How to Play Dirt Rally in VR – Step-by-Step Guide, Tips, FAQs & More

Dirt Rally is a beloved racing game that did not have a virtual reality component when it first launched. 

However, the developers added a free VR update a few years later that you can take advantage of if you own the game. 

This post provides instructions on how to play Dirt Rally in VR and important things you should know before playing.

Quick Summary

In this post, we will discuss the following: 

  • How to run Dirt Rally in VR mode?
  • Important things to know before playing 
  • Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Play Dirt Rally in VR Mode? (Step-by-Step Instructions) 

There are a number of ways to run Dirt Rally in VR mode, but the approach may differ depending on your platform and the VR headset you have. 

Hence, we’ll highlight all of the approaches you can take depending on what headset you have and what platform you are on. 

For Headsets Compatible with SteamVR 

When it comes to headsets that are compatible with SteamVR (e.g., the Valve Index and the HTC Vive Pro 2), the process is extremely simple. 

Follow these steps to make it run in VR mode: 

Step 1: Launch Steam and go to the Steam Store. 

Step 2: Search for “SteamVR” and install it. 

Step 3: Once SteamVR is installed, go to your Steam Library, scroll down the list of games on the left-hand side and launch SteamVR. 

Step 4: From the menu, choose Dirt Rally. 

Your game will now run in VR mode. 

For the Oculus Quest 2 

If you have a VR headset that is not natively for Steam VR (e.g., the Oculus Quest 2), then the approach isn’t as straightforward. 

Here’s how to run Dirt Rally in VR mode for the Oculus Quest 2: 

Step 1: Download and install Oculus Home on your PC.

Step 2: Download REVIVE, install and launch it. 

Step 3: Launch Oculus Home. 

Right-click and go to Properties. From here, make sure that the option “Use Desktop Game Theater While SteamVR is active” is not checked. 

Step 4: Launch SteamVR. 

Step 5: In your system tray on the bottom-right side of your desktop, right-click on the REVIVE icon and select the “Patch” option. 

A Browse window will open up. Go ahead and navigate to the directory where you have Dirt Rally installed. Choose the executable for Dirt Rally as the path for the Browse window. 

By default, the executable file should be named “drt.exe”. 

Step 6: Once this is done, Run Dirt Rally as you normally would. 

Step 7: Dirt Rally will now launch in VR mode. The resolution and graphics may be a little off. Hence, you may have to spend some time in the Display settings to get it back on track. 

However, once that’s done, you’ll have it running in VR mode with no issues whatsoever. 

Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Dirt Rally in VR

If you’ve played Dirt Rally regularly before, you’ll know that it has a ton of different game modes to offer. This is true for the VR version of the game as well. You can experience all of them in glorious virtual reality. 

Some more things you should know about Dirt Rally in VR include: 

90 FPS Mode is Available 

Most VR racing games don’t have the ability to run at 90 FPS but that’s something that can easily be achieved with Dirt Rally’s VR mode. 

To enable 90 FPS mode, you can go to the Graphics settings to do so. 

However, if you’re someone that prefers performance over graphics, or if your PC simply can’t handle it, then you can change the FPS to something lower. 

It Has a Third-Person Perspective Option 

Players might know that Dirt Rally allows you to play in both first-person as well as third-person mode in the regular version of the game. 

You can go to the Settings and change the option to either first-person or third-person depending on what you prefer. 

However, did you know that both options are available in VR as well? 

That’s right. 

When you load up Dirt Rally in VR, you’ll be in first-person mode. However, you can switch to third-person by going to the Settings and changing them. 

As you can probably imagine, the third-person can feel fairly weird when you’re in VR. However, many people do get used to it and actually prefer it. This is mainly because it allows people to have fewer motion sickness issues. 

Although, for others, it can actually lead to more motion sickness. It’s just something that affects everybody differently. 

Try it out to see what you prefer. 

The Resolution Won’t be All That Great 

This is something that’s important for you to realize: the overall textures and resolution of the objects outside won’t be supremely detailed as they are in most non-VR racing games. 

While the graphics in Dirt Rally VR get the job done, they aren’t exactly something to marvel at. 

This is necessary to ensure the game is well-optimized and runs at a constant frame rate, especially when it’s running at 90 FPS. 

The environments aren’t too bad and still look passable when you’re whizzing by them at high speed. 

However, it’s just something to keep in mind so you’re not disappointed. 

Invest in a Gas Pedal and Steering Wheel Attachment if You Can 

We get that a steering wheel and gas pedal attachment aren’t really something that everyone can afford. 

However, if you have the money to buy them, it’s a great idea to get it, especially when you already have a VR headset and the VR version of Dirt Rally. 

They come together to simulate a super immersive experience that we think is just about as close we can get to the real thing. 

If you want to drive super-fast rally cars and do some crazy drifts, all from the comfort of your home, it’s definitely something worth buying. 

Steering wheel attachments work exactly the way an actual steering wheel would work. Furthermore, the gas pedal also offers an immersive experience as long as you place it in a realistic position underneath your desk. 

Such attachments can be fun to use with non-VR games as well since they add another skill ceiling to the whole gameplay. 

However, as you can probably imagine, when you have a VR headset, it not only offers a challenge but also just brings the immersion to a whole new level. 

Wrapping Things Up… 

So that’s how you play Dirt Rally in VR. 

It’s a great game that can most definitely be enjoyed in VR thanks to its great optimization, consistent performance and high variety of game modes. 

What’s your favorite game mode in Dirty Rally VR? Let us know in the comments section below.


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