house of terror VR

How to Play House of Terror VR?

VR Horror House

Being chased by a few bloodthirsty cannibals is probably more terrifying than being stalked by ghosts.

VR Horror House delivers an immersive horror experience for your Google Cardboard headset. You must escape before you fall victim to cannibalistic monsters.

However, the game features a secret feature, which if discovered can be used to slay them. Horror House requires no controller but your device must contain a gyroscope. You’ll need to utilize your head to move around. The game features decent 3D graphics and an eerie ambiance.


It’s a scary short movie app where you enter a scary place by turning on VR mode.

You cannot move, yet you can hear creepy apparitions coming toward you. It’s not really a game, but rather an app designed to scare people. Make sure you wear your earphones when playing the app.

Insidious VR

In the new film, we see everything that happened before in bits and pieces. We also get to experience what happens after in full 3D.

So if you haven’t watched the previous two films, then you might find this one too scary. But if you have already watched them, then you’ll know exactly how things end.

Even if you’ve already watched the movie, you’ll be surprised by the overall 3D experience. You’ll get an idea of the afterlife from the perspective of one of the characters.

If you enjoyed the movie, you’ll probably enjoy this short overview too. Especially the last few minutes of the app.


There are many other great VR horror apps available for Android devices. They all work well with Google Cardboard, and they’re all worth trying.

We hope these tips helped you discover some cool VR horror apps for Android. If you found this article useful, please share it with others.

If you have any questions feel free to comment down below.


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