How Much Is a VR Controller – Complete Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

Do you want to buy a VR controller?

Let’s see what is its price.

How Much is a VR Controller?

VR controllers range from anywhere between $50 to $2000.

What is a VR Controller?

VR Controllers work with VR headsets to let users control their movement within a virtual environment. These controls help track finger and hand movements, letting them interact with their environments freely.

All modern VR Controllers are extremely similar, but there has been a lot of research into combining them with haptic feedback from companies such as Meta.

With VR controllers, you get tactile feedback, but modern technologies enable you to immerse yourself in the virtual world fully.


Here are some key features that you should look out for when choosing between different controllers.

Precise Movement Tracking

With all VR controllers offering motion sensing, accuracy is important for things like gaming because latency in motion detection or a missed-detected move can cause a lot of frustration and loss of game time.

Each VR controller has its own accuracy threshold and uses a different tracking system.


Make sure that you check which controllers are compatible with your headset before buying them. For example, the Meta Quest is only compatible with the Oculus Rift S. The Samsung Gear VR Controllers are compatible with Android devices etc.

Comfortable Design

It’s important to note that if a controller is too big or doesn’t fit well, you won’t be able to wear it for long periods of time.

Everything from the weight distribution to the placement of the button contributes enormously to the user interface.

Movement Freedom

Wired headsets usually restrict users’ movements while they’re wearing them. You need to take into account the extent of these restrictions before buying one.

You can choose from different types of controllers so that you can interact with the virtual world without any restrictions.

Battery Life

Each VR controller comes with a preset battery capacity. If you want to play VR for several consecutive days, then choose one with a longer battery life.

If a player has to recharge their batteries repeatedly during gameplay, it will ruin their virtual experience.


The VR controller and headset should be extremely durable. Because they cost so much, they cannot be replaced multiple times.

While the user is lost in the virtual world, accidents can occur, and the controllers may hit objects. The controllers must be sturdy enough to withstand impacts.

Why Should I Buy A VR Controller?

Some VR games don’t require any controller at all, but if you want to immerse yourself in the virtual world truly, you need to use a controller.


Some VR controllers include triggers that allow people to control their game by pressing down on the controller. However, using these triggers is less comfortable than simply holding up your hands to your head.


By holding onto these strategically designed controllers, the controller provides a sense of control for the end-use application. For example, by using a gamepad, players can explore virtual worlds or play VR games.

With the touchpad, you can interact with objects, throw them, shoot guns, and so much more within VR gaming!

Top 3 VR Controllers

There are many options for VR controllers available today, but they may not meet everyone’s needs perfectly.

Here are some of our favorites for VR controllers.

Oculus Touch VR Controller

Oculus introduced a new version of its VR controller in 2020, and the updated design makes it one of the best VR controllers available today.

It was successful because its designer had an excellent idea for a product, the user interface was easy to use, and the device was durable.


The Oculus Touch VR has an extra-large tracking surface compared to other controllers. It’s slightly larger than most other controllers because of its large tracking surface.


The product designer has been able to design a durable controller for the device without having to add extra weight to the system. Each button on the controller is evenly spaced out so that each action performed by the user is distinct.


The gamepad also provides tactile feedback, which makes the whole experience much more immersive.

Battery Life

It operates using AAA alkaline cells and provides an extended battery life when used for tracking purposes. Many satisfied users praise its usability.


Oculus Touch VR controllers offer greater versatility than PlayStation VR Controllers because they’re compatible with Steam and other gaming platforms.

PlayStation Move VR Controller: What is it?

Sony has already made huge waves in the VR game market, and its PlayStation Move controller is the perfect choice for players.


With its familiar look and feel, the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 wireless gamepad has most gamers choosing it over the others.


These controllers are extremely comfortable to use, even if you’ve been playing games for long hours. They provide an excellent VR gaming performance.


The controller also provides tactile feedback, making the whole experience even more immersive.


However, one important point to note is that the headset is only compatible with a PS4 console. This may not pose an issue for PS4 owners who still enjoy a wide range of VR titles.

However, if you want a wireless headphone that works with multiple devices, you might need to look at other options.

Samsung Gear VR Controller

This VR headset and its accompanying controls are designed specifically for use with smartphones. They’re priced affordably enough so that they’re attractive to people who want to get into VR but don’t want to spend too much money.


The user inserts the smartphone into the headset and interacts with the virtual reality world using the controller.

It offers no unique functionality but has an extremely simple design which makes it very easy to operate and come at a very affordable price


It offers excellent tracking capabilities, particularly suited for Android phones. You can use it to play mobile VR video and web content, watch movies, and browse the internet.

It may not be as responsive as some other controllers, but it is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-priced option for experiencing VR.


It doesn’t come with two controllers. Unlike other VR controllers on the marketplace, it comes with one.


The controller is designed to be easy to use. It has two navigation controls, a trigger button, volume adjustment controls, and a large touchpad. It is lightweight because of its compact size.


One downside to these VR controllers is that they aren’t compatible with any other headsets except for the Samsung Gear VR.

Users still have access to a wide range of content and apps since they can connect to Oculus Home through the mobile app.


These three VR controllers offer good value for beginners looking to get into virtual realities. They’re easy to set up and don’t require complicated setups.

They’re also extremely portable and can be easily taken anywhere during travel. However, they come with some downsides too.

If you have any further questions, please leave them here.


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