How Long Is Rick and Morty VR – Complete Overview with FAQs and More

How long is Rick and Morty VR?

Let’s find out.

How Long is Rick and Morty VR?

Rick and Morty VR takes about three hours to complete.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Review

The good news: “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick–ality” is here to help you get through your meaningless life.


Your Character

You’re not just a Morty; you’re a Morty-Clonoid who has less purpose (or even no purpose at all) than a Butter-Fetching Robot.

Mr. You-seeks

The only thing that could possibly be considered a lower being than a Mr. Meesek would be a Mr. Youseek, cleverly named Mr. Youseek for the purposes of the game, of whom you have an unlimited supply.

However, he just mirrors your movements, allowing you to pick up items that fall outside of his teleporting range, so you’re essentially the lowest life form in all of the multiverses.


One day, Rick, in his infinite knowledge, conjured you up to clean his clothes. He opened the washing machine, put in the laundry detergent and dirty clothes hit a switch. You were finished! Game over. Not quite.

From there, you tackle bigger projects, like repairing the spaceship, cleaning the toilets, drinking gas, etc. — things that need doing while the main character stays behind.

If you can overcome the fact that you’ll always be the butt of every Rick and Morty joke, you’ll realize that the game really is a glimpse into the world of Rick and Morty, one that’s beautifully integrated into the job simulator.

Owlchemy Labs

The critically acclaimed VR title Job Simulator teamed up with Owlchemy Labs for their equally absurd follow-up.

Story Arc

Even though your tasks aren’t particularly meaningful, the fact that they play out so absurdly before you really gives you the feeling that you’re in an episode from the TV show, albeit a sub plot to a larger story that awaits behind Rick’s door.


Unmistakably Rick-like. Eventually, his machination is revealed, giving the ridiculous object smashing that much more significance and authenticity.

Easter Eggs

As for Easter eggs, they’re also everywhere, with 13 unique mixes, including silly songs and rambles from the show’s cast members.

The fictional VR video games Roy: A Life Well Played, made famous in the TV show Mortynight Run (Season 2), also appears in the guise of a fake version named TROY, complete with cardboard boxes to make it look cheap.

Combining Machine Learning Al

Rick’s sci-fic ‘combination machine’ alone will keep him mixing and matching in his attempts to create the most bizarre objects he can think of.


The brilliance of the “Rick and Morty” TV series is how it reaches into your living room and pulls you out of your seat, sometimes literally by breaking the fourth wall, but often by disarming you with absurdities while delivering powerful messages on death, loss, and the human condition.


The VR game is everything from the classic horror movie genre to the best parts of video games. It takes place in Purgatory, where you must listen to the secretary of Satan explain why you shouldn’t return to the game.

Garage Lab

From Rick’s lovably recreated workshop to all of the interactive objects that were torn right off the show (including low-poly 3D versions of Rick and Morty), there’s a sense of comfortability that fans will definitely enjoy.

There’s something even worse than Rick and Morty: Virtual Reality.


You feel like you’re actually there in the world of Rick and Morty when you play the game. Because you’re physically present in the world of Rick, you can’t stop yourself from seeking his approval. If only so, he won’t dismiss you as just a dumb kid who thinks he knows everything.


You start to adopt Morty’s personality, the sycophantic grandson who just wants to impress his ultimately powerful grandfather. Even if you do a good job the first time, you may receive a backhanded comment like, “Hey, it looks like you’re not a total piece of flaming trash after all.”

Action Sequences

Yes, there are some action scenes with the promise of multiple death around the corner, but they’re surprisingly few in number and seem to be part of Rick’s manipulative nature.

It’s not really an adventure at all. But somehow, all of this makes sense because of the absurd nature of both Job Simulator and its show.


Everything from the visuals to the music to the characters’ personalities is so well thought out that it feels like you’re watching an animated version of your favorite TV show.

rick and morty


Smaller Person Mode

It has many of the same features as Job Simulator, including its’smaller person’ option that allows you to shrink yourself so you can get into small spaces.


Despite this, the gameplay is very much a seated experience that requires at least two meters by one meter (about six feet by three feet) space. Objects interact just like they would in Job Simulator; bottles have poppable crocks, and jars have screwing lids, so almost everything is interactive and articulate enough to seem plausibly realistic.


You can teleport to any of the three nodes located within the garage. It’s a very comfortable environment, so there’s no need for an explanation.


Surprisingly, the Oculus Rift version of the VR experience doesn’t include any comfort mode for players who don’t have three sensor setups. Considering the 360 nature of the experience, this might seem like a no-go.


With its standard Lighthouse tracker, the HTC Vive easily handles all room-scale interaction tasks.


Rick and Morty: VR is an action-adventure shooter game with puzzle-solving elements. The players control Rick Sanchez, a scientist who has been kidnapped by aliens and taken aboard their spacecraft.

He has to escape from the spaceship while avoiding traps and enemies

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