How to Get Free VR Games? – Everything You need to Know

Everybody loves free things. ‘

Let’s see how you can get free VR games.

How to Get Free VR Games?

Click the Store button, select Pricing, select free, select a title you want, and then click Get.

The Best Free Games For The Oculus Quest

Nowadays, everybody has dreamed about the possibilities of virtual realities, and now they’re affordable enough for you to enjoy in your own living room.

But consoles like the Oculus Quest are still relatively new, so buying lots of them can be expensive.

Fortunately, there are free apps available on each VR headset and the Oculus Quest has some great ones that you can play without paying anything.

You can even play some of these games for free on the new Oculus Quest headset. Here are the best ones.


Hax is an action/shooter game where you use different weapons to fight against powerful robots. It’s really fun if you’re into shooters. There are tons of customization options for your weapons and you can even create your own!

First-person shooter gameplay is also a lot of fun because it offers an immersive experience compared to traditional video gameplay.

There aren’t many free first-person shooters available for the Oculus Quest, but Hax is one of them. It’s a thrilling game for anyone who loves FPS games.

Mirewood Manor

Mirewood Manor, an Oculus Quest game, is one of the spookiest free games available for the headset. It lets you explore a creepy mansion, just like a bunch of haunted houses. You can even play it with up to four friends, adding even more fun to your eerie experience.

The main goal of Mirewood manor is to solve the mysterious incident that happened before you arrived at its grounds.

There’s plenty to see and do in this free horror game. It takes roughly 10 hours to complete, so there’s lots to discover.


V-Speedway offers an excellent way for beginners to get started with driving games. It lets you race in first-perso­nal, and you’ll have fun playing through the various courses. There are also online leaderboards where you can compete against other players.

There are plenty of options when it comes to playing Time Attack, Single Race or just riding around the track without any restraints.

One of the main advantages of V-Speedway compared to other simulators is that it offers extra customizability, including the ability to change which direction the car turns when driving straight.


It’s a free building game where you can use blocks to construct anything from a tiny cottage to a massive city. There’s plenty of room for you to explore and experiment with different designs.

If you’re not into the building by yourself, then Discovery is perfect for you because you can play online together with your buddies. You can also choose from over 200 different building materials, so your creations will be unique.

If you enjoy playing base-builder games outside of VR, then you’ll be pleased by how enjoyable Discovery is when you’re wearing an Oculus Quest headset.

Mission X

Laser Tag is a popular activity among people, so it makes a perfect premise for a fun at-home VR experience. Mission X takes this idea and turns it into a first-person shooter.

Mission X has a multiplayer feature where you can play against up to nine other people. You can even connect with your friend and play together!

With its many maps and missions, you’ll never be bored of the Battle of Mission X, which is one of the most fun VR games for the Oculus Quest. You can play it for free.

how to get free VR games

How to Get Free VR Games?

Battle Talent

Battle Talent is an innovative game that offers a unique experience thanks to its advanced gameplay mechanics.

It allows players to practice their skills by fighting against opponents in real-life battles. Players can improve their skills through training sessions where they learn new techniques and tactics.

You shouldn’t be afraid to use melee or magic if you don’t enjoy them. There’s something for every type of player in Battle Talent, so you should give it a shot even if you’re not into one particular genre.

Pavlov Shack

Pavlov Shack is a good free sidequest game because it’s a multiplayer shooting game that you can enjoy playing online against other people.

With few first-person shooter games available on the Oculus Quest, Pavlov Shack being free was a dream for fans of the genre

First-person shooters are even more fun in VR, but they’re also really fast-paced. With an enormous arsenal to choose from and loads of different locations to explore in multiplayer games, there’s a lot of fun to be had at Pavlov Shack other than just the fact that it’s completely free. If you love FPSs, then Pavlov Shack might be worth checking out for yourself.

Gods Of Gravity

Gods of Gravity is a sidequest game where you play as an astronaut who controls celestial bodies, such as the moon, for example.

You send spaceships to these celestial bodies to collect resources and then use them to upgrade your ship. It’s a thrilling experience, indeed!

You can even compete against your friends to see who gains control of the most celestial bodies.

One of the best parts of Gods of Gravity is that it takes place in outer-earth orbit, which means that there aren’t too many VR experiences available for the Oculus Quest that take players into outer-earth orbit.

Puzzling Places

There are lots of different types of VR games, but some of them are designed for relaxation, too. One example is Puzzling Places on the sidequest.

With its 3D puzzle pieces, Puzzling Places lets you piece together locations from different parts of Earth. It’s an amazing way to relax and unwind after a long day at work.


These are just a handful of the free games available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest headsets. There are dozens of others, so make sure to check them all out.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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