How to Get Attack on Titan VR – Step-by-Step Guide, Tips & More

You just finished watching Attack on Titan and want to experience killing titans?

You can do that with Attack on Titan VR.

But where to get it? We will help you with that. 

How to Get Attack on Titan VR?

You can get Attack on Titan VR on Oculus Quest.

How to Get Attack on Titan VR?

Anime Games on SidequestVR

The Quest 2 Store is very limited, aside from the hefty price tag. Most other VR titles can only be found on Oculus’ app lab, as they are in development or in beta.

If you don’t own a gaming PC, you could use an emulator instead. We recommend installing SideQuest.

SideQuest features both original games developed by its own team and fan-made games. These games may be copyrighted and not allowed for sale in official stores.

You must first activate your developer account so that you can install third-part apps on Quest 2.

VR Chat – The World of Otaku

VRChat is an online experience where people can meet up and interact with each other using their own avatars. Most of these avat­ers are usually cute anime characters.

VRChat is one of the largest communities in the Metaverse with endless possibilities and several different types of activities available for players. The main benefit of this VR anime game, however, is that it is completely FREE!

Attack on Titan VR

There are several unofficial Attack on Titan VR games on SideQuest. Among them, you will be able to play the most realistic one, which lets you use the DMT engine and kill Titans in different environments.

You may be able to get better performance from Attack on Titan games for PC when they’re ported to Oculus Quest, but the games currently available for Quest 2 are already great and quite enjoyable.

Tokyo Chronos

Tokyo Chronos is an interactive VR experience where players take control of eight unique characters who must solve puzzles and complete quests in order to save their friends from certain death.

If you want an anime-themed VR experience, Tokyo Chronos can provide one. It’s also available on Steam.

Spice & Wolf VR 1 and 2

Spice & wolf is a VR anime video game based on an anime of same-named, which has its origin in light novels.

The team responsible for this video game is the same as the original anime. Its goal is to provide an immersive and interactive 360-degree view of the story.

There are two games available for download, one that tells the story of the characters in an exciting way, while the second game is simpler and allows you to see how they live together in their beautiful house.

Hatsune Miku VR

For singers who enjoy singing games, there is an anime virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift called “Vocaloid” where you sing along with famous songs by Hatsune Miku.

The music game follows something similar to Beatsaber, where the character dances, sings and plays instruments while you have to play along and tap the circles she tosses at you. There are several modes to challenge you for high scores.

Space Channel 5 VR

An old Sega Dreamcast arcade title that has been made into a VR experience. It’s not quite an anime VR title but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

It’s not a perfect VR game, but it offers some interesting gameplay elements. You can play it on the Oculus store and elsewhere.

Pokemon VR

One of the world’s best-known video game franchises, Pokémon is now available in VR through SideQuest.

Pokemon Go is an augmented-realty mobile game where players use their phones to catch virtual creatures called “pokemon” and then fight against others using these creatures.

It is very likely Nintendo will take legal action against anyone who uses the official names or images of their properties, but you can still play the games without any issues. You can get them through unofficial sources or even the official Oculus Store.

Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Fumoto Campsite

This game is based on the popular Japanese TV show called Yuru Camp which aired from 1997 to 1999. Now you can camp out in real life!

Rin and Nadeshiko embark on a new journey at the Fumoto Camp, where they take pictures and taste lots of delicious foods.

The Tale of Onogoro

Save the planet with Haru, a beautiful shrine maiden who has called upon you to embark on an exciting journey across a floating island in this stylish VR anime experience.

You and Haru must solve puzzles together and defeat giant monsters called Kami that block your way. An exciting adventure depicting the relationship between you and Haru waits for you in this VR game.

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing

Race through the skies, hunt down ghosts, and become the best witch in the world in this flying-based racing-styled VR animation based on the Little Witch Academy series!

Fly through over a dozen different cities! Cast spells to speed up and slow enemies down. It’s a fun experience for fans of the series, now available on Quest!

Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!

A new rhythmic VR anime video game in the style of Hatsun Miku. Feel the beat of the music and hit out the note that comes flying towards you with your lightpen.

You can play this online for free. It has multiple levels and notes to help you improve your skills.

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos

This is a strategy RPG where you play as a mecha (mechagotchi) piloted by a young man who works in a military organization. You can choose from multiple routes to complete missions.

You’re trying to defend an underground base from giant monsters. Your decisions affect the outcome of the battle, which leads to different outcomes. It was nominated for several gaming industry honors and received critical acclaim.

Sphere Toon – VR Comic

Sphere Toon is an online virtual reality comic platform. You can dive into a wide range of well-made VR Comics for fun – you won’t be disappointed!

Read the comic carefully, be in the setting of your favorite comics in full-screen mode, and know new stories.

The game is available in English, Korean, and Chinese (Mandarin). If you speak Mandarin, you’re recommended to play the game in Chinese.

Beat Arena

Perform on stage in front of an audience as a pianist, guitarist, bassist, or drummer, all in VR! Create your own custom avatars in this rhythmical VR animation game.

It’s a really cute and funny game with an anime-style character. It was made by Konami and gets regular updates with new game modes.


Yuki is an upbeat mix of bullet-hell and rogue-like VR games, set in an incredible fantasy world. You fly through multidimensional environments controlled by Yuki and other heroes.

Play Yuki using your hands to avoid the many obstacles and projectiles that come at you from different directions.

Tokimeki VR

This app allows you to chat with your favorite virtual character in the VR world like the famous Japanese V-tubers.

PlayAnimaker Beta

It’s not quite an anime game, but this app available on SideQuest lets you create 3D models of anime figures. You can then use these models to create animations.


If you want to enjoy playing some anime games on Quest then you should check out the games listed above. They’re all available on SideQuest for free.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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