How to Launch Minecraft in VR – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs

If you’re wondering how to launch Minecraft into VR.

You’ve come to the right place.

How to Launch Minecraft in VR?

You may need to create a custom keyboard/mouse combination for launching Minecraft in VR if you’re not able to access the launcher through the Oculus Home menu.

  1. To set up a customized keyboard command, right-click your desktop, then choose “New” > “Shortcuts.”
  2. To get the location of an item, type “minecraft://mode/” followed by “/” (a slash) and then “
  3. Next, click “Next” and enter a name for your shortcut, like “Minecraft VR.”
  4. If you create a shortcut for Minecraft on your desktop, it should automatically have the game’s launcher when you click on it.
  5. Click Finish, and your Minecraft VR shortcut will be created.

If you want to use this keyboard shortcut, make sure your VR Headset is connected to your PC and turned on. Then click the keyboard icon you created to open Minecraft in your VR headset.

VR Controls

You can also access individual options from the pause menu by tapping the Menu icon (gamepad) and then selecting an option.

Options: VR Menu

The player controls their character using a set of options that are displayed in a new VR Options screen accessible by pressing the Menu key on the controller.

We recommend using these settings unless you know why they’re wrong for your site.

VR Controls

  • ON: VR Controls (In progress) – If these controls are enabled, they will be disabled by default.
  • OFF: Classic Controls – Options for VR Head Steer­ling, Linear Jump, VR Turni­ng, and Virtual Reality Turning Sounds are ignored.

Show Control Selection Screen

When starting up for the first time, the user is presented with an interface where he/she has to select the VR control mode. If this setting is turned off, then the last chosen VR control mode is stored.

You can toggle this feature off if you want to see the game screen again.

VR Turning

Only available in Immersive mode.

  • ON: Turing is currently done in segments (by design).
  • OFF: Classic Controls turn is turned off. Note that VR Turn By Time setting is ignored.

VR Turn by Time: What is it?

You can only use this feature when playing in Immersive mode.

  • ON: VR Turn uses the same number of turns as the original game, but the angle changes depending on how far the Right Stick is pressed.
  • ON: VR Turn occurs at a constant angle.

VR Turning Sound

Only available in Immersive mode.

  • ON: A distinctive noise sounds when the player turns.
  • OFF: The sound turns on when turning.

Head Steering

  • ON: The movement of the characters’ heads follows the player’s gaze.
  • OFF: If the character is not moving, then their direction of movement is independent of the camera angle. They turn when they move relative to the camera.

3D Rendering

  • ON: This option disables stereoscopic 3D mode when in Immersive Mode. It also reduces the draw distances to try to keep the game running at a stable framerate.
  • OFF: The game renders two frames per second for each eye.

Linear Jump

  • ON: The Jump is a two-stage linear jump, which removes both the variable speed and deceleration from the jump and jumps the same height as blocks.
  • OFF: The game features the classic controls Jump/Drift HUD

HUD Drift

  • ON: HUDs may be able to float for comfort.
  • OFF: HUD is fixed in place relative to the player’s head.

Linear Motion

If you turn off acceleration/deceleration, the player’s speed remains constant regardless of whether he’s moving forward or backward.

Sticky Mining

  • ON: Causes the current mining location to stay highlighted until the current mining location is destroyed. If the user’s view changes to another location, a second mining location will appear to guide them and show where they need to go.
  • OFF: The cursor remains stationary as the miner digs into the ground. If the miner looks away from the block they’re digging, they must wait until they return to dig again.

Options: Controls

VR Sensitivity

When playing in Immersive Mode, this control alters the sensitivity of both classic modes turning controls and VR turning controls.

VR Auto-Jump

When playing in Immersive Mode, this control function alters the way the game behaves. It turns this feature on and off in VR but doesn’t affect the classic mode auto-jump.

Options: Graphics

VR Brightness

Adjusts the brightness of the screen in both VR modes (immersive and living room)

Texel Anti-Aliasing

This feature isn’t available on Note 4 so it’s hidden.

  • ON: Anti-aliased rendering of block textures is disabled for better performance.
  • OFF: Anti-aliasing of block textures is enabled.
Options: Controls

Can I Play Both Editions of Minecraft on Quest 2?

You can play both versions of Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2, but there are some differences between the two.

You can play Minecraft on Quest 2 just like you would on any other computer. It will stream from your Quest 2.

You can play the different Minecraft games in VR on Quest 2.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

With its new features, including support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the Minecraft Bedrock edition is now VR-ready. We can easily set it up and start playing right away.


You will need to buy it either from the Microsoft store or it will be available through your Xbox Game Pass subscription.


On top of that, the Bedrock version has its own set of disadvantages. One major drawback is that you cannot modify it like you can modify the Java version.

Minecraft Java Edition

The original version of Minecrafters, the Java Edition, is much more customizable than the Windows Edition. It also has more physical VR interactions, so Oculus Quest 2 users may enjoy this version more.

However, the Java version doesn’t natively support running in virtual reality (VR) and requires a slightly longer process.


You can purchase the Java edition from the Microsoft Store or it will already be included in the Xbox Game Pass library.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a relatively new technology that has been available for quite some time now. The first VR headset was bulky and expensive, but technology has improved significantly since then.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know by commenting below.


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