Hootoo VR Review – Complete Breakdown, Tips, FAQs & More

A virtual reality headset is a head-mounted gadget that submerses the user in a virtual environment.

The use of VR technology has grown in popularity, but there are many options accessible, making it challenging to choose one.

In this article, there is a detailed review of the Hootoo VR headset, its pros and cons, and some other suitable alternatives. So without further ado, let’s start reviewing each one.

Hootoo VR Review

The HooToo VR headset is a low-cost VR device that keeps your Android or an iOS smartphone in front of your eyes so you can use 3D virtual reality games and applications. It can show 3D movies, breathtaking 360-degree interactive images and videos, and specific VR websites. The headset’s balanced design spreads the weight to relieve pressure and tension, allowing you to use it for longer while feeling comfortable and tight on your head.

Alternate #1 

Oculus Rift VR 

The Oculus Rift VR is without a doubt worth your consideration if you’re new to the world of VR headsets. It is skillfully delivered to provide a superb and immersive VR gaming experience. The Oculus Quest offers a sizable selection of top-notch games that you can utilize without spending any more money, and every VR headset comes with free games that you can download.

Alternate #2 

HTC Vive Pro

One of the top VR headsets on the market is the Vive. It employs “room-scale” virtual reality, allowing players to move around freely inside a play space as opposed to being confined to a single location. With VIVE, you can experience virtual reality like never before. You can explore and take part in virtual reality (VR) experiences that blend reality and fantasy using a headset and wireless controllers.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The HooToo VR headset is a low-cost VR device that keeps your Android or an iOS smartphone in front of your eyes so you can use 3D virtual reality games and applications. 

It is made of plastic, and the padded cushion that rests against your face and the Velcro-adjustable straps that keep it in place on your head are also padded. 

Inside the headset, there are two lenses that can be moved in and out to change the focal distance and pupil size.

It can accommodate smartphones with dimensions of 4.85′′ – 6.25′′ in width, 2.3′′ – 3.8′′ in length, and 0.29′′ – 0.37′′ in thickness.

Features of the Hootoo VR 

  • Product Dimensions: 7.99 x 4.49 x 5.0 inches
  • Weight: 1.31 pounds
  • Easy to set up

Features and Benefits


The HooToo VR headset is made of plastic and has Velcro adjustable straps to keep it in place on your head, as well as a soft cushion that rests against your face. Two lenses can be moved in and out to change the focal distance and pupil size inside the headset.

The smartphone can be inserted into a slot on the front side, and two distinct mounting points can be readily modified depending on the size of the smartphone. 

There is a magnetic trigger on the left side so that you can operate VR apps if you don’t have an external BT Joystick.


The company includes a Hootoo VR headset with a cleaning cloth and user manual. 

Image Quality 

It has a pair of easily replaceable lenses that may be cleaned or changed in the event of damage. 

The quality is good, and we believe that this type of universal headset offers the best value. It is also possible to adjust the distance between the lens and the eye.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Hootoo VR


The Hootoo VR comes at an affordable price. You can easily purchase it from online stores. Moreover, it gives an amazing immersive experience. 


Hootoo VR is comfortable to wear. The best thing about this VR headset is that it fits comfortably over glasses. 

Focal View

If you have weak eyes, then the Hootoo VR headset is the perfect fit for you. It allows you to wear glasses underneath it. Moreover, it comes with a 102-degree field of view.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

The Hootoo VR has a simple and elegant design that was well-liked by online users, who also praised the device’s magnetic trigger. Due to its lightweight, using the headset is also more convenient for beginners.

 We looked for reviews you may find helpful, and here are a few we found.

Social Proof 1

Similar to Hootoo VR Review - Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Quality VR Headset - Oculus Rift VR

The Oculus Rift VR should be considered by everyone new to virtual reality. The Xbox One controller that comes with the headset works well with many VR games and experiences.

There is also a sensor that detects if you are standing or sitting. The Oculus Quest offers a sizable selection of top-notch games that you can utilize without spending any more money, and every VR headset comes with free games that you can download.

You may play with all of your friends because Oculus Quest offers free multiplayer games.

Features of the Oculus Rift VR 

  • Displays 1080×1200 pixels per eye
  • Works with the Oculus store and Steam store
  • Comes with oculus remote control
  • Easy to set up sensors

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy the Oculus Rift VR

Price: The Oculus Rift comes at a reasonable price. Even though the cheaper headset saves you some money, a powerful PC is still needed for the VR experience to function. You receive a headset, a remote control, sensors, and an Xbox One controller.

Comfort: The Oculus Rift provides the highest degree of comfort. Since the headset is portable, wearing it won’t put excessive stress on your face or neck. The straps also guarantee that the headset is fixed in place.

Focal View: If you have weak eyes, the Oculus Rift is a great VR headset for you. Even though the headset can be worn with glasses, it is preferable to avoid using them if possible. All three lenses can be adjusted to the viewer’s convenience and preferences.

On the sides of the VR headset, there are diopter adjustment discs.

Best Quality VR Headset

The Oculus Rift is the best quality VR headset because it has a high-resolution display and integrated audio. Moreover, it has padding at the back of the head, which makes it very comfortable.

#2: Best User-Friendly VR Headset - HTC Vive Pro VR

The HTC Vive Pro VR is one of the top virtual reality devices on the market right now. You will have a better experience because of the OLED display’s 2880 x 1600 resolution, adjustable focal length, and increased quality.

Additionally, the controllers also provide the user with more tools to work with.

The HTC Vive is an excellent VR device that uses its technology to give consumers an almost room-sized virtual reality experience. Its controllers and motion tracking headset enable all of this. However, all this technology does require an equally powerful setup.

Features of the HTC Vive Pro VR 

  • 2880 x 1600 pixels  LCD Display 
  • Has a wide 110-degree field of view, providing an immersive experience
  • Runs on a 90Hz Refresh Rate
  • Comes with versatile touch controllers

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy the HTC Vive Pro 

Price: The HTC Vive costs more than other headsets, but it comes with everything you need to set it up right out of the box. The price is reasonable for the quality you get. The package comes with headgear, two controllers, and two base stations.

Comfort: The HTC Vive Pro’s adjustable strap allows you to wear the headset comfortably while using it. Additionally, a nose guard shields the headset’s interface with your nose from light.

The HTC Vive Pro comes with built-in headphones that can be adjusted in height. You can adjust the volume without removing the headset thanks to the volume controls.

Focal View: People who wear glasses can also use the headset so they can play without their glasses obstructing their field of vision. The headset can be used by those who wear glasses as well, allowing them to play without their glasses blocking their field of vision.

Best Userfriendly VR headset 

The HTC Vive VR is the best user-friendly VR headset because it is comfortable to wear, has motion controllers, and a front-facing camera. Moreover, it has noise-canceling spatial audio.

Buyer’s Guide

Hootoo VR Review - Complete Breakdown, Tips, FAQs & More


Before buying a VR headset, you must carefully consider your budget. Some VR headsets need to be set up, whereas others are already VR Ready. If you are a beginner seeking a VR introduction, we do not recommend spending a lot of money on a headset.

You may purchase a nice standalone headset at a fair price for headsets that come with everything you need to get started. 

You are mostly spending money on the headset and a few extras. You must consider the potential that whatever games you decide to play on your device will still cost money. There are a lot of free games and tours available out there that you can easily find.


Your VR headset needs to be comfortable for you to enjoy it. A few factors that affect comfort are the headset’s weight, the nose guard, and the movable head straps.

A good headset is lightweight, but this does not compromise the headset’s quality. Since they put stress on the neck and back, heavier, thicker headsets might be somewhat difficult to wear for a prolonged period.

A nose guard is also required to block outside light from entering the head-mounted display. Not to mention, adjustable head straps ensure that the VR headset is securely fastened to the user’s head and does not move while being worn.

Focal View

When picking a VR headset, Focal View Adjustment should be your priority. Using the focal length, you can alter the lenses to create photographs with a higher resolution.

If a headset lacks that feature, you are forced to use a traditional focal length, which may not provide you with the best VR experience.

People who use glasses can also benefit from this. The viewer has the option of using the adjustment dial to get a decent LCD without the need for glasses. It becomes a little awkward to take off the head-mounted display when wearing glasses, just like with the Oculus Rift.


For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use the systems, user-friendliness is an important feature. Good VR solutions are paired with good VR headsets. A virtual reality headset refers to how easy it is to use.

Some VR headsets come with built-in controls for virtual reality. This makes adjusting virtual reality settings easy and eliminates the need to remove the headset.


This is a crucial factor to take into account while choosing a VR headset.

You must consider the environment or configuration you’ll need to use the VR headset.

You can use mobile-based VR headsets that are compatible with smartphones. Choose a standalone VR headset if you want to use apps and play games without a computer or other external device.

There are also console VR headsets that are compatible with specific systems, like the PlayStation VR headset. There are other PC VR headsets available for use with laptops and computers.

You must therefore consider your present set-up and if the VR headset you wish to purchase will work with it.

Game Store

Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to find out which game and app stores your headset can access. Among the well-known vendors that are available are the Oculus Store and SteamVR. Both of which offer a wide range of information.

If you don’t want to spend any extra money on a VR experience, YouTube is always an option. Some of its free, high-quality content is accessible for you to check out. The website also provides a huge selection of virtual tours.


Who doesn’t like clear instructions? There are a few steps involved in setting up a PC-operated headset, but if you understand them, it won’t take long. If you have any issues, almost everything on YouTube has a tutorial.

You need to connect the headset to the PC after you open the box. Next, mount your external tracking base stations on higher shelves. The playing area needs to be cleansed of furniture to prevent children from stumbling over it. The headgear must now be donned to start exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How long should you spend each day playing virtual reality?

According to consensus, you should take a fifteen-minute pause after using your VR headset for an hour before starting again.

Can VR harm your brain?

There is no scientific proof that both adults and children who regularly use virtual reality might develop permanent brain damage. Only a few symptoms, including dizziness, despair, and collapse, manifest during a VR encounter. 

The technology is still developing, so further study and research are necessary.

Does VR help with vision?

Certain VR headsets allow for the development and enhancement of vision when used as prescribed by an optometrist. Systems for enhancing eye-hand coordination, depth perception, reaction time, and visual acuity in amblyopia have also been created.

How can I increase the comfort of my VR headset?

You can think about investing in a third-party hard strap that counterbalances the weight of a VR headset’s front portion and has soft cushioning and compatibility with external batteries. 

The most important thing is to make sure that your forehead, cheekbones, and nose are not being overly compressed by the headset.

Does VR have side effects?

Many people experience headaches, eye strain, dizziness, and nausea after using the headsets. These symptoms are brought on by the VR illusion, which causes the eyes to fixate on objects that are only a few centimeters away but appear to be far away on the screen.

How tightly should a VR headset fit?

It should feel firm but not tight. Make sure the top velcro strap is firm on your head’s back. Check that the headset is snug enough against your face by removing your hand. To ensure that there is little light bleed and that your headset rests comfortably, adjust it up or down.

Can virtual reality cause seizures?

With VR, the pictures flash very quickly, which is typically too soon for people with photosensitive epilepsy to experience a seizure. However, because of the wide field of view, more of the eye is activated.

 As a result, more of the brain may be impacted, which could result in a photosensitive seizure.

Wrapping Things Up

As we have come to the end of the Hootoo VR review with its pros, cons, FAQs, and alternatives.

We think that the HooToo VR Headset might be a nice place to start if you want to dip your toes into the VR revolution but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars.

Which VR headset do you like the most? Do let us know what you think in the comments below.


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