How Much Is Superhot VR Oculus Quest – Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

Do you want to know how much superhot VR is on Oculus Quest?

Let’s find out.

How Much is Superhot VR Oculus Quest?

Superhot VR on Oculus Quest starts at around $399.99 USD.

SuperHot VR

The Basics

Superhot VR is a first-person shooter where time moves only when you move your own character.


It changes the genre of video games from an action-based one to a puzzle-based one.


You must first learn how to defeat all the enemy soldiers in the game without being shot by them. This means dodging their bullets, throwing things at them, picking up their guns when they drop them, and shooting back.


If you run at full speed, you’ll be able to jump quickly, but because you control time with your movement, you can slow down and take your time before jumping.

VR Gameplay

Superhot VR is an amazing game. It’s fun dodging bullet after bullet, throwing ninja star after ninja star, and catching enemies’ dropped pistols before they can shoot at you.

Shooting Mechanics

The shooting mechanics in these video games are perfect, aiming is extremely precise, and strategically leading enemies is a must.

It takes some practice to throw an object accurately, but once you’ve mastered it, it works really well.


The fluidity of movements within the game is only improved by the Quest hardware.

360° Range of Motion

With its 360-degree range of movement, the headset allows you to move freely within the environment, limited only by the dimensions of your play space.

Even if you only get to play standing and stationary games, they’re still incredibly fun.


When you’re not moving, there are some situations when you’ll need to wait until an enemy gets closer before attacking him/her. This may cause you to swing your arms wildly just to make time pass so that your target can get closer.


The story of the video games is very minimalist. You’re taken back to an apartment where there are lots of computers from which you play games.

This apartment has a simple foundation of a narrative, which allows Superhot VR to be an immersive experience without having to think too hard about what’s going on.

While this could be viewed as a negative, Superhot uses this to help to add mystery to the game, and playing this alongside its original consoles and PC version helps to fill in the backstory.

Graphics & Audio

The visual style of Superhot VR is also enhanced by the game’s visuals.

The game’s graphics consist of

  • A solid red, low-poly character against a plain white background.
  • Solid black objects and weapons are completely opaque.

This creates an immense contrast between different types of objects in the world, making them instantly recognizable to players.

You know exactly what to do at every stage, even if you’ve never done it before.


Sound is also very minimalist, bordering on nonexistent in certain areas. Despite some terrific audio feedback from sound effects and the excellent voice that yells “SUPER! HOT! SUPER SUPER! HOT!” upon completion of an area. Audio is Superhot VR’s weakest aspect.

Achievement System

Superhot VR also has an in-world reward system, where players receive rewards for completing tasks in the virtual environment.

You can collect these achievements by going through each level, but they’re displayed on your apartment door, which makes them look pretty cool.


Superhot VR is very short, but once completed, there are several additional modes available for players to unlock. These are addicting and add extra value to Superhot VR.


These modes include

  • speedrun modes
  • endless mode
  • headshot only mode
  • survival mode

There’s also an arcade mode where the gameplay moves faster, and each gun only has one shot. There is also a guest mode that lets other people join the party, but they won’t be able to save their progress.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any modes available before the main game has been completed. This ‘play wall’ makes it difficult for people to play because they have to complete the main game first.

superhot vr

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Superhot cost anything?

Superhot VR will cost $10 for new owners of the game on the Oculus Go.

Is Superhot better in VR?

Despite some minor drawbacks, Superhot VR is as crisp and stunning as its PC VR counterparts.

Granted, this was never one of the most visually impressive games, but it arguably looks better than the 2017 PlayStation VR port.

Is Superhot VR a long game?

Superhot takes place in an alternate reality where bullets move at super speed. It’s similar to the Matrix movie franchise but without the guns. You play through a series of short levels that don’t last too long.

What was removed from Superhot VR?

Superhot VR has been updated to no longer include any scenes depicting the main playable character harming or killing himself.

Is Superhot VR a short game?

It’s a very short game and you have to play through a lot of the same levels over and over again.

How many levels does Superhot VR have?

The original version of the browser-based shooter was a three-stage testbed for the team. They expanded the project into a full-fledged single-player experience by adding a campaign mode across approximately 31 stages.


Superhot VR is the most innovative shooting video game. It’s the closest many gamers will get to starring in an action film, and the plot of the video game is full of intrigue and secret messages.

It seems like Superhot VR was designed specifically for the Oculus Quest.

If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section.



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