You will agree with us when we say that there are many high-quality portable speakers available on the market. To compete with these products HMDX makes its products with high-quality hardware. HMDX specializes in hardware consistency and performance.

We have decided to review HMDX Rave Portable Rechargeable Speaker to check whether it has good value as a product.

In this post, we will discuss the key features of the HMDX Bluetooth wireless speaker along with some other alternatives available on the market.

HMDX Rave C5

Designed to be sleek and stylish looking, this speaker is outfitted with a bunch of features such as fast-charging and convenient Bluetooth connectivity. You will be amazed by its utility as a portable speaker.

Alternate #1 – Anker Soundcore

Made to be highly portable, this speaker provides high-quality audio that is surprisingly loud. It’s also very easy to use thanks to its responsive controls. 

Alternate #2 – Ultimate Ears Blast

This speaker is an all-rounder when it comes to performance. It can survive extreme weather conditions with ease and perform consistently over a long time which makes it great for outdoor use.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The HMDX Rave portable rechargeable speaker is designed to be compact and easy to carry around. It has a curved design that is eye-pleasing and fits right into your surroundings. After running this speaker under multiple quality tests, we found out that the exterior casing of the HMDX Rave speaker is highly-resistant to damage. It is also pretty hard to scratch. Furthermore, the HMDX Rave is proof from the static charge that can damage internal hardware.

We should also mention that this wireless Bluetooth speaker can project sound in a wider cone. You can place the HMDX Rave anywhere in your room and the powerful speaker will ensure that you get optimum audio quality. The power of these speakers is maintained by the high-quality battery inside them.

We used this speaker for quite a while and came to the conclusion that the battery inside the HMDX Rave is highly-durable. It gave us consistent battery life over months of regular use. It also maintained the integrity of the internal hardware. Hence, the HMDX Rave was able to output audio at standard quality without any distortion.

Features and Benefits

        • Connectivity Options

        The HMDX Rave comes with a variety of connectivity options. It is designed to cater to both, Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices. You can easily connect your smart device using Bluetooth. It features iOS and Andriod compatibility.

        For non-Bluetooth devices, you can use the AUX port to connect them. The HMDX Rave also features a USB port for charging. You can use a USB 2.0 to easily charge the speakers.

        After testing the Bluetooth range, we found that it allowed wireless play within 30 feet range. It showed us no signs of distortion in audio output within this 30 feet range. The sound effects were clear and organic.

        • Portability

        This speaker is made from lightweight PVC materials. Due to that reason, the Rave speakers are highly-convenient to carry around. You can also carry these speakers easily in your backpack.

        The lightweight aspect of these Rave speakers makes it a great fit for your indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, it can also fit inside your bicycle’s bottle holder with ease. 

        • Sound Quality

        This device is outfitted with a high-power speaker. This enables the Rave speakers to output great audio quality with ease. The audio effects produced by this device are deeper sounding and organic in nature.

        We tested this Rave speaker device under multiple conditions and concluded that the speaker hardware was up to the standard. It remained consistent even after regular use without any signs of substantial damage to the internal hardware.

        • Battery

        The HMDX Rave speakers are equipped with a high-capacity and high-performing battery. It is able to last between 4-8 hours off a full charge. Furthermore, the battery ensures that the speakers get enough power for good performance.

        We ran the battery of this device under multiple durability tests and found that it was able to give pretty much the same battery timings after daily usage. You can easily take this speaker with you on your outdoor adventures without worrying about charging.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We used the HMDX Rave speakers for quite some time and our experience with them has been quite satisfactory. To further broaden our opinion, we decided to check the online reviews of this device. We noticed that majority of these reviews were positive and praised the speaker for its utility as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Only a handful of people were critical regarding the build quality and battery of the speakers.

Some of the customers mentioned that the speakers provided a good Bluetooth range and consistent wireless play within that range. They also mentioned that quality didn’t drop one single point in its range and allowed them to move around freely with their smart device.

Many new customers praised how convenient it was for them to carry this device anywhere with them. They pointed out that it was quite easy to fit even in the smallest of backpacks and caused no trouble to move around. They mentioned that it was because of the design paired with its lightweight build.

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Audio-Output Alternative to HMDX Rave Speaker - Anker Soundcore Review

This speaker is designed to be small in size while maintaining high-quality sound output. It is because this speaker has a heavy-duty speaker fitted inside it.

We tested this speaker for sound output and found that it was able to project audio with great clarity on all volume levels. Furthermore, it showed no signs of distortion either.

We should also mention that this wireless Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof. It can withstand outdoor conditions with ease, especially in moist environments.

These speakers come with a Bluetooth 4.2 version. We were able to maintain a stable and strong connection with 40 feet range.

Features of Anker Soundcore

  • Highly Portable
  • IPX5 water-resistant rating
  • Separate sound drivers
  • Sleek design
  • 24 hours battery life

Best Audio-Output Alternative Speaker

The best audio-output alternative speaker is the Anker Soundcore because it is equipped with a heavy-duty speaker inside it which can perform consistently. It is can produce organic treble and bass effects for enhancing your listening experience as a whole.

#2: Best Durable Alternative to HMDX Rave Speaker - Ultimate Ears Blast Review

Designed to be highly durable, this speaker has a very strong exterior made from PVC materials. It is resistant to shock and fall damage.

We ran multiple durability tests on this speaker and concluded that it held up quite well against external factors. It is completely water and dustproof.

The speaker inside is high-power and resistant to abuse. You can play your music on high volumes for extended periods without any drop in sound quality.

This speaker is also Wi-Fi-powered. You can connect your speaker with Alexa or your home Wi-Fi and play your music from there.

Features of Ultimate Ears Blast

  • Strong exterior
  • High-performing hardware
  • Modern design
  • Water and dustproof
  • Consistent battery life

Best Durable Alternative Speaker

The best durable alternative speaker is the Ultimate Ears Blast. This is because it has a near-indestructible exterior casing. It is highly resistant to water and dust making it a great fit for your outdoor adventures. You can take it anywhere with its long-lasting battery life.

Guide to Buy

      • Build Quality

      The quality of the materials used for external and internal components contributes to the durability of the speakers. It is best to get a speaker that provides a highly-durable external casing. It will protect your speakers from external factors such as water and dust. Furthermore, it will provide protection against any accidental fall or shock damage that would otherwise damage the speaker hardware.

      • Price

      The price of a speaker determines many things. It includes the build quality, hardware performance, and battery life. We suggest that you buy a speaker that has a fair price and has high-performing hardware inside it. This way you will be able to get a speaker that is good at outputting great sound but also has a durable body in order to stand the test of time.

      • Sound Output

      The sound output is based upon many factors. It is a combination of hardware performance, Bluetooth connectivity, and power-handling. We recommend that you buy a speaker that has a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and hardware that can perform evenly on a low battery. This will ensure that you get the most out of your speaker without compromising on anything.

Wrapping Things Up

With this, we come to the finish line of our review on the HMDX Rave Speaker. We must state that HDMX Rave has left quite an impression on us. It has a sleek and modern design.

It can easily fit inside your working or living space. The heavy-duty speaker inside is able to project deeper and authentic bass effects flawlessly. Because of its lightweight, you can take this speaker on your outdoor picnics, hikes, or just even for traveling.

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