How to Download VR Videos? – Detailed Guide with Quick & Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to download VR videos?

Let’s find out.

How to Download VR Videos?

  1. To download videos from YouTube, use SnapDownloader. It’s easy to install and works well.
  2. Paste the video’s URL into the box below.
  3. Paste the URL into SnapDownloader.
  4. Choose an appropriate output file type and quality level.
  5. Start downloading.

YouTube 360 Video Download

To download 360 videos from YouTube you will need to use an external tool. Many tools exist online, but they’re usually expensive or don’t give high-quality results. The best option for downloading 360 videos from YouTube is by using a YouTube 360 Downloader.

We’ll look at what a YouTube VR 360 Video is, how to download them, and the best ones out there.

What is 360 Video on YouTube?

Since its introduction in 2016, YouTube has added an immersive VR mode to allow viewers to watch videos from any angle.

With a VR headset, you’re able to experience videos in ways that feel as if you’re actually there. Watching a movie in VR is an experience unlike any other.

YouTube Video Downloader That Supports VR Videos


To download YouTube VR video clips at high quality and in the standard file type that you can play easily on any device, you should use Snap Downloader.

SnapDownloader is an online video downloader designed to download any type of video from over 900 websites.

You can choose any resolution you want from among 144p, 720 p, 1080p (F HD), 1440p (Q HD), 4k, or even 8k. With SnapDownloader you can also:

  • Extract audio from videos
  • Download multiple videos at once
  • Download an entire channel
  • Set up automatic downloads
  • Download at high speed
  • Download videos blocked in your country using proxy
  • Bulk downloads

5 Steps to Download Youtube VR Videos

SnapDownloader makes downloading VR video clips from YouTube a breeze. Here’s how to download them offline.

1. Download the best VR video downloader for your PC

To download SnapDownloader for free, click here. After downloading it, launch the application.

2. Copy the video’s URL

Once you’ve installed SnapDownloader, open up YouTube and paste the URL of the 360 VR videos you want to download into the program. You can then select them by clicking on their thumbnail.

3. Paste the link in SnapDownloader

It’s now time to start downloading your VR video. To do so, open SnapDownloader and copy the link from the browser address window. Then, click the “Find Video” button.

4. Choose output format and quality

SnapDownloader allows you to choose from a variety of different video qualities and outputs.

It is important when choosing which video file type to use that you select one that will play smoothly on your device.

Choosing a file type that plays on smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets will be an added advantage because they’re compatible with almost every device. MP4 is usually the safest choice.

5. Begin download

Click the green “Download Now” button to start downloading your video. You may be able to see the status of your download as well as the estimated completion date.

After downloading the app, open the VR movie and watch it on your favorite 360 movie player.

how to download VR videos

How to Download VR Videos?

The 5 Best VR Videos on YouTube

There are some amazing videos on YouTube that you can watch in virtual reality (VR) mode. But there are a few that really stand out from the crowd when it comes to offering an incredible, life-like, immersive VR experience.

Here is a list of some good VR videos on YouTube:

1. Superman Roller Coaster

If you’re a thrill seeker, the Superman Roller Coasters’ VR 360 film should be at the top of your must-see videos. It was filmed on the real ride at Six Flags.

2. Giant Mud Dragon a.k.a Big Daddy!

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ve likely heard of the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel.

Fortunately, They have an entire collection of Free VR movies! The Giant Mud Dragon aka Big Daddy movie feature Coyote Peterson getting upclose and personal with a giant fifty-pound snapping turtle.

3. Ascend with David Blaine

Popular illusionist/performers David Blaine performed a live, record-setting stunt in which he ascended into the air using 50 balloons filled with gas.

After climbing for 45 minutes, he reached an altitude of 14,500 ft (4,400 m) and performed a card trick. He then descended another 9,900 ft (3,100 m).

Luckily for us, Blaine filmed the whole thing from start to finish – all in 360 videos. It’s easily one of the most anxiety-provoking VR videos on YouTube, so be careful if you have any fears of heights!

4. Solo to the South Pole – The VR Documentary

Despite its lack of virality, Solo to the South Polar is an excellent documentary to watch. Matthieu Tordeu, aged 27, traveled from the coast of Antarctica all the way to the south pole.

Tordeur did not only complete the challenge without any help, but he also did so in just under two months! He had nothing except a pair of skiers, a small supply of food and supplies, and the clothing on his back.

5. Around the Planet in 2 Minutes: VR 360 Video

Around the World in 2 Minutes: A VR 360 Video by Airpano shows 360-degree aerial views from different parts of the world. Captures an array of cultures, landscapes, and animals in their native forms. It’s an amazing video that leaves you in a trance.

Once you’ve learned how to download VR video files, AirPano should definitely be the first channel you check out. The entire channel is devoted to watching VR video content.

Is VR Bad for My Eyes?

It has been found from research and surveys that wearing a VR headset for a long period of time can lead to eye defects, eye strain, and eye tiredness, or can be extreme enough to cause blurred eyesight.

Therefore, we recommend that you take occasional short breaks during VR sessions even if you don’t experience any visual issues.

However, if you use it properly, VR can be safe for you to use, and some headsets can actually improve your eyesight.


As more people become interested in VR technology, more 360 videos will be uploaded to YouTube. This means that you’ll be able to find more great VR videos on YouTube than ever before.

But remember, while these videos offer a unique viewing experience, they aren’t meant to replace traditional TV. Instead, they provide a new perspective on the world around you.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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