How to Connect VR to Xbox One – Complete Overview with Tips, Expert Advice, & More

Are you having a hard time connecting your VR to Xbox One?

Let’s find out.

How to Connect VR to Xbox One?

  1. Open Settings in your Quest 2 head­set.
  2. Choose experimental features.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth pairing.
  4. Choose Pair new device.
  5. Press the Sync button on your controller.

Does Any VR Headset Work With Xbox?

Since the advent of virtual reality (VR) technology, gaming has never been the same. From surreal graphical effects to a wide field of views, VR allows you to enjoy an immersive experience whenever you play your favorite games on any of the available platforms.

Not all video game consoles support VR headsets. We explore if any VR headset works with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Do Any VR Headsets Work with Xbox One & Series X?

No, not every VR headset is compatible for use with an Xbox. According to the most recent update from Microsoft (the company that makes the Xbox), VR support isn’t currently available for the Xbox One or the new Xbox Series X.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t connect a VR head­set to an Xbox One or Xbox Series X console.

You can easily connect popular VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vives to your Xbox consoles without any hassle. All you need is the right equipment and streaming apps.


The only difference is you won’t be able to get an immersive experience as is the usual case when using other apps that allow for VR headsets.

Xbox doesn’t currently offer any form of VR headset functionality so the immersive elements and real-life experience won’t be available when using these devices.

It’s not the complete VR experience that gamers are seeking, but it remains an intriguing option for those who want a VR headset.

Is Oculus Compatible with Xbox?

Yes. Oculus Rift is compatible with Xbox. Among all the VR headsets available today, Oculus Rift is the most compatible with Microsoft Xbox consoles.

It includes an Xbox One controller and has an Xbox wireless adapter designed specifically for Windows.

Some Oculus Rift models come with a 9-feet USB cord instead of a wireless adapter. Oculus VR headsets come packed with so many features that promise an amazing VR experience.

They consist of inside-out trackers with up to five cameras placed on one headset. With this feature, you don’t need any external trackers. Oculus headsets also have bigger resolutions than others so they’re perfect for gaming.

How to Connect Oculus to Xbox?

One of the best things about Oculus Rift headsets is that they’re very easy to set up; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to hook them up to your computer. If there are any issues, you can follow these simple instructions to get started.

  • Get an Xbox controller
  • Turn on your computer
  • Download the Oculus app for your computer
  • Open the Oculus app
  • Click on the left menu and select Devices
  • Click “Rift” and then click “Touch”. Select “Pair device.”
  • Select Pair Gamepad
  • Follow the instructions and connect your Xbox 360 gamepad

How Do I Stream Oculus to Xbox?

Streaming Oculus to Xbox is just as easy as these instructions show.

  • Turn on your Xbox console
  • Open Settings and turn on “Streaming”
  • Connect your Xbox One to your Windows 10 computer.
  • Install the Xbox Live app on your computer from the Oculus Store.
  • Plug your headset into the console
  • Start Xbox streaming

Your current game will stream automatically to your Oculus headset.

How Do I Stream Oculus to Xbox?

What Other VR Headsets Work with Xbox?

You might be able to get something else for less if you look at other models. Here are some examples of other VR headset models worth considering.

HTC Vive Pro

Another great option for Xbox gamers looking to enjoy the immersive experience offered by virtual reality is the HTC Vive Pro.

Base Station

With this headset, you can experience a virtual world of 20 x 20 meters thanks to its 2.5 base station.


It has an HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p for the ultimate 3D game experience. Besides, its display uses AMOLED technology for enhanced clarity.


Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the headset is designed to be comfortable for long periods of time. Furthermore, the headset has been balanced so that it fits different heads.

Wireless Connectivity

One of the coolest aspects of this headset is its ability to support wireless connectivity. It also has the added benefit of being able to connect via an HDMI cable if you prefer.

These features make the headset portable and easy to carry around.


  • A premium VR head­set compatible with most gaming consoles
  • Wireless support for better portability
  • It offers better image quality than its competitors.
  • Adjusts volume control for microphone and headphone
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Requires a powerful computer

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

The HTC Vive Cosmos is a great alternative to the Oculus Rift. It comes equipped with dozens of additional features specifically intended for an immersive gaming environment.


It’s not just compatible with Windows 10; it’s compatible with almost every major operating system out there, so it’s easy to connect to Xbox consoles.


With an internal sensor array of up to six cameras, the Galaxy S8+ offers refined inside-out tracking, and it’s 2880 x 1700 combined pixel count ensures crystal clear graphics, which is a huge 88 percent improvement over its predecessor.

LCD Panels

The headsets also feature new LCD screens that minimize the distance between them, thereby reducing the “screen door” effect.

Stereo Headphones

With its built-in speakers, this VR headset offers excellent audio quality.


It has a flip-up design which means that you can easily change from playing in real life to playing in VR without any interruptions.

Regardless of the size of your head, these headsets fit a variety of sizes. They’re comfortable enough for most people to wear while they sleep.

Gaming Experience

With its 6DoF head tracking, powerful sound transmission, and precise movement capabilities, the HTC Vive Cosmos is the ultimate choice for a high-end gaming experience.


  • Compatible with both Microsoft’s Xbox One and its new series X console.
  • Comes with six cameras for inside-out tracking.
  • With an advanced hardware configuration
  • Flip-up design minimizes interruptions
  • Minimizing screen door effect


  • It costs a lot of money

Sony PlayStation VR

If you’re looking for an affordable way to connect your Xbox One to a decent VR headset, then Sony’s PlayStation VR might be your best bet.


Since the headset was originally developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, some users have found that they can use it with an Xbox One console.

HDMI Input

You can connect the PS4 Pro to the Xbox One using its HDMI cable.


Unfortunately, since the headset doesn’t support PlayStation VR, you won’t be able to use the headset to play games. You’ll just see movies in a cinema-like setting.

You’ll see a huge, static screen in the middle of the room, and it’ll feel like playing non-VR video games on the PlayStation itself without any head-tracked movement.


You’ll still be able to enjoy playing your Xbox games on a large screen with an expansive 5″ OLED 1080p display running up to 120 fps.

3D Audio Technology

With its 3D audio technology, the headphones provide immersive sound for you. They feature an integrated microphone so you can talk to your online friends while playing games.


No doubt, the future of gaming is in virtual reality. Gamers want to enjoy an immersive, real-life experience when playing their favorite games.

Unfortunately, some of the most popular gaming consoles, including Xbox One and Series X do not provide native support for VR technology.

All you have to do is to invest in the right VR headset, streaming software, and compatible equipment.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.



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