How to Click in VR – In-Depth Guide with Tips

VR is a type of technology that allows people to experience things that aren’t really happening. It involves wearing special glasses or goggles that allow you to see images from a screen.

We’ll now look at how to click on things in virtual reality.

How Do You Click on Something in VR?

“Click” in VR on mobile devices refers to tapping the screen with your fingers or a simulated finger from the VR headset.

It should be possible to click using a Bluetooth keyboard if the Bluetooth controller can emulate a mouse click.

How Do VR Headsets Work Without An Action Button?

Google Cardboard was among the first ridiculously cheap ways to enjoy virtual realities. Its cardboard material may raise concerns regarding its durability and long-lasting usage, but there is no denying the fact that the gadget made VR applications more accessible for everybody.

Over time, many other VR headsets, from smaller companies to bigger ones, have entered the marketplace. Some of these other headsets may have different designs and features than others.

If you ask yourself whether you’ll be able to navigate a VR app using your headset without having an “A” button, then you may want to consider buying a better one.

A VR head­set without an action button works by tracking your movements using sensors inside the device.

If you don’t already know what the “Click” or “Tap” buttons on Google Cardboard do, they let you click or tap things in apps without removing your phone from the cardboard viewer.

It’s a magnetically attached button located at the side of your phone. When you press it, it sends a message to your phone.

Without this button, how does someone use a VR headset?

The solution lies within the VR app that you’re using. VR apps use head movements to allow users to navigate through their content.

A feature that allows users to interact with an application is highlighted in the interface. When the users focus on it, usually with an arrow-shaped cursor that appears on display, the application records it as input.

Users need to concentrate on the spot for a brief period before they can move their heads again. For example, the iOS game Zombie Shooter VR requires players to look at the screen for a few seconds before moving their heads.

Notice the crosshairs that are aimed at the small red dot inside the blue box. Once the red dot has been clicked, the blue box will open. You must keep your eyes on the red dot until the blue box is completely opened for the app to recognize it as input.

As its name suggests, the game is a shooter game. To use it, the player must concentrate on his/her target. The app simu­lates walking and shots on its own.

This means that even if your VR headset doesn’t have an action button, it will still function perfectly well. There will be some exceptions, though. For apps that don’t support head focus control, you are in for a lesser experience.

You may not be able to use the application with your VR headset. However, most applications will allow you to focus and send input using your head movement because they don’t care if you’re wearing an inexpensive VR headset or a high-end one.

If your headset doesn’t have any buttons, you’re not missing out on anything important.

how to click in vr

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you click on Google VR?

Use the Cardboard menus by turning your phone from side to side. When you use an app, turning your phone will change your view.

Use the small metal circle on the left edge of the cardboard to click on things on your computer.

How do you turn on/off VR on Roblox games?

You can turn on VR mode by doing the following:

  1. Pressing Esc on your keyboard or clicking the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the screen brings up the system menu.
  2. Turn on the VR option.

How can I control the VR box without using a controller?

You can use eye gaze tracking to click buttons on a VR headset without using any physical controls.

How do I turn VR on my iPhone?

To enable motion and orientation access for VR, open settings, scroll down, and tap Motion & Orientation Access. Turn it on. You should now be able to use the VR icon.

What is a VR viewer?

Stereoscopy uses two images to create an illusion of depth. One picture goes to each eye, just like we see in the real world.

How do I turn VR on for iPhone XS Max?

You can still experience VR on your iPhone

  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Click on Safari.
  3. Go into Settings > Privacy & Security > Motion & Orienta­tion Access.
  4. You’ll now be able to see your VR through the magic windows!

Can I use VR apps on my phone?

You can get an Oculus Rift headset for $199 from or Best Buy. Or, you can use your smartphone instead. To see if your device is compatible, just search “Oculus” and “VR”.

Can you use VR with glasses?

Yes, you can use a standard VR head­set with eyeglasses on. However, learners who have eyeglasses will need to take a few extra steps to make sure their VR experience is comfortable and displays a clearly visible virtual environment.


With some VR headsets, you won’t be able to use the action button. Instead, use your headset’s controls to move through the application.

Even if you don’t have an action button on the VR head­set, you should still be capable of playing most games.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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