How to Get Credits in Pokerstars VR? – Detailed Guide with Tips, FAQs & More

Are you wondering how you can get more credits on Pokerstar VR?

Let’s find out.

Pokerstars VR How to Get Credits?

  1. You get one credit for each minute of poker or blackjack played.
  2. You can complete daily/weekly tasks.
  3. You can buy credits at the store if they’re available in your region.

PokerStars VR Review

This Pokerstars VR Review will cover the different facets of playing virtual poker, including the various types of poker tournaments and how they work.

The featured tournament is poker, which is played online. Players can select from different levels and stakes before beginning play. They also offer other card and dice-type gambling options, which expand the gaming experience.

You can play real-time online multiplayer video games using a headset called Oculus Rift.

How Does PokerStars VR Work?

To play PokerStars VR, you need virtual reality headset technology such as an Oculus Rift, Meta Quest2, or the HTC Vive. Once you’ve got your gear set up, all you need to do is download the PokerStarsVR app from the Oculus Store, and your VR poker journey starts.

The gameplay is extremely realistic, and you can actually talk to other players as if they were sitting right next to you. You can even watch real-time online tournaments to see what the pro players are doing.

Enter The PokerStars VR World

Pokerstars VR is a card game played in VR (virtual) reality. Once the match begins, you’re taken to a room where you can meet other players, choose from different buy-ins, or play a private poker tournament for you and your buddies.

The latest update even has multi-table tournaments. There are slots to play and other table game options like blackjack and roulette.

You may want to check out the “bonuses” wheel to see if there are any bonuses available today. You can buy virtual cigars, beers, drinks, and even items you’d never find at a traditional casino like fireworks.

pokerstars VR how to get credits

How to Get Credits in Pokerstars VR?

Frequently Asked Questions – Pokerstars

Is there an in-game tutorial?

Yes! To play this game, open your phone app store and download the game. Once downloaded, tap on the game icon and select “play”.

When you are ready, select the level you wish to play and then tap “start” to begin. You will receive 100 stars credits for completing the level.

How do I look at my hole cards?

Press the button on the side of the controller to open up the menu screen. Turn your wrist like at a regular game table to show the hole cards.

Can other players see my hole cards?

You can’t tell what other players’ hands look like unless they’re showing their own hole card(s), but you can always tell when someone flips his/her hole card because there will be a red spades symbol next to the name of the player who has shown their hole card.

How do I show my hole cards?

  • You may show one card or two cards at any time when playing against a single opponent.
  • To show two-card hands, hold the controller sideways and press down on the joystick as though it were a regular gamepad input.
  • Show one: Place your hand on the cards; press the joystick to select the top or bottom cards (the cards will slightly move); press the trigger button to reveal the selected cards. Press down on the joysticks to show them to everyone.

How do I make a bet?

If you’re playing online poker, grab some cards from your hand by triggering them and throwing them behind the betting line. Just like real-life poker!

How do I make a call?

The amount to bet is automatically selected and placed into the gambling ring on your right-side. You may either take the chips and place them behind the gambling line to call, or you can speak out loud and say “Call”.

How do I check?

If you see the green check icon in front of you, click it. If you don’t see the green check icon, swipe across it in one fluid movement, or speak “Check” into your phone.

How do I fold?

  • Physically hold your card between your thumb and index finger and then throw it across the table
  • You can turn on the “Fold” command by saying “Fold” into your smartwatch’s microphone.

How do I go all in?

  • Form a wide angle between your hands and push your chip stack into the middle of the table.
  • You can turn on voice command options in your Watch app and say “All in” or “I’m all in.” Only PC players can use these features.
  • From the utility menu, spawn the All-in (AI) betting tool and place it across the bet types.

How do I spawn items and props?

You can purchase different props from the store and then use them by going into your inventory > props. When you click on the desired item, it will appear in the middle of your watch menu where you can grab it.

If you grab the prop, it will appear in your inventory and be visible to everyone else at the table. You can place these props into your quick spawn slots so they’re ready when you need them.

How does the quick spawn work?

You can store up to four items in your quick slot by selecting an inventory slot and pressing the corresponding button on the D-pad. To summon them at your tabletop, press the Grip button on your right analog stick.

Can I host a private game with just me and my friends?

Yes! You can create your own table by opening your watch menu > going to the “Table” tab > selecting the settings you’d like to use for your table > tapping “Create Table” and you will be taken back to an empty table.

If you would like to protect your table from unauthorized guests, make sure your game is password-protected.

I’m at the table, how do I get the game started?

You need at least 2 people at the table. Throw the “bet” plaque in the middle of the table. When there are at least 2 people who have done so, the game starts.

How do I join a table?

Once you launch the app, you’ll land in the main screen. From here, access the menu by tapping your wristwatch.

On the “Live Games” tab, select the desired match by tapping the corresponding icon. You can also choose to sit down at any available seat by tapping the quick seat button.

How do I host a game?

If you can’t seem to locate a particular app you’d like to play with your friend, you can create your own private table by opening your watch face > going to the “table” section > selecting the settings you would like to use for your new table > click “create table”.

How do I sit out?

To enter the game, go into the settings menu, press “chip” and then at the top right press the “out” icon. Once there, press the “sit out” icon at the lower right corner. You will now be able to sit back and enjoy the game.


Virtual Reality is becoming more popular every day. It offers a whole new way to interact with others and explore new worlds. Pokerstars VR is a great example of how virtual reality can be used to enhance our lives.

It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and provides hours of entertainment. This game is perfect for those looking to try something new without having to leave home.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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