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The Xbox is a line of game consoles developed and owned by Microsoft. The video gaming system can be connected to a television or other display device. Games on the Xbox have realistic graphics.

You’ve come to the right place if you don’t know about the Microsoft game pass.

In this article, we will talk about how Microsoft Games Pass works with some other important questions as well.

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In this article, we will talk about: 

  • How does Xbox Game Pass work?
  • What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?
  • Which games are included in Xbox Game Pass?
  • When are new games added to Xbox Game Pass?

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How does Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass work?

Microsoft offers a few subscription services for owners of the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S.

Xbox Live Gold is a monthly subscription plan that is necessary for online play; although it offers a few free games each month, this is not its main function.

In contrast, the company’s program, Xbox Game Pass, allows you to play hundreds of games for a single monthly fee.

Although you may buy both separately, the best news is that you can purchase them for one lower price together with PC Game Pass, EA Play, Cloud Gaming, and access to exclusive game discounts.

Xbox Game Pass

For a monthly fee, Xbox Games Pass provides you with access to well over 300 games that you can download and play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass, EA Play, and access to Xbox Cloud Gaming are all included when you upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the same cost.

As long as you keep paying the monthly fee, you are free to download and play the games as frequently as you desire. While certain titles might disappear as new ones are added, you can also choose to purchase the entire collection altogether for a discount.

There are several outstanding games to pick from, including Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games—the latter two through backward compatibility.

The day after a game is made available in stores, Microsoft adds it to its library along with several third-party titles. This includes Starfield, a brand-new sci-fi role-playing game from Bethesda, as well as Halo Infinite.

When Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is complete, it may also contain all of Activision Blizzard’s enormous back catalog of games. You can also get both classic and contemporary Call of Duty games.

Additionally, Xbox Live Gold subscribers receive special discounts on a variety of Xbox Store games.

What is Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold have been combined to create Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Instead of paying for two different subscriptions, ultimate subscribers will just have to pay one fee. 

Additionally, Game Pass Ultimate includes a membership to the more recent Xbox Game Pass for PC. Microsoft’s membership program, Xbox Game Pass, provides full access to a huge library of games. 

For as long as you’re a paying subscriber or the aforementioned titles are still available in the Game Pass library, you can download these to your console and play them in their entirety. 

Even if you don’t have Game Pass Ultimate, you can still play Game Pass games on your PC as part of your subscription if they support Xbox Play Anywhere.

There is a separate list of games included in the PC-specific Game Pass membership, some of which are shared with the console service thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere. However, many, including Age of Empires and Microsoft Flight Simulator, are PC-only.

As long as you are a member, you can receive a 10% discount on any game you choose to purchase from Game Pass Ultimate.

Numerous benefits come with Xbox Live Gold. First, Gold is required if you wish to play online multiplayer in any Xbox One game with pals. 

However, Gold offers you four additional free games each month, including two Xbox One games and two retro Xbox and Xbox 360 games that are backward compatible and yours to keep.

Additionally, Gold users receive unique weekly discounts on games from the Microsoft Store, in addition to additional savings during particular promotional times.

All of the content is accessible through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers a single, simple-to-manage subscription.

Which Games Are Included in the Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass offers a huge selection of games. Games for the Xbox 360, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC are among them. 

Xbox 360 games must be played on an Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One because Game Pass isn’t accessible for the 360. Some games work on both the Xbox and PC.

Viva Pinata, Fable III, and Mirror’s Edge are a few of the great Xbox 360 games included. These are all wonderful experiences that you might still cherish today.

The Outer Worlds, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Dirt 5 are fantastic Xbox games.

When Are New Games Added to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass?

When Are New Games Added to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass?

There is no defined schedule for when new games are added. Simply stated by Microsoft, they “are added all the time.” 

The availability of Xbox Game Studio games at launch is a certainty, though. Included in this are all the affiliated programmers, such as Mojang, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, Rare, and Double Fine.

Xbox Game Pass only allows you to play the games that are currently available. This is in contrast to services like PlayStation Plus, where the monthly games always stay in your library as long as you remain a subscriber. 

You will need to buy the title if you’re halfway through it to continue playing because it may delete it over time. Discounts are available from Microsoft on the impacted games.

How Do You Buy an Microsoft Xbox Game Pass?

The Microsoft websites for Xbox, PC and Ultimate are the best places to purchase Xbox Game Pass. Although you can purchase vouchers from other retailers, buying straight from Microsoft will typically offer the greatest bargain.

You must have the Xbox software and the most recent version of Windows 10 to play PC games.

Although this is an optional add-on, the Xbox Game Pass app for Android or iOS allows you to browse what titles are available and remotely install them to your Xbox.

You can use the app to play games straight on your phone or tablet through the cloud if you have an Android device and are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


As we come to an end, you might now know about how Microsoft game passes work after reading this article. 

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass program offers access to hundreds of games for just one monthly charge. The company also offers EA Play, Cloud Gaming, and exclusive game discounts. The best news is that you can purchase them together for a lower price.

We hope you find this article beneficial. You can let us know if you have any difficulties or questions by leaving a comment below.


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