How to Move in Horror VR – Quick and Easy Guide with FAQs, Pro Advice, FAQs, & More

Are you having a hard time moving in Horror VR?

Let’s find out.

How to Move in Horror VR?

Most of the artificial movements in horror VR are achieved using hand-held controllers that come with the headsets like Quest 2, Oculus Rif, HTC Vive, etc.

Dark Corner

Best Oculus Go VR Horror Games And Experiences

We thought it would be fun to round up some of the very good VR horror game experiences available now.

Mobile-based VR systems like the Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard are just as good as their desktop counterparts.

Affected: The Manor

If you want to scare someone else while watching from the comfort of your own home, Affected: The Manor is an excellent option.

It uses both sounds and clever scripting to create an immersive experience for any VR game, whether it’s a mobile or PC game.

It’s not particularly long, but it’s an excellent one-off horror game.

Cursed Night: The House

If you want some cheap and easy jump scares, then this is always an excellent option. It’s one the quickest to get into, so if you’re showing your Oculus Go to the whole fami­ly for Halloween, this is a great choice.

It’s a good performance, but it doesn’t look particularly spectacular.

Dark Corner

Miss the fun times spent around a campfire, listening to scary stories with friends? If so, then Dark Corner might be for you.

It’s kind of like a repository for scary 360 videos and other content that can all be accessed through one, centralized hub-like user experience.

Dark Days

Dark Days has a ton of things going for it and offers an intriguing setting filled with thrills and mysteries to keep you uncovering its secrets until the end.

It looks pretty bad, but it accomplishes a lot for being on a limited Go game. While the main character feels a little annoying at times (especially when she gets stuck), you’ll grow to love his humor and charm as the adventure continues.

You’re going to get a generous helping of jumps, but not for the faint of hearts.

Dead Secret and Dead Secret Circle

They’re described as “slow-burning psychological horrors” that could’ve come straight from the mind of David Lynch, or even before Dark Knight Christopher Nolan.

These are two VR thrillers where you can easily spend several hours trying to solve the mysteries.

Doors of Silence: The Prologue

It looks really good visually, but it could use some improvements.

It’s not very long, but it definitely feels like you’re waking up from a nightmare. And yes, there are jump-scare moments.


You’ve probably never thought about how terrifying it’d be to be trapped inside a labyrinth, in the dark, without any clue where to go. But that’s essentially Dreadhalls.

It’s procedurally-generate so it’s never the exact same map twice and it’s up to you to find your way through and survive.

Drop Dead

Most of these horror games aren’t fast-paced and they’re all about building up tension until you really get scared. Drop Dead isn’t one of them.

Instead, this game is a fast-paced action/shooter game where you blast away at hordes of undead enemies. It even has cooperative multiplayer for two players!

Face Your Fears

A VR game designed to be one of the best intro-to-VR experiences out there, Face Your Fear is simply fantastic.

There are plenty of games out there that let you experience various kinds of fears, but none of them are free. But this one is.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 360 Video

Five Nights At Freddy’s is one of the biggest indie games on the planet and it has spawned a whole bunch of products besides the game itself.

If you’re not aware, you basically watch surveillance footage from cameras to check for when the mechanical Chuck E. Cheesecake-like monsters move. It’s incredibly disturbing and creepy and now this VR experience brings that horror to you.

The Nun: Escape the Abbey 360 Video

The Nun was met with a mixed response from critics and audiences alike, but this short little video is well worth watching.

It’s very short and has no interactions, but it all builds into one big scare at the ending that is definitely scream-worth. The atmosphere is extremely creepy.

Play With Me

A brief little VR horror experience designed specifically for Oculus Go.

You mainly just explore a house and solve some minor puzzles along the path. But there are a couple of scary moments and it’s completely free.

Rise of Insanity I and II

Inspired in part by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, James Wan’s Saw, and Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill, Rise of Madness is a psychological horror game that has to be experienced firsthand to be truly appreciated.

It takes place in the 1970s in America, where a doctor tries to help a mentally-ill patient who has been suffering from hallucinations for years. Both parts are great, but they need to be watched in the right sequence.

Silent Hill 360 Video

It’s unfortunate that this isn’t an official Silent Hill game, but it’s definitely influenced by P.T.

It’s a free short 360° VR experience that you can watch inside of your Oculus Go’s web browser. It isn’t interactive like a full VR experience is, but it’s just as spooky.

Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

Sisters have been around since long before consumer VR headsets were available.

It’s a short scary movie focused on dolls and small kids which, if you’re like me, is more terrifying than any haunted house could ever be.

Resident Evil 7

When playing Resident Evil 7 with a VR head­set, you’re able to immerse yourself in the game’s terrifying atmosphere.

With creepy lighting and ambient sound effects, Capcom doesn’t need to rely on jump scares for players to be unnerved.

Being able to hear every sound coming from the headset in incredible quality is enough to cement Capcom among the best video game companies for creating scary experiences.


That’s our list of the best horror VR games and experiences currently available. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did making it.

We’d love to hear what you think about these titles or anything else related to VR.

Feel free to comment below.


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