How To Make a VR Video? – Guide for Beginners

A VR video can simply be defined as a video that is shot at a 360-degree angle. This is the basis on which it is differentiated from a regular video. 

Shooting at a 360-degree angle means that you capture all the directions of the setting at a time, instead of in one direction.

A VR video is one of the most applied and used applications of VR technology. The two pieces of equipment needed to make a VR video are a 360-degree camera and a VR video editor.

Quick Summary

In this article, we will discuss the entire process of making a VR video from the initial phase to the final.

Moreover, we will discuss the top three cameras that can be used in making a VR video.

Finally, some FAQs will be discussed that will guide you better in understanding the topic.

How to Make a VR Video?

There are mainly three main steps of when you are making a VR video. Here, we will take a look at these in detail. These steps are as follows.


In this phase, you are required to plan your video. What will be the location, or the setting of the video? Which camera will you use to shoot the video? Which platform will you use to upload your content?

Some platforms are specially created for VR content such as VeeR VR. Other than that, even social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, etc also support virtual reality content.

While choosing the scenario for the video, it is important to keep in mind that it is a VR video, and hence not every sort of content will suit this mode. 

Further, it should be remembered that a VR video means that the audience will not only view the content, but also experience it.Content that will be enjoyed by the audience in VR mode should be chosen to be captured.

How can the audience look around the 360 videos?

If the viewer is using a web browser, he/she can simply use the mouse to look in the other direction. In case they are using mobile phones, then the direction they turn their phone at, the direction of the video will move in the same direction. 


This second phase is the production phase. Here, you will shoot the content you planned on in the initial pre-production phase. 

Shooting content from a 360-degree angle means that the video will also include the person behind the camera in the video. 

Hence, it is important to make sure the role is purposeful or if not, the individual can exclude himself by walking out of the frame after pressing the record button.

Post Production

In the post-production phase, you perform editing on the content you have shot. 

This includes compiling the videos together, adding music, or any additional editing features such as subtitles, text, etc. There are many video editing software available that are specially designed for VR video content.

Some of the software allows you to convert a normal video into a VR video and then perform editing.

Top Three 360-Degree Cameras

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max is widely acknowledged to be one of the best 360-degree cameras, as it is known to capture 6k video at 30 frames per second. Furthermore, it has an inbuilt editing system that offers many advanced editing features.

The camera allows the footage to be viewed on any device, causing no restriction. One of the most appreciated features of the camera is that it is waterproof up to 16 feet. 

It consists of a 1600mAh removable battery. Additionally, it has a USB-C port which allows for speedy charging.


  • Touch Screen
  • Water Proof
  • Excellent quality 
  • Fast charging
  • Good Audio


  • Highly expensive

Insta360 One RS

Insta360 One RS was launched as a new and improved model of Insta360 One R. It now includes many additional features that make it more user-friendly..

The camera offers free editing software that comes with an instruction guide on how to use it and what features it consists of. Although it is not one of the best editing applications, it includes several basic editing options.

It offers a high-quality capture. Furthermore, it includes standard video modes such as timelapse, and bullet time, etc. You can attach the camera anywhere and record quality footage.


  • Free editing software
  • Several capturing modes
  • Mounting options
  • HDR Mode
  • More than one lens


  • Average editing software
  • Pretty expensive

Garmin VIRB 360

Garmin VIRB 360 is one of the best 360-degree cameras as it offers unique features. It captures 4k video at a rate of 30 frames per second

It comes with a lot of accessories, including two lenses, GPS, a barometer, and an accelerometer. You can connect a regular or a hand-sized tripod with the camera. You can also attach it with helmets or any other space.

Moreover, the feature of audio allows you to give verbal instructions.


  • Build suitable for rugged spaces
  • Waterproof
  • Free editing software feature
  • Several accessories
  • Easy pairing


  • Expensive
make a vr video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a regular video be transformed into a VR video?

A lot of editing apps do this job without any hassle. It is an easy process where you upload the video and simply convert it to a VR version. 

What is the format of a VR video?

The format in which a VR video is developed is known as the spherical format. When the VR video is viewed, the virtual reality headsets allow the audience to experience the visuals in real form.

Can we interchange the terms “360 videos” and “VR video”?

According to most sources, the two terms “360-degree video” and “VR video” can be used interchangeably. 

Whereas, according to other sources, a 360-degree video simply refers to a regular video where one can choose to look in any direction of the video. A VR video on the other hand allows a reality-based experience for the audience, where the objects and people appear to be real

Some say that a VR video is a video captured at a 360-degree angle and consisting of VR effects.

How long does the battery of GoPro Max last?

GoPro Max is one of the top 360-degree cameras. For a 360-degree shoot, the battery lasts approximately 85 minutes. Whereas, during a single capture, it tends to last around 105 minutes.

How long does GoPro Max take to charge fully?

It takes approximately 2 hours when you charge it through a standard charger of, GoPro Max. If another device is used to charge, such as a power bank or laptop, it might take up to 3 to 4 hours.

What is the meaning of the VIRB widget?

The widget means that the camera can be managed through the VIRB app on the mobile phone. It will allow the mobile phone to act as a remote to control the camera.

Has Garbin discontinued the sale of Garmin VIRB 360?

Yes, it has discontinued its sale. However, it can be easily bought through third-party sellers such as Amazon, etc.

How long does the battery of the Insta360 One RS last?

When the camera is shooting in a 360-degree space, then the battery of Insta360 One RS is known to last a maximum of 60 minutes.


Virtual reality has recently gained massive popularity in different domains. From educational and health reasons to online gaming to a lot more, VR technology has successfully created a new entertainment space for the audience.

Making VR videos is one of the most applied applications of VR technology, mainly because developing VR videos is an extremely simple process and requires no special training.

Have you ever created a VR video? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 


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