How To Get Started As A Video Game Content Creator? 

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After a boom back in the 2010s, video game content creators started to take off. Big names such as KSI and PewDiePie became influencers, and it got to the point that it was a justifiable career path for many. If you’ve grown up watching these video game content creators on YouTube or Twitch, you may be curious about how to get into this career. 

Firstly, you should know that if you go into this with the mindset of just wanting to make money, then you probably won’t get there. Viewers can see right through content creators, and if they see you are only there for the money and not for entertainment, then they won’t be interested.

So ensure you are authentic with your content creation, and have fun with it. 

If you are serious about creating content online, then know there are many avenues you can take. You could sign up for the new streaming platform Kick, use the tried-and-tested Twitch, or start by creating videos on YouTube. If you aren’t ready for live streaming, creating gaming videos on YouTube is a great way to get involved with the community and find your feet. Here is a bitesize guide on what you’ll need to do to create your first gaming video. 

Record Your Screen or Capture Video 

How can you hope to record a gaming video without knowing how to record your screen or capture video in the first place! The first question you have to ask yourself is, will you be playing games on a console or PC/Mac? If you’re playing and recording via PC, this is a lot easier, as you can record a specific window. A good step-by-step guide explains how to record specific windows on Mac that can elevate your video.  

If you’re playing games on a console, you may need an external capture card, or something linked to a PC to record the footage. If you’re creating a gaming video featuring your face in the corner, try to make the background fun! Also, ensure your recording space is well-lit so viewers can see you!  

Find The Right Games 

Before you hit that record button, it’s crucial that you learn about your audience and figure out what they actually want to watch. You already know that you will be getting involved with gaming, but what area of gaming? There are so many different games and audiences you can approach within this space, you just need to have an idea of where to start. You could think about games you know you’ll enjoy playing, whether old or new, or you could find what games are out there with an audience with a lack of creators making content around them. 

For example, we all know there are a lot of Call of Duty content creators out there, but there aren’t yet many XDefiant content creators out there. With the game coming with a lot of hype, this could allow you to gain a big audience early and give them exactly what they want! 

Write a Script 

Many content creators, especially those on YouTube and non-streaming platforms, will actually write a script for their videos. This won’t be the case for all gaming videos, especially ones that are just multiplayer games, but you will find that many creators have certain points they want to talk about or things to do in a video, so they will plan it well ahead of time.  

To go one step further, you could even create a storyboard! A simple script can help you be more efficient, which will save both your viewers and you time. What’s more, you’ll be less likely to forget something crucial. Make sure your script matches what will happen on screen during your video. Rather than starting with a blank page, you can use a general script template to help you put a script together in minutes. This gaming script template could then be used in videos later on!  

Find A High-Quality Mic 

Find A High-Quality Mic 

With your script by your side, the next step is to ensure you have high-quality audio. You may be using a camera that records your face and audio at the same time, but many video game content creators will purchase a separate dedicated microphone, so that the audio is more high quality.  

There are plenty of options out on the market, and it can come down to personal preference. Remember to set up your recording software to recognise the video capture and audio capture devices as two separate devices, and that the settings are optimal for your gaming needs. 

Edit the Video 

Once you’ve recorded your gaming video, the hard work doesn’t stop there. In fact, a whole load of editing is needed to get your gaming video up to scratch. You can use certain tools to cut out mistakes, trim footage, and make it look how you intended.  

You will need to edit your video so you can add in your audio too. Just make sure it syncs perfectly with what’s happening on screen.  

Add a Video Intro 

To lead viewers into your content, you may want to add a video intro. While not many big video game content creators now have a video intro (as they prefer to utilize SEO techniques to help boost their video), it’s worth looking into. 

It’s wise to keep your opening simple and straightforward. This intro could be a template that is then used across all your videos, or each intro could be unique and address what is about to happen in the video, much like what Mr. Beast does! 

Get Sharing 

Once you have created the video, the next step is to get it out there to be seen! If you are streaming on Twitch, you should post on social media and utilize hashtags about your game to attract viewers.  

It’s a similar story to YouTube. You should post it out there and build up a fanbase who will do this for you eventually! It’s important that you share these videos organically, and avoid using spam techniques, as this may negatively affect your video’s viewership! 


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