How to Keep Gear VR Cool – Everything You Need to Know

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Is your Gear VR heating up?

Read this article to find out how you can keep it cool.

How to Keep Gear VR Cool?

You can keep our Gear VR cool by doing this.

  1. Cool Your Gear with the Fan
  2. Heat Sink Your Home
  3. Use VR on a Fully Charged Smartphone
  4. Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen
  5. Take Off in Airplane Mode
  6. Close All Running Background Apps
  7. Turn off the Notifications
  8. Clear Cache

Why Does Gear VR Get Overheated?

There are several reasons why the Samsung Gear VR headset might get hot. One reason is that your smartphone may not have enough battery life, which could cause it run apps in the background. Another reason is that the screen may be too bright.

Here are the causes of Samsung gear VR overheating:

Low Battery on the Phone

If your smartphone has enough power, you can use it to run a VR app.

You can use your phone to heat up your Gear VR headset. Apps for Gear VR headsets can be very large, so phones won’t be able to load high bandwidths when they’re running at lower battery levels.

High Brightness Level

If you keep your screen at too low a setting, your battery will drain quickly. To avoid this problem, you can increase the recommended temperature for your device by adjusting its display settings.

Running Background Apps

Background applications can make your device warm up. Some applications run in the background of your device. This can lead to an overheating issue.

If you want to run multiple applications at once, you need to use RAM to increase the workload.

Use The Cover Of Gear

You need to attach the Gear VR case to the phone so that it doesn’t get too hot. This prevents the phone from overheating.

How To Keep Gear VR Cool?

How To Keep Gear VR Cool?

If you’re using Gear VR, there are some things you can do to prevent your device from overheating.

Cool Your Gear with the Fan

You can attach many fans to your phone to keep it cool while using the Gear VR.

Most cooling fans include their own batteries to power them, so they don’t need charging from your smartphone.

There are plenty of coolers for sale on the market. Go to an actual store to buy one. Connect it to your VR device, and keep it cool.

Gear Cover

When you adjust the fan, don’t use the Gear Covers. The temperature of the VR headset isn’t affected by these covers.

Heat Sink Your Home

If you don’t already have an ice bag or cooling pad, you can use a piece of aluminum foil instead. To create a cooling pad, follow these steps:

  • You need to make a piece of aluminum that is nonstick. For best results, the length of the aluminum should be between 10-15 centimeters (4-6″). It should be long enough for the aluminum to cover both sides of your phone.
  • Make sure that the fold is the same size as your phone.
  • Tape it to your headset with tape.
  • It shouldn’t be placed on the headset’s case.

If the foil gets hot enough, it will also become hot. Be careful when taking off the foil from your device because it may burn you.

Use VR on a Fully Charged Smartphone

If your smartphone has low battery power, its processor may not be able to simultaneously handle the many tasks required to use VR.

As a result, your device will get hot. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged before attaching your headgear.

Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen

Higher screen brightness means using more battery power, so the faster the CPU works, the warmer the device gets.

You can adjust the screen’s backlight by using the quick panel on your smartphone.

You can also lower the brightness of your VR device. By default, the brightness of Gear VR is set at 7. However, you may be able to lower it to suit your needs.

Take Off in Airplane Mode

Your phone needs to be connected to the internet for the cellular service to operate. If there are no open apps at the time, the cellular service will keep operating even though there are no open apps.

If you’re using your phone in an area where there isn’t a strong cellular signal, then your phone will have to work harder to get a connection. This activity doesn’t really matter what type of device you use.

Airplane mode is an excellent choice for virtual reality (VR) gaming and movies. Your phone won’t require any focus on the net at all.

You’ll be able to access this feature from the quick menu. To shut down your movie or game, just touch the button.

Close All Running Background Apps

Let’s assume there is an application running in the foreground. This may drain the battery faster. The phone needs more juice to run those applications. It drains more electricity from the battery.

These steps will remove background apps from Samsung phones.

  • Click the shortcut to open up the last app you were using. You will see all of the running applications in the lower left corner of your screen.
  • You’ll be able to see which app works best for you by swiping up on them.
  • To close all background applications, there will be an option for you to select “close all” from the app switcher menu.

You should also disable the notification so that you don’t accidentally trigger an update. Some notifications may activate apps and cause them to perform background tasks.

Turn off the Notifications

If you use Gear VR for games, movies, or other applications that receive notifications, you might experience several issues. Those notifications often cause inactive applications to wake up, and they begin to run in the background.

You can change your notification settings from within the app itself. From the main screen, tap Settings > Notification Settings. Here you’ll find options such as allowing emergency calls and texts, turning off silent mode, and changing how often you receive push notifications.

Clear Cache

Clear the cache from the Samsung phone

  • Click on Settings
  • Choose Storage
  • Select Cache
  • Tap on “Delete Cache” next.


If you use Samsung Gear VR, you need to be careful not to overheat it by following some simple rules.

Hopefully, this information will allow you to use your Gear VR without overheating it.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them here.


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