How to Go Upside Down in Echo VR – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, & More

If you use Echo VR you might be wondering how to go upside down in Echo VR.

In this article, we will tell you how to go upside down in echo VR.

How to Go Upside Down in Echo VR?

Echo VR is a virtual reality headset that lets you experience the world around you in 360 degrees, and it’s one of the most popular headsets on the market right now. 

To go upside down in Echo VR, all you have to do is put your head into the top strap and then pull it towards your body as if you were going to sit up.

This will cause the screen to be displayed at a downward angle, giving you the feeling like you’re looking down from above. You can also use this trick to look left or right by turning your head in those directions.

Echo Arena

Echo Arena

What Is Echo Arena?

Echo Arena is a fast-paced first-person competitive multiplayer shooter from developer Ready at Dawn. Players use their Echo Units to fight against each other in zero gravity.

Players in a full-contest sport (such as basketball) wear headsets to play against opponents using the Oculus Touch platform. They then move around the virtual court by grabbing, punching, gliding, and boosting their way to the opposing team’s goal.

Where Can I Play Echo Arena?

Echo Arena is an immersive VR experience exclusively available for the Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest 1 and 2, which require the use of the Oculus touch controllers.

You can use the third-party app “ReVive” to connect an HTC Vive to the Oculus Rift.

Echo Arena will be available for free when it launches on July 20th, but there will also be a paid version called “Echo Combat.”

Controls & Movement

Below is a list of buttons for each type of control.

  • If you hold down the right trigger button, grab the controller, then press the left thumb stick up, you’ll perform a fist punch.
  • If you hold down the right thumb stick, grip the controller, then click the right wrist thruster, you’ll perform a hand slap.
  • Grab is your primary means of interacting with the world. By grabbing objects you’re able to “flick” yourself around. You may also grab other players and hitch a ride, and flick yourself off of them. When grabbing the disc, it’s the primary means of gameplay.
  • Punching someone in the face lets you knock them out.
  • Block: Holding two fists up in front of your chest will allow you to block incoming punches. It will also stun the attacker.
  • The brakes will slow you down in mid-air. It might take a few seconds before they bring you to a full halt.
  • Boost will propel you forward at high speeds in the direction you’re pointing.
  • Using the wrist thrusters (aka hand grips), you can control your flight path by adjusting your vector. You can even move yourself up into the air using them!
  • By enabling snap turns, you can reorient yourself along the yaw axis (left/right) without having to use the mouse wheel.
  • By enabling Snap-Roll, you can re-position yourself along the Roll-Axes (up/down) so that you’re facing up instead of down. Some people enjoy doing this for fun, though others do it just because they want to be different from everybody else.

The Lobby

When you load up a new map, you’ll be dropped into an “Activate Pod”. You must physically pull the release lever so that your Echo Unit (you) can exit the pod and explore the world.

Take advantage of these opportunities to re-position yourself in your game space, readjust your Rift/Touch, and know that you can AFKing during a loading screen and still be able to move normally when returning.

Matchmaking Station

The center of the room is the “Matching Station” which has 10 matching booths. These let you enter the line to be matched up with other players. You’ll also find spectator and custom matches here.

A screen will appear on your watch when you’re entering a queue telling you the current wait time for the queue.

At the heart of each station is a holographic projection of the arena, which allows players to get an idea of the map and terminology before they enter.


Located in the same building as the match-making station. Details of what the Leaderboard tracks will be added later.

Combat Room

It’s a spherical room with a myriad of floating objects.

Within the range of this room, your hands are usable. You can use them for punching, shooting, and disabling opponents, as well as blocking with both hands.

Customization Room

Here you’ll be able to change the appearance of your Echo Dot.

You can customize the appearance of your robot by changing its color, pattern, as well decal designs on different parts of your robot. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock additional customization features for your robot.

Practice Arena

This room has two opposite goals and a few scattered obstacles. It can be useful for practicing your disc throwing skills and maneuvering.

There are no defined groups within this meeting, and neither group keeps track of points or objectives.

The disk in this room cannot go through the transparent barriers and bounces off if thrown or carries into one of them.

Recommended Skills

Basketball and baseball are sports where players compete against each other using the same court or field. However, they can vary greatly in terms of strategy, teamwork, and individual skills. So too can a great sport.

  • For Echo Arena, these are some of the skills you should focus on as you play through your first few matches.
  • Autogrip. Your middle digit is your grip. If it presses, it will automatically grasp any object that goes through your hand. This can come in handy if the disc was heading toward you or if you were trying to catch a pass.
  • Press and hold down your thumb button, then rapidly tap the touch screen. This will cause you to push the disc away from the target, or to jump back from the wall.
  • Practice this in the lobby. It’s best to practice this near the spawning pods where you can bounce between the two walls.
  • Throwing. There exist various types of throwing. To begin with, there are the basic throws, such as the jab, hook, cross, uppercut, and so forth. Then there are the advanced throws, including the spinning back fist, roundhouse kick, and others.

Finally, there are special throws, such as the flying knee, spinning elbow, and others. Each style of throw requires a certain amount of

  • Overhand like a ball (preferred in most situations)
  • Backhand “frisbee” throw (can be useful and fast)
  • Forehand flick (a quick movement with a flick of the wrist)
  • Underhand like a baseball bat (used for most shots)
  • When throwing a Frisbee, use a very slow throw so that you don’t lose control of the disc.

It’s not uncommon for people who play Fortnite to boost their scores by using certain techniques. However, boosting and re-grabbing won’t necessarily help you win every battle. Don’t get stressed out if you’re struggling to beat others.

Boost your Score

To increase your score, you need to beat out another player who is moving forward. This will provide you with an extra push of momentum. If he then grabs you, it will increase your speed even further.

The team that gets boosted around the court first will be able to reach their disc faster than any other team, making it easier for them to get back to defense an unguarded basket, etc. Boosting together gives teams a huge advantage.

Stun Enemies

You get the ability to stun enemies when you hit them in their helmets. Both hands holding up your own head give you a shield so that if an enemy punches you, he’ll be stunned instead.


If you’re using shields, you’ll notice that there are two small yellow circles on either side of your character. These circles will turn red when they run out of energy.


We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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