How Much is a VR Heaset? – Full Breakdown, Tips, Feedback, FAQs & More

So you want to get into VR but don’t know how much cash you’ll need and what your options are. 

Luckily for you, VR has evolved incredibly over the past few years and you have quite a few options to choose from. 

No matter what your budget is, you can jump into VR with no problem since VR headsets are available at a wide range of prices. 

Quick Summary

In this post, we will shed light upon: 

  • The different types of VR headsets available in the market and their price ranges
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Different Types of VR Headsets

Depending on what your budget is and how deep you want to get into VR, there are a variety of VR headsets to choose from. 

In this section, we’ll go from the cheapest option to the most high-end option so that you can easily gauge what VR headset would be perfect for you. 

Naturally, the more money you spend, the more high-end the product will be and the more features it will have. 

However, if you’re someone that just wants to try out VR for the first time, it can be a good idea to spend a minimal amount of money just to check it out. 

Here are the different VR headset options: 

Mobile-Based VR Headsets 

To start off, we have mobile-based VR headsets. They are, by far, the cheapest option when it comes to VR solutions since you can buy a mobile-based VR headset for anywhere between $10 to $100. 

As the name suggests, they work by utilizing your smartphone. Basically, you put your smartphone inside the VR headset and use it to run a VR app. The headset then uses its lens to turn the images on the smartphone screen into a fully-rendered VR space. 

Your smartphone’s gyroscope and other sensors are also utilized to translate your head movements into real movements within the VR app itself. 

Most people these days have smartphones and you can easily buy a VR headset to use with it. 

This is the best option you have if you’re someone that does not want to spend a whole lot of cash but still wants to jump into the world of VR. It’ll give you an idea of what virtual reality is like. 

If you enjoy it, then you can decide to save up some more money and buy a higher-end VR solution in the future. 

If you try it and find that VR isn’t really something you enjoy too much, then you can just stop there. 

Standalone VR Headsets 

Standalone VR headsets are by far the most convenient types of VR headsets since, as the name suggests, they are standalone. This means that you don’t need any other external system such as a smartphone, console, or PC to get them to work. 

They have their own internal processor as well as sensors and trackers to ensure you have a high-end and streamlined VR experience. 

The most popular VR headset in the market right now is the Meta Quest 2 and it’s a standalone VR headset. 

You can use it to download VR apps and run them completely on the headset itself without any other system. 

These types of headsets are slightly more expensive than mobile-based VR headsets. Most of them are available in the $200 to $500 range. 

Thus, you’ll have to spend more money but the experience you get will be a lot more sophisticated and streamlined than with a mobile-based VR headset. 

Furthermore, the library of games and apps you have available to you on these headsets is much larger than mobile-based VR headsets. They also consist of much more sophisticated VR experiences than what you’d find on a smartphone’s VR library. 

Console-Based VR Headsets 

Console-based VR headsets are headsets that can be used to connect to a particular gaming console to run VR games and apps on it. 

Currently, the only consoles that come with a VR solution are the Sony Playstation 4, Sony Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Series X and S consoles currently do not have any VR solution. 

Naturally, this option is only economically viable if you already own the console that you intend to buy the headset for. 

If you don’t already have the console, don’t buy it as well as the VR headset just for the VR experience. 

This is because if you’re buying a console as well as its VR headset just to play VR games on it, it’s really not worth it. You’d be much better off spending that money on a standalone VR headset or a PC-based VR headset. 

On the other hand, if you already have the console, then it can be very reasonable to buy the VR headset for it. 

This is because the VR headset typically costs anywhere between $100 to $400. 

PC-Based VR Headsets

Lastly, we have the most high-end and also, the most expensive VR headsets: PC-based VR headsets. 

As you can probably imagine, these are the headsets that are connected with your PC and use its processing power to run VR apps and games. These headsets are by far the most high-end in terms of the technology they possess and the features they have. 

They are the primary VR headset type to get if you want to get into VR development. 

Since they can be connected to PCs, they have the widest library of VR apps and games available to use. 

Furthermore, they also typically have the highest variety of accessories to choose from as well. 

PC-based VR headsets typically range from $500 to $1500. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Much are Mobile-Based VR Headsets? 

Mobile-based VR headsets are the cheapest types of VR headsets that you can buy on the market. They typically range from $10 to $100 and are a great entry-level option for VR.

How Much are PC-Based VR Headsets? 

PC-based VR headsets are quite high-end and as a result, they are the most expensive types of VR headsets. PC-based VR headsets usually range from $500 to $1500. 

How Much are Standalone VR Headsets? 

Standalone VR headsets are mid-range when it comes to their price. However, they can be just as high-end as PC-based VR headsets (e.g., the Meta Quest 2). These headsets usually range from $200 to $500. 

What’s the Best Option to Get into VR? 

If you’re someone that is new to VR and wants to see what it has to offer, then we recommend you get a mobile-based VR headset. They cost the least and are a great option if you want to simply check out what VR has to offer without fully committing to it. 

How Long Do VR Headsets Last? 

This will depend on the quality of the headset and how you treat it. 

Higher-end VR headsets can last you indefinitely as long as you take good care of them. On the other hand, cheaper VR headsets can oftentimes deteriorate fairly quickly due to poor build quality. 


As you can see, you have many options available to you. Thus, money’s not really an issue if you want to get into VR. 

The cheapest option is quite easy to get, and if that’s something that you enjoy, you can save up for something more high-end in the future. 

What was your first VR headset? Tell us about your experience with it in the comments section below. 


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