How to Play DCS in VR – A Complete Tutorial For All

Do you have trouble playing DCS in VR mode?

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How to Play DCS in VR?

To play DCS in VR, follow the steps below.

  1. After installing Windows Mixed Reality, you don’t need to launch it manually. It just works.
  2. Next, open DCS World
  3. Go into the Settings menu
  4. Select the VR tab, and make sure the “Enable virtual ­reality headset” box is checked.

When you launch DCS World again, choose to play in VR mode.

Where to Download DCS in VR?

DCS World is an open-world battlefield simulator that allows players to create their own missions using aircraft, tanks, ships, etc.

It’s a deep strategy game that covers multiple time periods and regions, and it provides a relaxing gameplay environment for players of any skill level.

If you want to play DCS World in VR, you can download it from its official website, or you can download it via Steam if you already have Steam installed.

Is DCS World VR-Only?

Yes, VR is not a necessity for playing DCS World.

The core game experience has been designed before VR headsets were widely available, and many people who play the game without using VR still enjoy themselves.

If you don’t already own a VR headset, you can still enjoy playing with a friend who has one. You can both use their headsets at the same time and still have an enjoyable experience.

How to Start DCS World in VR?

If you want to play DCS World, make certain that your VR headset allows “Unknown Sources” to download your game files. Especially if you have an Oculus Go, which doesn’t require a PC connection to run games, you might not be able to install DCS World unless you allow Unknown Sources to download your game files from the Oculus Store.

  1. Click the “Cog” icon at the top right of the Oculus desktop application.
  2. Click on the “General’ tab.
  3. Allow apps from unknown sources.

After that, you’ll need to download the app onto your computer and then open the options menu. There’s a VR tab that lets you turn on VR support.

After that, DCS World VR updates itself so that whenever you launch the game, it will be available for use on your VR device.

DCS – Best Virtual Reality Headset

DCS is the premiere simulation for modern air combat, featuring realistic flight dynamics, cockpit views, and graphics. It requires high-resolution textures and models to look good.

You must be able to clearly see the ground, missiles, and enemy planes and distinguish them from each other based on their silhouettes.

HP Reverb G2

  • High definition of 2160×2160 per eye
  • You get unmatched clarity when reading all the dials, gauges, and radars on your aircraft.
  • A 90Hz display, good vertical and horizontal field of view (FoV).
  • Comfortable for long trips, moving your head around.


The Reverb G3 is an amazing piece of equipment for anyone who wants to be able to read their gauges easily and clearly. It has no equal.


The G2 version of Reverb has several improvements over the first generation, including better colors, adjustable ILD, and a lighter cord.


DCS, more so than any other game, demands a high resolution to be capable of seeing those tiny MFDs (and spotting enemies) at close range. This is why the Reverb G2 is an obvious choice for the best headset for DCS.


The sweet spot and FOV are acceptable, but they could be improved.

Hand Controllers

The G2 isn’t perfect. It has some issues, but you won’t really use its hand controllers for flight sim games like DCS because you’ll be using your HOTAS anyways.


It’s really accurate, not just for seated activities but even for Beat Saber which is my primary test activity for accuracy. Like all inside-outside trackers, you need good lighting conditions to ensure effective accuracy.


The Index is a good gaming PC headphone, but for flight sim games, the extra resolution and clarity of the REVERB G2 definitely won me. Make sure you have an adequate graphics card and processor to run it through.

Pimax 8K X

  • Ultra HD TVs offer an unmatched resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels per eye
  • For true immersion, the highest vertical and horizontal field of view (FoV)
  • A perfect fit for simmers who offer clarity and situational understanding.

If you’re willing to spend some extra cash, then there are a couple of VR headset options available that offer what the PIMAX 8K X offers.


It has a resolution so high that it might damage your graphics card, but if you lower the supersampling setting, you’ll be able to see a clearer image than any other VR headsets available today.


One of the most impressive features of the Pimax VR Headphone is its wide field of view (FOV). It has the widest FOV of any VR Headphone available today, bar one.

Being able to see your gauges and other things without twisting your head is a huge improvement. It makes driving so much easier.


It costs a lot of money, but for hardcore DCS VR fanatics, this is the ultimate version of the game.

Oculus Quest 2

  • The high definition of 1920×1080 per eye
  • Easy setup, comfortable and great tracking


Compared to previous Oculus headsets, the screen door effect has been greatly reduced and texts and menus are clearer.


FoV and sweet spot are decent.


All tracking devices, controllers, audio, and so forth are acceptable.


It’s definitely more comfortable than previous headsets and has an adjustable IPD feature which is a big plus for certain people.

We think this is the best value for money you can get at this budget.

Valve Index

It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny.


It’s not a terrible headphone, but the Reverb is better than the one that made it second place.

Hand Controllers

If you plan to play video game titles that require good hand controllers, such as Alyx or Beat Saber for example, then the Index excels at that task.


The Index has a lower resolution than the DCS, so if you’re playing DCS, you might want to consider using an external monitor instead of the Index.


DCS: World is a flight simulation computer gaming software developed by Digital Combat Systems. It was released for Microsoft Windows in 2004.

You now know how to play DC Universe Online in VR.

If you have any further questions, please leave them here.


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