How to Get Pain as a VR Master – Detailed Guide with FAQs & More

A world without war is hard to get but you can get Pain as a VR master.

Read this article to find out.

How to Get Pain as a VR Master?

Get to the Mitsuki Quest line and complete it. That will unlock Konan.

Make Konan your VR master and get her to second mastery or second star. That will unlock Pain.

Best Anime VR Games

As virtual reality becomes more popular, it’s no wonder that many people are searching for the best VR games.

One of the genres that you might want to consider playing is anime-themed games, which include both games based entirely on animes and games that use visual elements from animes in their gameplay.

There aren’t too few anime VR games, but most of them don’t live up to their potential. Here are the best ones and every system they’re available on.

One Piece: Grand Cruise

One Piece is one the most popular anime ever created, so many game developers have taken advantage of its popularity by using it as a basis for their own games.

You’ll be able to meet Luffy and many members of his crew within one episode: Grand Cruise.

You can also enjoy One Piece: Grand Cruise even if you don’t own a PlayStation 4 console. It’s available for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


AirTone is similar to other music games like Beat Saber; but, you can play Neon as you tap the right moving object to progress through the level

You’ll mainly listen to upbeat music while playing Airtone, so if you’re into happy songs, then it’s a good rhythm game for you.

Story Mode

Unlike most rhythm games that revolve around music, Airtone has a story where you play as an anime character named Neon.

AirTone is an excellent introduction to VR rhythm games if you’re into Japanese animation. It works on both the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

Tokyo Chronos

As you might expect, Tokyo Chronos takes place in Tokyo. You play as an anime character who solves mysteries by exploring his environment. It’s a ton of fun if you enjoy visual novel-style games.

One of the best things about Tokyo Chronos is that there are lots of different ways to play it. It works well on both the PlayStation VR (PSVR) and the HTC Vive Pro, but it’s especially good on the Oculus Quest.

VR Tennis Online

If you’re into sports and anime aesthetics, then you should definitely check out VR Tennis Online for the Oculus Rift.

There are eight different characters available for players to choose from. Each character has their own unique appearance, so they’re mainly designed to look like they belong in an animated series.

Sairento VR

It technically isn’t an anime game, but it incorporates many elements that anime lovers appreciate, especially in its combat systems.

The gameplay in Sairento involves fast-paced, ninja-themed, and relies heavily on advanced maneuvers. But it’s not hard to pick up the controls and get right into the action.

You can use both weapons and magic in Sairento which gives it a wide variety of gameplay options.

Campaign Mode

You can also select non-story mission modes if you’d rather just mess around with the game’s mechanics. Sairentos VR is available for most major VR headsets, but not the PlayStation 4.

Spice & Wolf VR One & Two

There are lots of VR games with anime themes or anime graphics, but Spice & Wolf one and two are both based on actual anime, and they’re more like interactive game experiences than traditional video games.

There are two types of games here, one that tells the story of the couple on an exciting adventure while another lets you simply watch them settle into their new home.

VR Chat

There are many ways to describe VR Chat and the content within it. It’s a game with many smaller game modes and chat rooms for socializing.

While VR Chat doesn’t focus primarily on the theme of “animes,” you can create your own avatars and some people choose to play using them.

Pokemon VR

Pokemon VR is a mobile app that lets you explore real-world locations with Pokemon characters. It’s free to download but requires you to pay for Pokeballs if you want to capture them.

Fans’ dreams of seeing their favorite Pokemon in real life have finally been fulfilled.

Pokemon VR is a fun experience, even though it’s not really anything special. It’s available through SideQuest.

Hatsune Miku VR

Hatsune Miku has become one of the most popular characters in the anime industry because of her huge fan base.

Hatsune Miku: VR is a virtual reality Rhythm action/dance video game, but it’s more unusual than most rhythm games because you get to dance along with Hatsune Miku herself, and with her songs.

If you already enjoy Hatsune Miku, Hatsune Miku VR might be the perfect experience for you to play. It’s available on PCVR headsets (including the HTC Vive), the PlayStation VR, and the Oculus Quest, among others.

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing

Little Witch Academia: Virtual Realities Broom Racing is one example of a game that works perfectly well in virtual realities.

You can play this game by using a VR headset. It lets you feel as if you’re actually flying on a magic carpet.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to fly on a broom, then this anime-themed game is the best option, and you won’t be disappointed by the racing mechanics either.

Sword Reverie

Sword Reverie VR is one of the most unusual sword-fighting games available for virtual reality headsets. If you’re into the graphics, you’ll really dig this one.

You can use swords to fight while also creating blasts to shoot at enemies. It’s something straight out of an animated series.

The combat in Sword Revier makes you feel like you’re inside an anime movie.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!

Space Channel was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast console but has now been brought back to life in virtual reality for an entirely different experience.

Like other VR games, SpaceChannel5VR is a rhythm game and features dance as its main interactive mechanism.

It has a nice visual style, and it’ll remind people of an anime when they see it.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash!


VR has been slowly gaining popularity for the last few years and now is starting to become a mainstream game platform.

If you’re an anime fan looking for a way to get immersed in the anime world, there are lots of options available when it comes to VR games.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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