How Much Is Beat Saber VR – Complete Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

Are you wondering what the Beat Saber price is?

Let’s find out.

How Much is Beat Saber VR?

Beat Saber only costs 30 dollars, and it doesn’t come with a lot of music. However, you can always purchase additional music for the game.

Beat Saber VR

Beat Saber is an immersive VR game where you use light sabers to slash through blocks and enemies. It combines stunning graphics, energetic music, hand crafted levels, and finely tuned action gameplay to keep you in the zone.

With two sabers in each hand, slash the beats as they come at you, matching their direction to score points and keeping the beat going!

With increasing speed, you’ll need to move your entire body to avoid incoming objects by sidestepping and ducking, while maintaining the beat and slicing the time.

The main game features over 30 tracks along with extra songs available for purchase.

Why You Should Play Beat Saber?

With its tight, imaginative rhythm-based gameplay; a pounding soundtrack; and, above everything else, a genuine workout, Beatsaber is an absolute must-have for all PSVR owners.

It’s not easy mastering its variety of songs, but there aren’t any more games that are as satisfying when you finally get the right moves and make it through to the end.

Feel the Rhythm

Get immersed in the most smooth combination of sound, visuals, and gameplay in this truly engaging gaming experience.

With intuitive pick-up and play controls that are easy to understand and fun to use, learn quickly.

If you’re ready for an extra level of difficulty, add modifiers like Pro Mode, super fast song, small notes, or chill in Zen mode.

Get Moving

Beat Saber engages your entire body, making it an excellent workout!

Challenge yourself in the 90-degree levels as you race down 28 lanes of music blasting at you.

Beat Saber Multiplayer

You can play against your friends or opponents around the globe with the Beat Saber multiplayer.

Play against others online in private or public matches.

You can choose from any base song or beat from downloadable music packages brought to you by famous musicians.

Create Your Own Avatar

Show off your unique personality and style by customizing your avatar in multiplayer games.

Spectating matches from the stands above the action is an excellent way to get a feel for the game without having to play yourself.

You need PlayStation Plus to play Beat Saber multiplayer.

Billie Eilish Music Pack

Songs such as “Bad Guys” and “Happier than ever”, jump into the pulsating beat of Billie Eilis and slash beats with the new Billie Eilish Beats pack.

BTS Music Pack

Get into the magical world of Tiny TAN and slice & dance to hits like “Dynamite,” “Boy With Luv,” or “MIC Drop” in one of the biggest musical packs.

Skrillex Music Pack

With Skrillex’s music pack, you’ll be able to slash and cut through fierce beats in the form of “bangarangs” and “butterflies.”

Imagine Dragons Music Pack

Get lost in captivating guitars and slash the beats of chart-topping hits like Radioactive, Thunder, and Believer by the record breaking popular music group.

Beat Saber requires an Xbox One S console (sold separately).

What is Beat Saber on Oculus Quest?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Beat Saber on Oculus Quest?

According to NME, Meta has decided to give away free copies of its VR rhythm game Quest 2 because it wants to ease the cost of its new headset, Quest 2.

They’ll go up by $100 from August this year.

What is the Difference between Meta Quest 2 and Oculus Quest 2?

There aren’t any differences between Meta Quest 2 and the Oculus Quest 2.

The devices are the exact same except for their names. The Oculus Quest was renamed the Oculus Go in September 2019. This happened as a result of Facebook, Inc. changing its name from Facebook to simply “Facebook.”

Even though the price has increased, MetaQuest 2 remains the cheapest VR head­set with similar features.

By increasing the price of Quest 2 for consumers, we can invest even more in groundbreaking research and new products that push the VR industry to new levels.

Is Beat Saber VR free?

Unless it comes included with something else, no.

What VR headset do you need for Beat Sabers?

Beat Saber is a VR game compatible only with HTC Vive, Valve index, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It requires a computer that has an Intel Core i5 processor (2nd generation or later).

Is Beat Saber a good workout?

Beat Saber is an excellent workout tool for people who want to lose weight using VR.

Can I play Beat Saber without a PC?

There are lots of fun games available for download from the App Store without having a computer. These include Beat Saber, Rez Infinite (PS4), Superhot VR, Tetrix Effect, and more.

Do you need a video game controller for Beat Saber?

Yes. Beat Saber is playable on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. However, if you own a PlayStation 4 console, you’ll also require a PlayStation Camera* and a PlayStation Move controller (sold separately). You can purchase these items through the PlayStation Store.

Is Beat Saber 2 player?

Beat Saber was originally designed for one player, but its ability to be played by multiple people quickly became apparent. A recent update allowed five players to compete against each other.

Can you play any song on Beat Saber?

You can’t add custom music tracks to Beat Saber at the moment. Currently, the latest stable build is 1.17.x, while the most recent beta builds is 1.19.0.

How do I show beats saber on my TV?

If you’re looking for something fun to play at parties, games like Beat Saber can be lit up on your TV and turn into a lively game environment. All you’ll need is your VR headset (like the Oculus Rift) and any compatible Chromecast device, with Chromecast with Android TV as the newest and best option.


If you’re looking for an easy but challenging VR game that’s ideal for beginners, then BeatSaber is definitely worth trying out. It’s available right now on both Steam and the Oculus Store.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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