How to Move IOS in House of Terror VR – Quick and Easy Guide with FAQs, Pro Advice, FAQs, & More

Are you wondering how you can move into House of Terror VR IOS?

Let’s find out.

How to Move in House of Terror VR IOS?

Follow these steps

  1. Put together the headset.
  2. Turn the orientation lock off.
  3. Make sure the volume is turned up.
  4. Start the VR experience.
  5. Turn on the motion control.
  6. Turn on VR mode.
  7. Put your phone into the headset.
End Space VR

The Best Virtual Reality Games for iPhone

With an immersive 3dD experience and stunning graphics, your senses will be taken away from the real world and into a make-believe environment where everything looks exceptional.

Playing VR video games on your iPhone is a good way to experience them without having to spend a lot of cash to buy a VR gaming computer.

BattleZ VR

If you’re looking for a challenge, then BattleZ VR might be just the thing you need.

This game is excellent for playing with friends where you can team up to defend your base from zombies. If you want to be more competitive, why not compete against your friends to earn extra power-ups?


You must protect your house from zombies by teaming up with your friends or turning your back on them if they’re not playing well.

You might think you’re the only one who has ever encountered zombies, but there are actually lots of them out there.


It has one of its best features: the multiplayer element. Since most VR titles don’t include that feature, it’s perfect for people who want to play something without having to spend too much money.

If you have a tracking device, then play this game. It gets even better!

Zombie Shooter VR

If you’re into zombie games and want to play them without having to worry about dying, then check out Zombie Shooter VR.

The environment of the video games is dynamic and creepy, making you feel uneasy throughout the entire gameplay. The concept of video games themselves is quite simple.


You live in a post-apocalyptic world where there are bloodthirsty zombies who want to eat you.

Pick up a weapon, go down into the abandoned subway tunnel, and be careful not to get attacked by any zombies or mutants.


It’s easy to learn, so if you’re new to VR games, it might be worth checking out. However, there are lots of In-App purchases available for purchase, so you may want to consider waiting until you’ve played the free version first.

InCell VR

Move over Mario Kart; InCell VR is a good choice for people who enjoy racing games. It’s both fun and educational since it lets you experience a human cell and battle viruses that affect it.


Your goal is to help Mrs. Jane Smith by curing her disease and impress the TMEA 07. Use the objects to navigate to the cells’ nuclei and the game between selected objects.

Each object provides unique abilities to improve your game and protect cells with different tactics.


One thing about this game is that you can download it directly from Steam. Downloading from a gaming site is convenient because most mobile apps can only be downloaded through an application store.

Romans From Mars 360

Play this cool new iPhone VR game where you fight off an invading Martian army. You can attach enemy soldiers with your arrow keys, and you can manipulate the environment around you to your advantage!

If you’re into crafts, then why not craft yourself a deadly weapon to show off to the Martians?


You’re a Roman soldier, and you and your crossbow represent the last line of defense against an invading Martian force. Your job is to use your bow and arrow to shoot at the Martians before they reach your border.

With the aid of the elements around you (such as fire), conquering enemies couldn’t be easier; defend your castle wall, or you run the danger of Earth falling into the hands of the Romans.


This VR game has some interesting upgrades. You can upgrade your weapon and craft an infinite number of them.

You can play this VR experience completely for free.

House of Terror VR

The plot of House Of Terror VR is distinctly different than most of the stories seen in VR games. You’ll encounter interesting puzzles and challenging tasks which keep your brain active at all times.

The visual style is dark, and you must explore environments full of traps and enemies.


Once you’re inside, you can feel that something is wrong even if the reason isn’t immediately apparent. You must investigate the back story behind everything that is happening around and within you.

You’ll explore rooms full of enemies and monsters, solve puzzles and look for clues throughout your adventure. But just be careful not to get captured.


You can play the game for free on your phone. If you already own a Google Cardboard, you can also download the game for free. Horror VR is one of the few horror games where you can move around freely.

If you’re into scary video game experiences, then the mobile feature might be for you.

Roller Coaster VR

We couldn’t leave out one of the best roller coaster games from our list, so we included Roller Coaster VR instead.

This VR iPhone app lets you experience the thrill of riding a rollercoaster from the comfort of your own house. It really feels like you’re actually riding one!


Prepare for an immersive experience in an ultra-realistic 3D VR world of thrilling rollercoaster rides. With detailed graphics and meticulously crafted rides, prepare to be immersed in a theme park.

Some of the songs can be pretty intense and crazy when you put on your headphones.


Roller Coaster VR offers some impressive rides that aren’t found anywhere else in any other game.

With excellent graphics and amazing sound effects, you’ll be addicted to this app. If you’re seeking social proof, take a look at its millions of downloads.

End Space VR

Command the most advanced starfighter available from the United Trade Consortium, and fight for the Tartarus system.


You’re tasked with protecting the TUC’s secret Jump-Drives technology from the Tartarus Liberation Front Insurgency and maintaining the corporation’s dominance.

As you play through the levels, you can discover which secrets are waiting for you at the end of each level.


You can download this game for free on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Steam. The increased popularity of this game has led to considerable improvements in tracking and graphical quality.


There are many ways for you to experience virtual reality on your iPhone. Some require expensive equipment such as PSVR, Oculus Rift, and so on.

There are lots of apps available for free that let you enjoy nature without having to spend any money. You can even use your phone to play games if you’d prefer.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


  • Victor Marquez

    Victor is the Editor in Chief at Techtyche. He tests the performance and quality of new VR boxes, headsets, pedals, etc. He got promoted to the Senior Game Tester position in 2021. His past experience makes him very qualified to review gadgets, speakers, VR, games, Xbox, laptops, and more. Feel free to check out his posts.

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