How Many Levels Are There in Superhot VR – Complete Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

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How Many Levels Are There in Superhot VR?

Superhot VR has roughly thirty-one levels.

Despite being one of its shortest VR games, Superhot is packed with fun levels that challenge your reflex skills, timing, and precision.

There are so many incredible locations where you can go to battle! You could take out a bunch of red guys in an elevator, swipe through foes in a movie-themed location, or even play some mini-games.

Superhot VR

Superhot is an extremely engaging, challenging, and a stylish game where you manipulate time to kill enemies. The difficulty comes from not dying when time speeds up, so careful planning is essential.

Being aware of the constrictive areas in which you’re placed, understanding exactly where the enemy is hiding, and considering what weapons you have available is crucial to your success.

Elevator Pitch

Superhot Best Levels


The ballroom is one of the twenty floors in Superhot, and unlike any other floor, it is quite wide. Initially, this seems advantageous but soon turns disadvantageous.


You start off with an axe and have to take out several people below you, only to discover more enemies spawn where you originally stood. It’ll be difficult to overcome, especially when fighting against the gunmen above.


However, what really sets this level apart from others is its unique design.

It’s far more elaborate than other levels, featuring an incredibly tall obelisk in the center of the arena with winding stairways diverging in various directions, sprout­ing up towards the glass ceiling.

It’s a really beautiful place to visit if you can avoid the constant stream of gunfire when you even look at someone suspiciously.


A Superhot level is dedicated solely to being played inside a fast-​ ​​​​​​​er-​than-​fast-​ ​​​​​​​​foods restaurant, but Subway would be amazing. This Subway level is completely located inside an underground metro or train station.

It has everything you’d expect from a subway station, which includes a train you can knock people into, turnstile, billboards, and an annoyingly long staircase you honestly don’t want to climb after your lengthy commutes.


Despite being one of its earliest levels, the Subway level is quite difficult, having eight enemies for you to shoot at.

You need to avoid hazards like trains and deal with multiple armed men who want nothing more than for you to die.


There are lots of things to see and do at Level 5, but sadly you can’t buy a sandwich here.


The Oldboy levels in Superhot are probably the best. They’re not only beautifully designed, but they offer an intense, heart-pounding thrill ride, and they also reference to some of the best films ever made.

As Sifu did years later, Superhot references the movie Oldboy by using the word “Oldboy” in its title. Specifically, it’s referring to the hallway scene.


While Oldboy is undoubtedly more than just that one single-take hallway brawl, the one-take hallway brawl where Dae-Su Oh fights against an immense horde of men with just a stick remains one of cinema‘s greatest action sequences.


Of course, Super Hot offers its own spin on the theme – namely, being set in a museum – but it offers largely similar vibes. It’s really cool to see such an iconic setting come alive through video games.

Elevator Pitch

The Elevator pitch may not be the longest or most difficult level in Superhot, but it offers one of the more compelling setups.


You’re placed right in the middle of a dangerous elevator ride. You need to fight off a group of red guys who are trapped inside an enclosed space.


Its name comes from the Hollywood term “pitching your idea in the time it takes for an eleva­tor to go up one floor,” so the game’s short length justifies itself.


It’s so challenging because you’re trapped in a small room with a bunch of people who want you dead. You aren’t Captain America, after all.

Even after defeating the red guys in the elevators, dealing with the two other enemy soldiers who remain can be tricky, since they’re shooting at you from the narrow confines of the elevator shaft.

It doesn’t really matter if you win or lose at Elevator Pitch because it’s just for fun.


There are many fantastic hospital levels in games from Payday to Left 4 Death.

Real Life

Whenever developers pick an unusual location for their game, they usually end up going either one of two ways. One way is to create a fantasy world where everything is made out of magic; the other way is to take something real and turn it into a fantasy land.

It can either invoke a sense of nostalgia or it can get a bit tense. Superhot has a level called “Hospital,” which takes players to an empty hospital.


You’ll begin by standing on a platform, which will be unstable, before jumping off and trying to navigate through a hospital room. As the game progresses, the level becomes increasingly difficult.


Completing this stage is no easy feat, but it definitely makes completing this stage an appropriately challenging experience. The setting, creepy atmosphere, and the sheer number and variety of enemies make this stage possibly as tense as the last section of The Last of Us.


Superhot started out as an experimental game designed to test whether it would be possible to create a first-player shooter without relying on twitch reflex or aiming-and-firing mechanics. It worked, so it became one of the best indie games ever made.

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