How to Fly in Rec Room VR – Detailed Beginner’s Guide with FAQs

Do you want to play Rec Room but don’t know where to start?

Let us help you with that.

How to Fly in Rec Room VR?

  1. Select “This room” from your phone’s settings menu.
  2. Click on the Gear button and choose “Gear.”
  3. Go to Game Roles > Edit Settings > Everyone (or DORMS)
  4. You’ll see the Maker Pen appear before you; pick it up to unlock more choices.
  5. On the Shared tab, under the Override section, click the Override checkbox. Then, drag the slider from No to Yes, then back out of the window.

After this, you’ll be able to freely move around 3D spaces in the house using your regular control scheme, whether you’re in VR or screen modes. You’ll be able to fly, so don’t hesitate to use your creativity when designing new rooms.

Graphics and Player Experience

Rec Room VR


At its core, Recco Room is a VR gaming system, but it has plenty of non-gaming uses too. In December 2020, Recco Room raised a whopping $ 20 million in a Series C Round, which brings their total investment to nearly $ 50 million.

Recently, Rec Room has announced its intention to pay more than $ 1 million to content makers in 2021. It succeeded in crossing the $ 1 million monthly active user mark by January 2021, which was an impressive milestone for virtual-realty applications.

It’s interesting that the average user spends 2 7 hours on the platform when he visits, which indicates its ability to keep their interest.

Key Features

Rec Room is an immersive game world where you can build, play, and share online.

There are already millions (billions?) of room listings on the platform, and they’re monetized by selling items such as in-room inventions, key cards, and other 3D objects.

Cross-Device Compatibility

One of the biggest benefits of Rec Room is its compatibility with a wide variety of devices, including both VR and non-virtual reality (non-VR) ones.

  • You can play games in Rec Room by wearing an Oculus or Steam headset
  • You could also log into your account using any of these devices.

Rec Room has stated that non-VR consumption has been growing steadily since its launch.


We’ve already mentioned that Rec Room has successfully attracted more than one million active VR users each month.

With this, it is capable of at least 45,000 concurrent players, which makes it scalable for large groups around the world. It has a Junior mode so that children can enjoy playing in Rec Room safely.

A Massive Community

Rec Room has a huge community of creators and players spread across social networks, Discord, and online communities.

You can even join a community wiki, where you can learn more about the different tools, upcoming event dates, and purchasable creator assets.


Recently, Rec Room announced that its players could exchange their in-app tokens for real money at the rate of 400 dollars per million tokens.

Players on the platform have a very real chance of earning money from their creations, and content producers will earn money too.

What Are the Benefits of Using Rec Room?

One of the biggest benefits of Rec Room is the social aspect of playing together. You can engage in regular contests, learn new skills at learning events, and even buy cool stuff to show off your elite gamer status.

Graphics and Player Experience

Playing Rec Room on a VR head­set makes for an even better experience.

  • You have access to different VR rooms
  • Able to freely move around and manipulate things
  • Being able to see no menus on the screens, can be more engaging.
  • Play with other VR players much less often than you would if you were playing alone.

Each platform has its own unique set of features and capabilities. For example, each platform has its own color scheme, textures, and graphical details.


The sounds in Rec Room are really good, but if you get tired of them you can turn them off and just listen to the sound effects.

When you hear a gunshot go off unexpectedly, you may be startled, but it’s funny when it happens.


Some of the games available at the Rec Room include

  • Paintball
  • Dodgeball
  • Paddleball
  • Laser Tag
  • Bowling

Rec Room Price

Rec Room is a multiplayer online video gaming platform that offers memberships, which allow players to purchase items, including clothing, accessories, and decorations, as well as gifts for their friends.


You can earn tokens by completing quests or playing games, and you may receive rewards ranging from 100 to 200 tokens if you’re an RR+ user.


  • You can take courses in-game to learn about creating content for the game.
  • You can still have loads of laughs without having to spend any actual cash.
  • Quests are difficult, but rewarding when completed.
  • There are so many different types of rooms, but there is one room that will suit you best.


  • You’ll reach the highest skill point cap of 50 at some point.
  • Purchasing in-game content for exclusive rewards can be quite expensive.
  • Some players’ excessive taunting can spoil the fun for everyone else.


Rec Room might be mistaken for a kids’ game, but it can actually be enjoyed by anyone from age 12 and up.

It’s an engaging social experience and both introverted and extroverted people will enjoy it, because there are many opportunities for meeting new people, especially for creative types.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.



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